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Teaching and Learning

Here is our Teaching and Learning Handbook:

This document (please click on the PPT above) is designed as an informative tool: underpinned by our Muscliff ethos and derived from our own research into the most effective teaching, it will guide the reader through our Muscliff approach and unpick how success is achieved at every level; this is what we believe effective teaching looks like here.

It is also a celebration of the professionals at Muscliff who to strive to perpetually increase the impact they have on learning. Above all else, we urge our reader to use this document as a springboard for professional curiosity: ask questions and engage in professional dialogue with your peers to deepen your understanding of how children develop as learners.

There is no recipe, no professional development set of worksheets, no new teaching method, and no band-aid remedy. It is a way of thinking: ‘My role, as teacher, is to evaluate the effect I have on my students.’ 

(John Hattie – Visible Learning)