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Working from Home March 2020

From Ellie


Ellie has been busy making a lovely poster to support all our Key workers.Well done Ellie!


From Yunus


Good afternoon Mrs Harrison and team

we hope you are all doing well, we have been busy playing, learning and checking out some of the groovy work that has been set out on the muscliff shcool website! yunus has been practicing writing and joining up the letters - horay! we have also looked at some words that have trigraph and found many in our  favourite book called “Theres a bear on my chair” written by Ross Collins. we have been busy with creativity and play and trying to make it fun whilst learning! thank you rainbow team and all the parents for helping and encouraging us all and hopefully we can benifit by sharing ideas!

love from yunus and family


Hi Yunus

It's so lovely to hear from you, particularly with such positive learning going on!  We really want to borrow that book of yours as it fits perfectly with the trigraph we learnt via video the other week! We're very pleased that you are all keeping well and safe and can't wait to see you.

Keeeeeeeeep writing!

From Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang

From Tanish



Hi Mrs Chapman,

Hope you are doing good.
Tanish watch videos for for new word ‘air’ and really enjoyed singing lovely song haaaair haaair. He have practice writing and making words with air.
He watch video for favourite friend of number 10. He really have fun making number bond activity.

I love to attach few pics and video.
Tanish really excited and looking forward for more videos from her lovely teachers. I was very haapy to see big smile in his face while watch videos.


Tanish and mum


Hi Tanish. 

It's been so lovely to hear that you are enjoying your learning at home. Well done you! You have clearly been trying so hard with your hand writing as well as Phonics and Numeracy. You are a star. Keep looking at the website as there will be new videos for you to enjoy this week.

Keep smiling and keep in touch :)

Mrs Chapman and the Rainbow Gang.

Picture 1

From Layla


Layla and her brother have been hunting for 3D shapes this morning. Look what they found!


Hi Layla. Fantastic 3D shape hunting! Keep your eyes on the Reception page as Mrs Chapman is going to be doing some videos on 3D shapes this week.

Take care and stay in touch :)

The Rainbow Gang.


Picture 1

From Freddie


Happy easter to all my friends at Muscliff. Hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine the best you can. I’m having lots of fun playing with mummy, daddy and Joseph, my little brother! Hope to see you all soon. I made some easter cards for my friends and family. 

Take care, Freddie


Hi Freddie.

We are all wishing you a very happy Easter! What lovely Easter cards! Your friends and family will be thrilled to receive them. It is wonderful to hear that you and your family are making such lovely memories together. We can't wait to hear about all the other lovely things you do.

Take care

Mrs Chapman and the Rainbow gang.

From Katia


Hello Mrs Chapman, 

It’s been a challenging time with working from home plus trying to home school.


Katia has done lots of work over the last 2 weeks. She has done lots of reading (it’s really coming on) and some writing. She has done some Doodle Maths and also Doodle English, which we signed her up to a week ago. Plus the Body Coach every morning!


We have been watching some of the videos suggested (Jack Hartmann) and the videos from you and Mrs Flynn. In addition, we have been teaching her a bit about the planets πŸͺ. 


The videos from you and the teachers are really good. She is counting in tens up to a hundred well now but is struggling with counting by fives and ‘what is halfway between 10 and 20 for example. If this is reception year learning it would be useful if you could do a video on this?


I know you did Dinosaurs as a topic (was this finished?) but if there is any other topics that were going to be in the washout summer term please let us know!


Hi Katia.

It is so lovely to hear from you and see that you have been working so hard at home. Well done you! I love that you have been doing such varied activities, you must be having great fun with your home learning. Counting in tens and fives isn't Reception learning but if you are keen to carry on then go, go, go! Our topic after Dinosaurs was Castles and Caves which would have finished at Easter. Continue to keep an eye on the website to find out more about our next topic all about the different occupations that people have. Keep up the fantastic work Katia and enjoy your Easter holidays!

Take care lovely

Mrs Chapman and the Rainbow Gang.


