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Muscliff Primary School takes data protection very seriously. During the course of our many activities we process parent, pupil and staff data (which may be held on paper, electronically, or otherwise) and we recognise the need to treat it in an appropriate and lawful manner, in accordance with legislation. We use our Privacy Notices and Data Protection Policy to explain how we do this.


The new General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on 25th May 2018.  We are updating our privacy notices and many of our policies to ensure we are compliant with these regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018. We are reviewing our permission/consent forms and where this information is stored, to make it easier for you to check or change your consent preferences. 


Any information we collect from you through our website, such as via our online contact form, will be kept solely for our use to communicate with you. Your information will never be sold or used in connection with anything other than what you supplied the information for.


If you have any queries about data protection you can contact our School Based Data Protection Lead, Paula Harvey alternatively you may contact our Independent Data Protection Officer Paula Morgan 

Photographs and filming performances

Taking photographs and filming during performances is subject to the new General Data protection regulations regarding the rights of individuals to have information of a personal nature treated in an appropriate manner and the Human Rights Act 1998, protecting the privacy of individuals and families. As well as these statutory rights, restrictions on photography arise from issues of Safeguarding and Copyright in performances.


Muscliff Primary School recognises that it is difficult to balance the benefits of having photographic records of the wide variety of events that take place day to day in the school environment, whilst also appropriately protecting the individuals associated with the school.

With this in mind, we would like to remind you that if you wish to take photographs or film your child’s performance then these images are for personal use only. These photographs must be used in a responsible way and you must respect children’s rights of privacy and be aware of potential child protection issues. Please be mindful that if the images contain pictures of other children then they must not be shared on any social media whatsoever.


In the event of the inappropriate use of children’s photographs or a complaint being

made the Data Protection Policy / Safeguarding policy will be followed.  These polices can be found at


Thank you for your co-operation.