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Year 1: 1TS, 1LL, 1NH

Welcome to Year 1

Friday 11th September


Week 1, done! We would like to say a huge well done to all of the children this week. We are so proud of how well they have settled into Year 1 and adapted to new routines and expectations.

The children have been very busy adjusting to school life again. We have had lots of discussions about our school rules- to be ready, respectful and safe and what this looks like during the school day. Of course the children have been growing their brains- working hard in guided reading, phonics, english, maths, PE and PSHE. We had some virtual assemblies with Mrs Fenby to welcome us to the new school year and celebrate a super first week. Most of all we have enjoyed getting to know your wonderful children. 

We would like to thank you for your support too- arriving on time through the correct gate, collecting children on time and maintaining social distancing. It is much appreciated!

A few reminders...

  • Children need a named snack pot (fruit or veg) and water bottle every day
  • Make sure everything is clearly named!
  • Reading books and red folders to be returned Friday ready for new books to be issued on a Monday
  • Please ensure that you have returned your 'permission to collect' slips (these were attached to the welcome to Year 1 letters)


Thank you again! Have a lovely, restful weekend.


The Year 1 Team smiley

1st September

Are you ready to get back into learning full time? Feeling a bit wobbly? Start with Doodle Maths - even if you just do your 6-a-day every day it will be helpful. Have you practised crossing the road at the 2 ramp crossings- 1 on Broadway Lane, 1 on Shillingstone? Have you got a book you could read? Get back into the routine of a bedtime story if you can. We've kept the transition folder (see Reception page) so you can browse through the ideas and videos again.

Teachers have been in school to set up the classrooms (after the big deep clean) and generally get ready. We are looking forward to meeting you at our classroom door next Monday. Some staff will be at the Shillingstone gate to welcome you and help you reach us. You know where your classroom and toilets are, you know who your teacher is- welcome to Year 1!


Doodlers with a 14 day streak:

1ST                                       1LL                                     1NH

Amelia                                   Alexios                               Joshua

Ellie.                                      Arielle                                 Leon

Ryan                                     Henry                                  Noel

Inez                                       Louie                                  Ronnie

Kavya                                    Thomas                              Yuvraj



I wonder if we can double that list next week? (for a 7 day streak)


Tuesday 4th August

Special Doodle Maths shout out to:


1LL                                    1NH                             1ST

Thomas                             Joshua.                        Ellie

Louie                                 Leon                             Inez

Lilian                                  Noel                             Kavya

Henry.                                Ronnie                         Ryan

Freddie                              Yuvraj




Keep going with your stars and streaks!

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