From Louie


Hello Mrs Harrison 

Louie has been practicing part part whole today! He used his teddies to help and share out his beans!



Hi Louie

How much do I love your PPW practice? Lots! What will your next number be?  Thank you for sharing.

Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang 

From Dhruv


Hello Mrs Flynn,


Dhruv has been busy this week. He has been recognising, sorting and playing some Bingo games with numbers. 

He has practised words with 'air' sound and he can now recognise it when he reads. 

He and his sister were busy in the kitchen making some butter cookies this week and it was really delicious. 

The beetroot seeds which he planted last week has sprouted and he is really excited about it. He has also planted Okra seeds as his favourite vegetable is Okra.

He also does Joe Wicks PE sessions everyday and he really enjoyed today's as they had to dress up today for the session.

He has also made a poster which is about Farm Animals.


Hi Dhruv, it's so good to hear from you and all the lovely things you've been up to! Mrs Flynn has never tried Okra so when you've grown some hopefully you can bring some into school for me to try! You must be super fit now with all that Joe Wicks exercise, well done! Take care my lovely and stay n touch,

Mrs Flynn and the Rainbow Gang

From Bethany


We have been loving our math inspiration. Thank you. 


Bethany is desperate to return to school. Um mummy too.


Excellent to hear you're still keeping up your maths skills Bethany, well done! We too are desperate to return to school, hopefully we'll be back before we know it!


Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang

From Amira



Good afternoon everyone


We have been busy adjusting to this new way of life but having so much fun. We have baked cakes, made cookies, made sand art lots of colouring and time playing in the garden. 

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. Amira is missing everyone so muchπŸ˜”we set up a zoom call today so all the kids got involved. It was great fun and lovely for amira to see all her friends. We are hoping to do it every Friday so if any of the reception teachers want to join in that would be great tooπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Here is a few pictures of what amira has been up to xxxx


So lovely to hear from you Amira! We loved seeing all your photos of what you've been up to. And what a treat to be able to see all your friends on Zoom! Glad to hear you're managing to enjoy this lovely weather in your garden. Take care and hope to see you soon,

Mrs Chapman and the Rainbow Gang

From Layla


Layla would love to share some virtual caterpillar cake (and a firework followed by 5 candles 😁) with all her class mates, year group friends, teachers and TAs πŸŽ‚ She misses you all X X 



Happy, happy birthday beautiful Layla! We hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed your cake! I look forward to hearing all about what presents you got when we get back to school. Take care and stay safe, missing all my Rainbows lots!


Mrs Flynn and the Rainbow Gang

From Henry:

Read-y aim fire

Some fun with high frequency word recognition (and name recognition for little brother

 We play shopkeepers a lot. Today we experimented with how many different ways we could make 70p, focusing mostly on counting in 10s.

We used collage and paint to make our rainbow 🌈.

Daily phonics with lots of games. Picture shows 'air'

We played a fun game with multiples of 2, 5 and 10.

Cupcake baking, measuring ingredients and decorating.

Henry made a cherry blossom tree.

 Duplo blocks for phonics. Great for identifying ascenders, descenders and digraphs.  

Hi Henry

We loved perusing all your work and photos. Sorry I can't put them all on here but take my word for it folks, Henry is doing great!  We particularly loved the water gun game - this could be used with so much learning!  Find me a .... air word, a teen number, a hexagon, a capital h etc etc. Love it.

Thanks so much for sharing. 

Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang


From Scarlett


Scarlett really misses her school, teachers and all her friends but we're making the best of it at home and keeping busy.

 In the last week or so Scarlett has been learning to skip and has got up to 100.

We have planted sunflower seeds, been on a minibeast Hunt along the river and started a spring project scrap book.

She's been learning more about the planets as she enjoyed learning about them at school. 

She has also has been doing some weights and measurements,  measuring things around the house and weighing things to see which is the longest or largest.

We have been doing baking and crafting as thats mummy's favourite.

We have been doing lots of Reading and writing practice, as well as practicing number blocks as Scarlett has struggled with these on doodle maths.


