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PE Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to create a culture where high quality teaching and learning of PE and Sport inspires every child to participate in physical activity, learn and achieve with confidence and develop a passion for life-long activity.


The approach to our PE curriculum encourages children to discover interests and talents through experiencing a range of physical activities. Specific sports are frequently revisited, providing children with opportunities to build upon previously learnt skills and progress their ability further. Linking closely to our core values of Aspiration and Resilience, competition features regularly within the curriculum where children learn to respect the rules, develop teamwork and display skills such as fair play and good sportsmanship.


Believing that Physical Education can be a tool to drive the personal development of all pupils as well as an opportunity to raise standards of achievement, we have carefully designed our curriculum so that children recognise and understand, beyond the physical aspect, the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles. Embedded within the curriculum are opportunities for children to reflect upon their physical, mental and social well-being and the role that being active has to play. Furthermore, children are encouraged to take up leadership and coaching roles within lessons, developing their character and preparing them for their lives ahead as they become citizens of our community.


Updated May 2022

Complete PE

At Muscliff, we use use an online resource, Complete PE, to support with planning lessons and making assessments. Our PE curriculum map has been designed by us, based on the needs of our school and children, and is therefore unique to Muscliff. Meeting our 'Intention' in PE, the high quality plans show a clear progression through the primary years and provide numerous opportunities for children to develop important personal qualities. Please see below for more details. 

Curriculum Map

Progression Maps