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Inter-House Competitions

December 2022

Results from KS2's Benchball competition and KS1's gymnastics competition are and it was Team Aspiration came out on top in both events this half term! Teachers and Sports Leaders were particularly impressed by the younger children performing with control on multiple pieces of apparatus in the gymnastics competition. A big thank you to the Sports Leaders for being the organisers, supporters and judges for the event - you make it all the more enjoyable for the younger children at Muscliff and are a huge credit to our school. 

October 2022

This year's inter-house competition kicked off with Orienteering. Children across the school, from year 1 to year 6, engaged in map reading skills and problem solving. All over the school, children ran hither and tither finding different codes to attempt to unlock their padlocks the quickest. The competition came to a close this week with many children having experienced a new activity, linking to one of our school values: Curiosity. We would like to say a big congratulations to Team Responsibility who are our winners of this half term's inter-house competition.


Use the link below to find local orienteering courses to go and explore in your own time.

September 2022

Adding to the inter-house competition calendar this year, Mr White and Mr Barton hosted separate Year 5 and Year 6 competitive football events after school.  Taking the lead early on are Team Aspiration and Team Resilience, who won the Year 5 and the Year 6 competitions respectively. Well done to all players for their good sportsmanship and fair play - a fab start to the year!

Summer 2 - Sports Day

To celebrate Birmingham hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games, we made changes to the way Sports Day had previously run with children in KS2 given a choice of which event they would like to enter: athletics or bench ball in what we called 'The Muscliff Commonwealth Games!' The scores from KS1 and KS2 Sports Days were added up and the winners were... Team Responsibility!! Thank you to children, parents, Sports Leaders and school staff for all your support. Pictures below of Y6 Sports Leaders for Responsibility and our very own ‘Perry’, the official Games’ mascot.

Summer 1 - Ultimate Team Games

This half term, house teams took on the ultimate challenge and completed a series of team obstacles with strict penalties if mistakes were made, including going back to the very beginning! This relied heavily on each team's resilience, teamwork and determination. It was Team Kindness who earnt enough points across school to win the event which meant that every house team each won an inter-house event this year! Next up... Sports Day!

Spring 2 - Disc-Golf

A golfing style inter-house competition this half term saw children use their accuracy skills to throw sporting items through numbered targets on a course in an event we called ‘Disc- Golf’. KS1 children used bean bags whilst children in KS2 used either frisbees or howlers. In what started as a tricky task for some, teachers were pleased to see children’s willpower prevail and rewarded with success. Once all the scores were added up,  it was Team Aspiration who were announced champions!


With children scoring for themselves in this event, teachers were extremely pleased to see the important skill of fair play on display and children reporting their scores with honesty. 

Spring 1 - Football

Prior to the competition, AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust had delivered two blocks of football lessons to children in Year 2 and Year 4, whilst children in other year groups had also been developing their football skills in PE lessons. The inter-house competition brought all the newly learnt skills together where every child in Y1-6 took part. After the points were added up, Team Resilience were announced as winners!


One of the reasons Muscliff introduced regular inter-house competitions this academic year is for children to experience competition and the emotions that come with winning and losing. We are already seeing a huge improvement in the way children participate in these events and are able to manage their emotions.


Muscliff runs a popular Year 5/6 girls football club whilst Team Theme's mixed football clubs are also very popular. Teams regularly represent the school in external football events.