Hope everyone is getting on ok staying safe.

Hi Scarlett

You are doing great! We will tell Miss Fisher about your skipping progress. We're sure she'll be thrilled! We will keep giving you more ideas of what to do next as often as we can. Don't put pressure on yourself with Doodle- make a note of what bits seem to be tricky and practise them with 'real' stuff until you feel confident to try again. DOn't worry if you get things wrong on Doodle- if you don't, it'll start giving you Y1 work and we're not ready for that yet!

Keep staying in touch- we love it!

Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang


From Iris

Iris has been enjoying working alongside Max and has been completing worksheets like him. She was very proud that she could work out the colour by numbers and with a bit of support from Max, did some number bonds work 

Oh Iris, how lovely to see you! Great maths. I hope you've watched today's video about PPW which would be great for you to work on and tomorrow I'm doing one about number bonds which is perfect for your practice!  Well done.

Mrs H

From Ethan

It was lovely to hear from Mrs H, Ethan has gone straight to doodle maths to work on his challenge.

We’re been following the home learning website for ideas but are missing school very much. We loved watching the teachers videos, please keep them coming.

Love Ethan (Mummy & Daddy)


Oh Ethan how lovely to see you!  I bet I miss you more! Well done on Doodling- I'll keep an eye on you :) 
New video on website now and another one tomorrow. They should give you a few ideas of what to do and some that Ethan can do independently. Maybe you could show me some of your work, Ethan. I would love you to try to do some PPW of teen numbers after you'd done one or two that are less than 10.  
Mrs H

From Toshi

Hello Mrs. Harrison, 


Hope you are doing well. Toshika is having a good time at home and spending it in a quality way. She is having a routine to follow in this quarantine days. Morning she does yoga for 15 mins then exercise for 15 mins. After having breakfast she has her own time to watch her favourite cartoon. If the sun permits she will play in the garden and explore the tiny creatures in the garden. She planted a orange seed and having a daily check on it. She attends a virtual dance class weekly once. In spite of that she daily dances half an hour for the random songs from gonoodle. 


She does doodle maths, she is showing a great process in addition. She recently did so many paper crafts like fan, fish and a flower out of toilet tissue holder. I will attach the pics of it. She also does sketches of pictures from Google. 


Trying to make her to be in a routine. Asking her to help mommy in kitchen sometimes but to be honest she doesn't have much patience to stand in the kitchen. 


Thank you so much for your support teachers. Toshi really miss the school. Hope the situation gets better soon. 




Asha- Tosh




Thank you so much Toshi and Mummy for sending this in. I miss your artwork so much! Your cursive is beautifully neat, your pinch and prop is perfect and I like how you have correctly joined the trigraph 'air'. Maybe add sound buttons and digraph/trigraph lines to your next writing words?

I hope your orange seed grows. How is your beanstalk?

Toshi - you must help Mummy in the kitchen! I am planning to make coconut cupcakes after work this afternoon. What could you do? Just don't try it while doing your yoga - things could get messy!

keeeeeeeep working

Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang

From Layla


Layla in Rainbow Moon has been super excited because she celebrates her 5th birthday this week! (1st April) She wants to send you a piece of virtual cake when it has been cut πŸŽ‚


Layla and her brother, Harvey began working on their White Rose Maths lessons and enjoyed going on an early Easter Egg Hunt yesterday! They collected eight eggs in an egg box. Layla then practiced her odd and even numbers by placing different numbers of eggs in the egg box and checking whether each egg had a partner egg. As there was an even number of chocolate eggs, Layla and Harvey did not need to argue over who would eat the most eggs 😁


Thank you for the phonics and reading videos. They are fantastic!


Stay safe everyone.


Happy Birthday Layla! I hope you have a magical day. Thanks so much for staying in touch, it is lovely to hear about your good maths work and egg hunt! I'll enjoy my virtual cake.

Mrs Flynn and the Rainbow Gang

From Joshua


Hello, just an email to let you know how Joshua has been getting on this week. 


