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Year 5: 5RD, 5KF, 5BP

Welcome to Year 5!

                     Mr Deans, Miss Fisher and Mrs Pearse


Year 5 PE days: Monday and Wednesday

Year 5 Swimming – Monday 21st October


Please be advised that the swimming instructors at Littledown have requested that children bring in clothes (in addition to normal swimming kits) which they will wear in the pool on Monday as part of their lesson.

Children who are nervous swimmers are encouraged to bring shorts and t-shirts although more confident swimmers should bring long trousers: pyjamas are recommended by the instructors although other lightweight clothing will also be suitable. 

Winchester Science Centre Trip


On Thursday 21st November, Year 5 will be visiting Winchester Science Centre as part of our Space Adventures topic. A letter has been sent home to all children today which you can also download below:




We look forward to starting our swimming lessons on Monday 30th September. All children will take part in swimming on a Monday and a Thursday each week until Monday 11th November (excluding Monday 28th October, Thursday 31st October and Monday 4th November due to the half term break and INSET Day). Please note that swimming lessons will replace PE lessons for these weeks.


On each swimming day, children will need to bring:


  • Swimsuit (girls – bikinis will not be allowed) or swimming trunks (boys)
  • Goggles (highly recommended) 
  • Hat (optional but recommended)
  • Towel
  • Bag
  • Water bottles


Children will need to bring their swimming kits home each day to wash and dry and remember to bring them back in for the next lesson. If children arrive in school without their swimming kits there may not be time to call home before they leave for their lesson which may result in them missing their session that week.  


Swimming lessons will take place in class groups. We have organised the children into ability groups taking account of information which has been provided through the swimming information forms. The lessons will be conducted by qualified instructors but class teachers and TAs will be on hand to support children and encourage participation. Please let us know if your child is feeling nervous or has any worries so that we can support them.


It is very important that all children are on time for school so that we can meet our transport on time.


Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing the children’s progress with swimming!

Year 5 Curriculum Evening


Many thanks to all of the parents who were able to attend the Curriculum Evening; we hope that the evening was enjoyable and informative, helping you to develop a better understanding of work in Year 5.  


If you were unable to attend, please see the Powerpoint below:



Children now have a red folder to keep their homework records in. These will be collected each Monday morning and a new one will be issued for the week ahead.


In Year 5 children are expected to complete their homework each week by meeting the following requirements:

  • 50 Doodle Stars in maths
  • 40 Doodle Stars in English
  • 10 Doodle Stars in spelling
  • At Least 4 reads


We estimate that these stars will take no longer than an hour over the whole week.


Doodle provides us with a more focused homework experience and we hope that it will take less time to complete than the previous homework format. We hope that these expectations will support children in developing a focussed work ethic which will support them in their learning and progression this year whilst also maintaining a healthy balance for their time outside of school.

It has been wonderful to welcome our children into Year 5 and they have done a fantastic job of settling in to their new base. They have also looked extremely smart and grown-up in their new Muscliff uniforms complete with ties; many of the children have been avidly practising their tie skills in school!


This week we began our brilliant Mayans topic and started to learn some background about this fascinating ancient civilisation. We learnt about Mayan masks and temples and even had a go at creating our own Mayan temples using limited resources! Please see the curriculum overview for the first part of the autumn term below:

Picture 1

We have started to study our new English text: the excellent ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl.

Picture 1

It is such a wonderful text to capture the children’s imagination and we will be studying some of the skills and techniques that Dahl used to inspire our own writing.


There are of course lots of other books by Dahl which children may enjoy reading or revisiting during this term.

Picture 1

They may enjoy looking at other similar authors as well, such as:

David Walliams

Picture 1

Onjali Q. Rauf

Picture 1

James Bishop

Picture 1

It is so important to encourage children’s love of reading – indeed this is one of the most effective ways that you can support your child in their learning this year. Encourage children to explore a varied diet when it comes to reading: books by different authors and across a range of genres can expose them to a greater scope of vocabulary and fuel their imaginations.