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Working from home Summer 1

Week 5


Reading- This week we would like you to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You can use the link below. You could also watch this version


Writing- Can you write an apology letter from Goldilocks to the three bears for eating their porridge and sleeping in their beds? 


Maths- Keep going with Doodle and White Rose 


Science- Explore the parts of a plant. Use this link. Can you make a poster labelling the parts of a plant?


BBC Bitesize

There are some great resources on BBC Bitesize, they also upload daily lessons. Use this link


White Rose Maths


We know lots of you have been finding White Rose Maths useful at home. Below are details of the login that you can use in order to access worksheets.


Email (username):

Password: MuscliffMaths1627


Use this link to login:

Monday 11th May


A couple of things to note... 

- If you are using CGP comprehension books at home the answers are now available by clicking the link above.

- If you are working on the '10 minute Test' books at home please be reassured that when we use these at school, the children are given longer than 10 minutes to complete them and we would encourage parents at home to do the same.

Week 4


Reading- This week we would like you to read The Three Little Pigs. You can use the links below. Make sure you watch Miss Welsh reading it on our 'Videos from the Year 2 Team page'. You could also watch this version


Writing- Can you create a wanted poster for the wolf from The Three Little Pigs story? Think about what kind of language you will need to use (adjectives, noun phrases, conjunctions...)


Maths- Keep going with Doodle and White Rose 


Art- Can you build/draw/sketch/paint the Three Little Pigs houses? Which one will be the strongest?

Week 3


Reading- This week we would like you to read Little Red Riding Hood. You could watch Mrs Haddow's reading of it on our 'videos from the year 2 team' page.


Writing- Create a story map of Little Red Riding Hood or a different traditional tale (feel free to change some parts of the story!) You could then rewrite your version of the story. Perhaps you could turn a traditional tale into a play script and you and your family could have a go at acting it out!


Maths- Keep going with Doodle and White Rose 


Science- How many different plants can you find in your garden or on your daily walk? Make a tally. Perhaps you could investigate one of the plants you find and make an information sheet about it. You may want to draw a diagram of your plant.

Week 2


Reading- This week we would like you to read a different Traditional Tale- you pick! There are some links below which you might want to use.


Writing- If you could change any part of the Jack and The Beanstalk story what would you change? Have a go at writing your own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Create some illustrations to go with it. If you have read a different traditional tale this week perhaps you could try re-writing that one!


Maths- Keep going with Doodle and White Rose 


Art- Make some puppet characters from Jack and the Beanstalk or the traditional tale that you have read this week. You might want to perform your puppet show to your family!



We miss you!!!

We miss you!!! 1

Hello Year 2!

See the picture below for details and ideas of home learning for our new topic 'Twisted Tales.' Each week we will be updating this page with more ideas for home learning so please keep checking. Click the sun above to see videos from your teachers and the rainbow to see news from your friends. Please keep emailing us your news! (


Our new topic 'Twisted Tales' is an exploration of traditional tales. You can explore the features of traditional tales and perhaps create your own version of a traditional tale- a Twisted Tale! If you don't have the books to read at home please don't worry, they are available to read as a powerpoint on Are there any other traditional tales that you enjoy that aren't on our reading list? Please let us know!


Below is a powerpoint that you may find useful as an introduction to Traditional Tales.





Week 1- 20th April


Reading- This week we would like you to read Jack and The Beanstalk. If you don't have a copy use this link ( to see the ebook or use the powerpoint below. You could also watch this adapted version There is also an adaptation here ( which presents the story from a different perspective. 


Writing- Can you create a postcard as if you were Jack and you have just arrived at the castle and met the giant? Remember to include noun phrases (e.g enormous giant/ big,t towering castle) and conjunctions to make your writing exciting and interesting.


Maths- Keep up with Doodle and White Rose resources 


Art- Can you draw/sketch/paint a beanstalk? Perhaps you could create one out of junk modelling?


We would love to see some of your work! Email us at smiley

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