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Vision & Values

Welcome to Muscliff:


Muscliff is more than a school – it is a living community and we are proud to invite you to join the Muscliff family!


Times have changed a great deal since the school was opened in 1997 when we welcomed just one reception class of thirty children. As we have grown in size, we have fortified the strong morals upon which the school was built. We are a school that is forward thinking and respond to the needs of today’s children and anticipate the changing world and society that they will walk into. At the same time, however, we keep our values at our core and never deviate from our strong sense of moral purpose, framing our curriculum and learning around the ‘Muscliff Way.’  


We are proud of our vision and the atmosphere we generate and encourage you to explore our website to find out more about our wonderful school.



 The Muscliff Way:


We have the responsibility for preparing children for life, both academically and as moral agents in society. We believe that in order to become capable, moral citizens, children need to be provided with opportunities to learn moral values.  Our Muscliff Values are therefore both caught and taught through our enduring ethos, which runs through all we do. The ‘Muscliff Way’ permeates all subjects, wider school activities, and the general school ethos; it cultivates the virtues of character and binds us through a strong sense of shared identity and belonging.


At Muscliff we pride ourselves on being a school that promotes strong character in our pupils to shape our community both now and for the future. The Muscliff Way leaves our Muscliff values on everything we touch, much like fingerprints. 











Muscliff’s Vision and Values:


Our school is a place where staff, directors and parents actively work together to ensure all children receive an engaging, ambitious, rich curriculum to inspire thinking and promote deep sustainable learning.


Children become lifelong learners, aspiring to high standards of achievement in all areas of their life.


Children are supported through a strong set of enduring values which will provide the solid foundation for children as they discover their own individual role and responsibilities within the wider world:


Resilience: in the face of challenge 


Responsibility: for our own actions and learning


Kindness: showing empathy and tolerance towards others


Curiosity: for lifelong learning in a rapidly evolving world

Aspiration: for now and for the future








  • To provide a creative, stimulating and inclusive environment in which everyone can feel safe and flourish socially and academically.
  • To enable all children to apply themselves to all tasks they engage with self-confidence and independence.
  • To provide a safe and well-led school that nurtures all individuals in their journey to achieve their unique potential.
  • To foster a spirit of independence, intellectual inquiry and mastery of skills and understanding in all learners.
  • To work closely with parents within their role as first educators of their child and as part of a collaborative school community.
  • To have high expectations for all within our community to ensure that we demonstrate the very best standards of conduct, moral purpose and integrity.
  • To promote positive social and emotional wellbeing (mental health) and resilience for children, staff and our community.
  • To acknowledge, accept and learn from mistakes; to embrace a growth mindset.

Progression of Values


To ensure children make the right progress in all areas of the curriculum (including our values curriculum), we have designed a progression map for each of our values to signpost significant characteristics: we know what we want our Muscliff children to be like!