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Car Park

We are very fortunate at Muscliff to have a Car Park for staff and visitors.  We also have a 'Drop Off Zone' as you enter into the Car Park where you can drop off your child.


‘Car Park & Drop off zone’


  • The ‘drop off’ bays are for dropping children off only, and cars should not be parked there for more than 2 or 3 minutes in the morning. This allows everybody a chance to park safely and free up space quickly for other drivers.
  • Cars must not parallel park, or park badly blocking access. This is particularly dangerous when children are present, for example at a school.
  • The two disabled bays are for disabled CHILDREN at the school, not disabled parents or carers
  • The car park gates are closed between 2.45pm and 3.30pm. Do not enter the car park before 2.45pm if you wish to leave before 3.30pm.
  • Please do not park in front of the closed gates. This is an access point for emergency services and pick-up point for disabled children at the school.
  • Remember the speed limit of 5mph inside the school gates.


Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.