We have mainly been getting out in our garden and for our exercises as the weather has been so nice, we brought him a new bike which we were going to get for his birthday in a few months, and already he is very confident riding it. 


We have done lots of other bits too such as planting seeds, baking, painting, art, reading, writing and more. I will attach a few photos to show what we've been upto.


Hope to see you soon





Hello Joshua! It's so lovely to hear from you and all of the lovely things you have been doing at home. I can well believe you're doing an excellent job of riding your new bike and thank you so much for all the photos, you have been busy! Take care, keep up the good work and I'll see you soon.


Mrs Flynn and all the Rainbow Gang

From Thomas


Starting off with the usual Pe with Joe Wicks, following with the routine guided reading. Thomas watched the ‘air’ videos and then raced around the house looking for items with ‘air’ on. Some good practising writing the sound, followed by sentence writing with 3 reception key words. Thomas tried ‘white rose maths’...starting on week 1, year 1...he managed this really well! Another round of daily doodles and finishing off with ‘junk modelling’ Thomas made a robot who can do all of mummy and daddy’s jobs! (Hooray!)


So lovely to hear about all of the excellent learning you are doing at home Thomas. Can you build us one of those robots for school? I think we need one for the classrooms! Keep up the good work!


The Rainbow Gang

From Louie


Louie recognising numbers whilst doing colour by numbers.


Excellent work recognising numbers Louie! We really like how neat you're trying to keep your colouring too. Well done!

The Rainbow Gang

From Dhruv


Hello Mrs Flynn,


I have been playing with my sister Dhwani in the garden - playing the slide, playing football. 

I have been doing my home school - like numbers, spelling.

We went for walking in the forest, I went in the scooter in front of Muscliff school. 

I did colouring T-Rex pictures and did cut it out.

I did gardening and planted beetroot seeds. When it sprouts I am going to send you a picture next week.


What have you been doing Mrs Flynn? 


Dhruv x


So lovely to hear what wonderful things you have been up to Dhruv. It sounds like you've been very busy and I can't wait to see your plant pictures next week. I have also been keeping very busy with my children. We have been spending time with our pets, cleaning the house, drawing, playing games and playing basketball and football in the garden. Take care and see you soon,

Mrs Flynn 

From Thomas


Thomas loves the Mrs H phonics video, can hear him sounding out the ones he spotted! Thomas really pleases we have created our own phonics flash cards which we used today...’quicker mummy like Mrs Harrison’ Thomas picked a card and wrote words he knew beginning with d...we might have worked the difference between b and d now! 
Thomas completed his story map...can you see from the picture what it might be...(we changed our mind from monkey puzzle!)


Thomas you are doing some excellent learning at home, well done! We particularly love your story map, maybe you could label it and write some sentences about it to tell the story now? 

The Rainbow Gang

From Ayana


Dear Reception (rainbow moon) my daughter, Ayana has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers this week! 

Hope you are all well :)


Ayana I am so proud of you, this is excellent work well done! Keep practising. 

Mrs Flynn and the Rainbow Gang

From Freddie


Good morning


Freddie enjoyed showing his little brother Joseph the sounds he has learnt and how to write them. We are all doing lots of learning especially in the garden whilst the sun is shining! Freddie misses all his friend but talks about them all the time. 


We hope everyone is keeping safe and can’t wait to see you soon. 

That's fantastic work Freddie! We're so pleased to hear that you're getting out in the garden and enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. We hope to see you all again soon too.

The Rainbow Gang

From Layla


Layla M and her brother, Harvey made a 🌈 in the beautiful spring sunshine this afternoon! All they needed was a water spray bottle. Can you spot the rainbow? 😁


This is such a good idea Layla! What a good way to learn about science and the world.

