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Where the money goes

A massive thank you to everyone who ordered school Christmas cards. We will update you shortly on the total raised for the school. 


Every bit of this money will go back into enriching our children's education at Muscliff Primary School.


The Friends of Muscliff Group raises around £15,000 each year through a variety of fundraising events.  The money raised goes to many, many different places - but all in the interests of your children.


Here are a few:

  • Each year group has been given £200 to spend on curriculum enrichment. Last year some year groups chose to spend a portion of their money buying whole class texts to develop a love of reading from a teacher's model; one year group uses it to buy chicks to enhance early writing; one year group used it to make the payment of a trip manageable for parents.
  • Funding for the doodle maths app across the school 
  • Brand new homes reading books across the school.
  • New artificial pitch
  • Basket ball hoops
  • Maths resources