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At Muscliff, we build links with local providers allowing specialist coaches to come and teach PE lessons whilst providing teachers with CPD opportunities. One of our more established links is with Gemma Coles who runs Head over Heels Gymnastics. 

July 2023

Year 2 had waited patiently all year for their turn with Gemma Gym when they finally received their lessons in the summer term. Taking enjoyment from moving about the equipment in different ways, Gemma was impressed by the children's listening skills and following of instructions. 


May 2023

The boxes were out for the sequence of gymnastics lessons for Year 5 where children learnt how to vault safely over the equipment using different kind of jumps. 


April 2023

The highlight for Year 3 was using the big equipment where children learned to climb ladders and ropes and safely transition between one piece of equipment and the next.


February 2023

It was the turn of Year 6! Teachers particularly enjoyed seeing children work together to choreograph gymnastic routines including different kinds of balances and rolls. 


December 2022

This half term has seen Year 1 children taking part in gymnastics lessons coached by the fantastic Gemma Coles. We hope that all of the children had fun and enjoyed this great opportunity.


October 2022

In Autumn 1, Year 4 children took part in 'Gemma Gym' sessions. Teachers were impressed by their body control through different gymnastic movements.