The Rainbow Gang

From Thomas

Great reading!!! 
We’ve really enjoyed the ‘doorstep wildlife’ topic which is found in the reception topic working at home section...we discussed the topic together, me facilitating a discussion asking what animals we find and what we know. We designed our bug hotels and did the big quiz! 
Thomas is loving choosing 3 words from the key reception words and putting them into sentences!
I’ve attached some colour sheets that are printable..
BBC bitesize has been really useful...there is a karate cat game where he has to complete the sentences.
Tomorrow we will be creating story map and using Mrs H’s phonics video after singing along to the jolly phonics song.
Friday is superhero dress up day....where we will also to our tribute discussion to the current real life superheroes... ❀️

Funnily enough our next topic is/was Who Do I Want To Be and we will/would spend time learning about different superhero jobs and not just the 'usual' ones. There are many to consider right now, aren't there? 

I'd love to see your story map when you do it. 

Glad the video is useful. You know I love your name Thomas because it has an interesting digraph 'Th' but is not the rude clown! 

Take care and keeeeeeeep reading!

Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang

From Thomas

From Ava

A super idea Mrs Harrison , please keep them coming. Ava was saying hello to you 😊 

Thank you!  Do't think I'll make it as a YouTuber but I just kept thinking of you gorgeous people. Ava- elbow bump and blowing a hello kiss to you right now!

Can't get onto tapestry I need to or follow website daily updates.

I'll have a go at tapestry for you so watch out for an email link to click on. If not, keep checking our Facebook page and class page. Will try my best!

Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang


From Amelia

Hi Mrs Flynn, 


Amelia has been listening to songs about the planets, and she helped to make some banana cakes. Also, she wanted me to tell you that she has been helping with painting in the garden. 


This afternoon, Amelia would like to practice her writing, and find out about farm animals πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘ I hope you are ok Mrs Flynn and all the teachers, I am looking forward to coming back to school soon, love Amelia πŸ•πŸ˜Š

HI Amelia, what lovely news, my lovely! Questions I would ask about farm animals: what animals might you see on a farm and which ones wouldn't you? Which ones produce food and which ones have a different job? 

Mrs Flynn and the Rainbow gang

From Bailey

Bailey has been incredibly busy, we have started a spring topic,  thinking of all the things we see in spring time. We were thinking about the bugs. Bailey designed a picture of a ladybird and we painted it on a pebble to brighten up the garden. This will be great for eye spy. He also did some leaf painting. Bailey also learned how to make fishcakes and made them for the family for dinner. 

He has started a diary to keep a log of his time at home. Bailey has made a boat and sailed it, he is enjoying keeping fit with Joe Wicks as well as lots of outside time at home. 


Missing all his friends and his teachers.

We're missing you and all your friends as well Bailey. All us Rainbows love a bug or 2 although we're talking about the 6-legged kind! We hope the fishcakes tasted good- I bet Joe Wicks eats healthy food like that. Keep up the good work and keep in touch over the next week.

The Rainbow Gang 

From Bailey

From Bailey 1

From Thomas

Another productive day! We started off with Joe Wicks followed by guided reading. Thomas wanted to read ‘a big boy’ book...which he did really well, despite no pictures! Thomas then chose 3 words from the reception key words, Thomas read them, put them into a sentence then wrote them down. Plenty of doodles done after snack, followed by lunch. Thomas then created his own treasure map and then finished off with Tentown! 
We did also have a price list drawn up for snack time...thought you would appreciate a little chuckle at Thomas’ spelling of don’t buy a pear from them...however a drink for 50p...I’ll see the wine menu please!


Thomas using his phonic knowledge

Thomas using his phonic knowledge  1

From Phoenix:

Hi everyone

i am missing my teachers lots and all my school friends!

 I have been practising my handwriting I can now write 'mum' 'dad' 'phoenix' 'cat' 'dog' without needing my mummys help. We have also been singing the days of week and doing alphabets songs. I had a go at doodle maths and mummy says I am getting a lot more confident using it and understanding lots more questions.

Phoenix has been so busy, cooking his first lasagne, making a ' worry dinosaur' which will complement Trick Box beautifully. Make sure you teach him to colour breathe! Talking of colours, there are certainly a lot out at the moment and Phoenix went on a woodland walk and learnt about weather and plants and spring. We miss you Phoenix but thanks for keeping in touch!

The Rainbow Team