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At Muscliff, we build links with local providers allowing specialist teachers to come and teach PE lessons whilst providing teachers with CPD opportunities. One of our new links this year is with FuZe8 Dance Company. 


Children in Year 1 and Year 2 received a sequence of dance lessons all planned around their relevant topics of 'new life' and 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'. Lessons encouraged children to act out different actions before putting the sequence together into a finished dance routine. It was great to see the progression in their skills, and their confidence growing week by week.


Children had these things to say:

I loved “when got to make our own 3 actions. I got to be a big firework”

“When we got to put it with the music and do the whole dance. I remembered it all”

“The warm up games when we got to move to different colours”

“I got my leg really high (in her arabesque) and didn’t wobble because we had practiced lots”

“I loved dancing to the music and the lady helped us so we didn’t forget”

“It was so fun - I want to do it again”


You can find out more about FuZe8 Dance Company via the link below.