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Working at Home March 2020

Friday 17th April


Hello Year 2! We hope you are having a lovely week. It has been great to hear from some of you. Please keep your news coming ( we would love to share it on our page.


Skye has been very creative this week. Check out the photos below. She has also been a very helpful neighbour and big sister. Well done, Skye!


Joe and Jack have also been working on their creative talents, great work!


We are very impressed with Aba’s maths work! He has been working on times tables, partitioning numbers and telling the time. Fantastic work!


From Monday we will be using our ‘Working from home Summer 1’ page. Here you will be able to find details of our new Summer topic, ideas for home learning and more news from all of you!


Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!


The Year 2 Team J

Top Doodlers

Still image for this video

News from home 11/4/20 mail

Thank you to all of you that have been in touch with your news and your pictures of your Easter home learning. Here are a few more...


Aadhiran made this amazing rainbow to recognise all the hard work the key workers and NHS are doing at this time... wow!


Harry and Hollie made this lovely Easter display for people to enjoy on their daily walk... how lovely!!


Jack did his home learning using Lego... this is amazing, how skilled you are at building Jack!


Joe chose to draw and colour his home learning... what a great picture! 


Have a lovely Easter weekend Year 2, we can't wait to see you soon! 

More news from home 8/4/20 mail


Adam has made a fact sheet about Shakespeare, he worked hard to find the information on the internet, learned how to copy and paste things, and edit to be ready to print. He decided about the colours and the layout. Wow Adam, it sounds like you have been super busy! 


Kate has drawn a beautiful picture of the Muscliff Mouse. This is beautiful Kate, well done! 


Selina really enjoyed the Muscliff Mouse project. Well done Selina!



Top Doodlers of the week

Still image for this video
Have a listen to see if you are one of the top doodlers of the week? Also someone has got a 100 day streak....could it be you?
News from home mail

Monday 6th April


Hello! We hope you are all managing to enjoy some of the sunshine we have been having! Thank you for staying in touch and sending us your news, it is so lovely to hear from you. All the teachers miss you so much and can't wait to see you soon. 


Hunter has enjoyed making a treasure map at home! This is amazing Hunter, I wonder what treasure you would find at the end if you followed the map? Perhaps you could write your own story about a pirate adventure?



Alicia has enjoyed practising her baking! Wow those cake pops look delicious! I wonder if you could write a set of instructions for making them and send them to us? Don't forget your bullet points and bossy verbs!



Alicia and her family have also been making signs and banners for the NHS workers, what a lovely idea! Has anyone has spotted these that live near you?



Keep your Easter news coming! 

The Year 2 team 

Friday 3rd April


Another week done! Well done to all of you for completing another week of home school. All of the year 2 team are very proud of you!

We have added some more ideas for you to try at home, check out the above pages and please let us know if you try any of them ( There are also some new links which will direct you to some more brilliant resources and ideas.

Check out our Easter challenge below, we can’t wait to see your creations! Please send them to us, so we can share them on our class page!

Here is what some of you have been up to this week…


Billy has produced some wonderful drawings using Kids Art Hub. They look brilliant Billy, well done!


Adam made his very own dice- what a great idea. Lots of maths and art skills used! Great work, Adam! What games can you play with a dice?


Lily has been practicing lots of maths this week- using coins and telling the time. She also made her own pizzas- delicious! She then used her pizzas to practise fractions- fantastic idea! Lily has also been learning Spanish! Fantastico! We are looking forward to hearing all of your new language skills.


Irina has been earning lots of stars on Doodle. Well done, Irina. She has also been very helpful around the house- cooking and washing up. How have you helped at home this week? Irina also painted this lovely picture.


Thank you for sending us your news  Year 2. We look forward to hearing what you get up to over the Easter break.


Stay safe and well,


The Year 2 Team smiley

Learning at Home: Easter Challenge

Share the Spirit of Muscliff


During this challenging period, our community is drawing on and demonstrating our Muscliff Values more than ever and this provides the theme for our Easter activity.


It would be normal for each year group to set some form of home learning activity for the children to complete over the Easter break... And we are trying to hold on to some normality! There are some suggested activities to keep your children busy over the holiday period in the Easter Folder (above).


But alongside the specific year group activities, we thought that our children would enjoy a joint whole-school challenge and we invite all families to take part and ‘show’ the spirit of Muscliff.


Many families are showing their solidarity by displaying rainbows in their windows. We think that this is a wonderful idea and we would like to develop this and add a pinch of ‘Muscliff-ness’ to it!

