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Working from home - Summer 1

Tuesday 19th May

So how are you all today? Like us, been up for ages and raring to go with some handwriting or DoodleMaths? 

Teachers are currently considering new half term planning for you. We will give you an overview similar to the last one so you can pick and choose activities and continuing the weekly updates on our pages. We hope to get this ready for the website by the end of the half term week.

We are very busy as I am sure you can imagine, trying to prepare for the possible June 1st return but we remain positive and excited at the thought of seeing you again 3D rather than 2D!

We have heard that both BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy are adding to their lessons this week in readiness for the new term start so they would be worth checking out.

In the meantime feel free to get in touch via your Tapestry account or the email. Stay safe.

The Rainbow Gang

Monday 18th May

What a perfect time to learn some important first aid skills with your child. The British Red Cross have put together some First Aid Champions home learning resources aimed at children aged 5-11. The website is packed full of learning activities. From power points, films and photos to role plays and quizzes. As well as teaching about the importance of first aid and basic first aid skills, it also touches on what to do in an emergency and how to stay safe when helping others. Follow the link below to start exploring the Primary section of the website. Once you have, think about possible answers to the following questions.


What is first aid?

Why might someone need first aid?

Who might carry out first aid?

What would you do if someone had an injury?

What is an emergency?

What can you do when there is an emergency?

Who could help us in an emergency?




Monday 11th:  DoodleMaths

So Rainbow Star won the challenge for the second week in the row! Fab!

Doodle have sent us teachers an email with information of how we can access support from them and how you can to:


  • On the Parent Dashboard, parent app, and on our website, parents can simply click on the green chat icon in the bottom right hand corner to search for instant answers to their questions, or chat with one of our parent support team if they can't find the answer they're looking for.
  • We are also running FREE parent webinars to support home learning during this period of school closures. These are completely free to attend and parents don't need to sign up! Please direct parents to our special School Closure Update page for more information on these webinars, including dates and times.

Enjoy and keeeeeeeeeep doodling!

Thursday 7th May


Calling all you budding firefighters! The Rainbow teachers were so excited to receive an email from the Fire Service this week telling us all about their useful education website and the great activities they've got on there! They would like you to visit the website and have a look at how we can be safe at home and have a look at some of the resources available to you: stories, videos, arts and crafts, fitness challenges and other activities. Each week new activities will be added. They also have Covid 19 Mini Superheroes who are designed to encourage children to understand how they can be Superheroes and help stay safe.


Why not take a look yourselves:

Tuesday 5th May

We hope you enjoyed the daily maths stories and books last week with Mrs Flynn and that you are starting to feel confident with 2D vs 3D shapes from our videos.

We have had some great examples of your work around our new topic. We loved Henry's Top Trumps that he made based around Muscliff's values. What rating would you put teachers for caring, responsibility and kindness? What about lawyers or police officers?

While on the subject of the police, tomorrow (Tuesday between 11-12) they are having an online fair for recruitment. I wonder what kind of jobs they have available- is everyone a police officer? You could find out:

Bailey has interviewed his grandparents and made a poster with clear labels about them. Nice!

Some of you have been thinking like a scientist and looking at the world around you. Aneira has been writing a diary of her tadpoles as they grown and turn into frogs. 

We know a lot of you like colouring and reading. Could you combine the 2 and recreate your favourite story book? You could either draw it or act it and take a photo. We'd love to see your efforts. If you want some inspiration, Y2 class page has some videos of all the teachers reading some traditional tales if you want to listen.


1. Make your own Top Trumps for jobs.

2. Write your own diary about changes you spot in the garden from day to day- weather or nature.

3. Recreate/draw your favourite book cover.

4. Play 'What's my 3D shape?' with a load of shapes in a bag. One of you describes the shape by feeling it and the other has to say the name.

5. Make a dictionary of jobs (abseil instructor, actor, architect, boiler technician, builder...)

6. Keep on top of instant recognition of our phonemes, especially our digraphs and trigraphs: ear, air, high, ai, ar, oa, ie, ou, ow, oa, ee, er, ur, or, oi, ng, sh, ch, th.

7. Doodle maths - how is your streak? Let us know if it's getting tricky and you need it recalibrating.


Keep in touch via Tapestry and our stay in touch email.(

Take care and stay safe.

The Rainbow Gang





Pop across to Year 4 and watch Miss Follenfant and Hugo show you a great game you can play with duplo/lego/paper to help practise symmetry.

They also reappear with a times tables game- we haven't touched multiplication yet but you could use the idea of the game to do number bonds or just general adding/taking away. Or even just match the large number!

Have fun!

Numberblocks - Number One | Play-Doh

Do you want to learn how to make Number One out of Play-Doh?! Find out HERE: As seen on CBeebies! Watch Numberblocks full...


Why not have a go at creating your own numberblocks out of playdoh!