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Admissions & Appeals

Muscliff Primary School is its own Admissions Authority, below are details on how to apply for a place or you contact the Local Authority Admissions team on 01202 456198 or Muscliff Primary School 01202 549654.  Many thanks

Muscliff Primary School’s admissions policy for the current academic year, for 2023/24 and the agreed policy for 2024/25 can be found in the links below.


Following consultation, the Governing Board has agreed to reduce PAN (Published Admission Number) for Reception from 90 to 60 children from Sept 2024.


The consultation period ran from 12th December 2022 to 27th January 2023.


Admissions for 2025-2026 - please see new agreed policy (above)

There are NO significant changes to the previous year's policy. PAN for Sept 2025 will continue to be 60 places in Reception, in line with projected numbers (lower birth rate).


Thank you

APPEAL INFORMATION for Primary School Age places: Year Reception – September 2024


Offer letters posted to parents/carers on:

National Offer Day by Local Authority 16 April 2024


Parents accept/ refuse offer by 1st May 2024


To lodge an appeal, please contact the school directly after 14th May 2024. Any Reception appeals will be heard between 20th June and 23rd July.


Appeals for Reception places will be undertaken by an independent appeal provider: CASA For more information please go to:


For the rest of this academic year (until August 2024) appeals for places in any other year groups will be undertaken by BCP appeals team.

More information available on:


From Sept 2024, appeals for places in ALL year groups will be undertaken by CASA.


We would ask that you contact the school first to discuss the admission and appeal situation before submitting an appeal. Many thanks.




For information for current Y6 families...

APPEAL INFORMATION for Secondary School age places – Year 7 - September 2024


Secondary notification day - Friday 1st March 2024


Parents accept/ refuse offer by 15th March 2024


To lodge an appeal, please contact the school directly after 15th April 2024.



More information available on: