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Where the money goes

A massive thank you to everyone who came to this year's summer fayre on 5th July.  We raised an amazing £5,500 for the school.  Every bit of this money will go back into enriching our children's education at Muscliff Primary School.


The MPA raises around £11,000 each year through a variety of fundraising events.  The money raised goes to many, many different places - but all in the interests of your children.


Here are a few:

  • Each year group has been given £200 to spend on curriculum enrichment. Last year some year groups chose to spend a portion of their money buying whole class texts to develop a love of reading from a teacher's model; one year group uses it to buy chicks to enhance early writing; one year group used it to make the payment of a trip manageable for parents.
  • Funding for the doodle maths app across the school for 2018/19
  • Brand new homes reading books across the school.