Your Easter challenge is to create some art to display in your front window or to place on your window sill so that everyone in our community can see what Muscliff means to us.

Your art must include 3 things:

  • A rainbow
  • A mouse
  • A single word that summarises the ‘spirit of Muscliff.’


Useful words:

hope, resilience, solidarity, unity, community, responsibility, respect, care, humility, understanding, empathy


Some ideas:

With limited resources lying around the house, we aren’t expecting Easter baskets full to the brim with ‘bits’ from the Pound Shop! A simple poster would be great. Make that key word as large as possible for all to see.  If your felt-tip pens are running out, cut up old magazines. A mouse made from a blown and painted egg would be marvellous. There is also some picture instructions below for a lovely mouse made from an egg box. The final product, however, is not what matters the most: we want families to make their art together and as you make, talk about our community. Discuss how important the key word that you’ve chosen is to you and your family and what it means and looks like.


Stay in Touch:

Community is what our school is built on. Muscliff will continue to be contactable during the holiday period; our phones will be manned and the ‘stayintouch’ email addresses will continue to be checked daily throughout the holiday period. We cannot over-emphasis the fact that we are here if you need us. Please do send us photos of your family’s Easter activity and we will put as many as we can on our WebPages.


Beyond Easter: Working at Home

Thank you for feedback regarding homework that has been set on each year group’s class page. We understand that some parents do not have access to some resources, such as a printer (and as mentioned above, the felt-tip pens might be running out by now) and we also recognise that children respond in different ways to learning in a different environment. After the Easter break, teachers will renew the activities and learning ideas that are currently on the class pages. We will endeavour to provide what we can to support our children during this time but we are aiming for the work that we suggest to be a little more linked to a topic theme. At some point over the next few weeks, you’ll see a Summer 1 folder appear in the Working at Home part of your year group page ready for April 20th. You will find some resources for the different subjects linked to the topic theme that would have been taught at school.


Again, we are not expecting parents to become teachers – but we ask you to support your children by encouraging their curiosity.


All of our Muscliff families are AMAZING!

Picture 1

Tuesday 31st March


Hi Year 2! We hope you have all had a lovely weekend and that you and your families are all safe and well. Check out the news below to see what some of your friends have been up to…


Selina has been busy with Doodle, baking and painting. She has also written a brilliant poem (see the picture below) and some jokes! Perhaps you could have a go at writing your own poem or perhaps some jokes? Selina has also made pictures to send to a nursing home, what a kind and thoughtful idea. I’m sure this will make the residents very happy! smiley


Joe and Jack have created some beautiful pictures of the Love in Idleness flower from a Midsummer Nights Dream.

Leo has also created some fantastic art work this week! Have you been an artist this week?


Jessica has completed all of her times tables on Doodle! Brilliant! Well done Jessica!


Thank you for sharing your news! Please keep it coming! (


The Year 2 Team smiley

Doodle update


Please check out the following links with updates from Doodle

1. Parent Dashboard features have been increased to allow parents to support their children's learning at home...

2. Doodle are running daily parent webinars guiding parents on how to use Doodle effectively...

3. Doodle's parent support hours are from 8am-8pm. Go on the website and click on the green chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner to speak to a member of the team.


To answer some Doodle queries...

- Unfortunately, we are unable to stop stars being locked for collection on low scores as this is set by Doodle and not us.


Check out Miss Hands video below to find out this weeks top Doodlers!

Top Doodlers of the week are...

Still image for this video

Hi Year 2,

Hoping you are all well.  Here is a 'Wake and Shake' for you to join in with to get your heart rate up and to have some fun!  


Maybe afterwards you could choose your favourite song and make up your own 'Wake and Shake'.  You could then be the teacher and get your sister, brother or grown up to copy you and join in.


I wrote a list of things I was going to do to help me remember.  Perhaps you could do the same.  My list looked like this.


1. Running

2. Arm circles forward

3. Arm circles backwards

4. Jumping Jacks

5. Jump and clap

6. Wash the windows

7. Swim

8. Bounce


Keep working hard, having fun and growing those wonderful brains of yours.  We all love hearing about what you are doing at home.

See you soon

Year 2 Team

Wake and Shake with Mrs Payne

Friday 27th March


Happy Friday Year 2! You have completed your first week of home school! A big well done to you (and an extra big well done to your grown ups!) Here is what some of you have been up to…


As it is Friday today Kate and her Mummy played good news assembly with all of her toys! Great to hear that Kate got a certificate smiley


Frankie has been doing what we usually do on a Friday- times tables and division. Great work, Frankie!


Sophie has made a fact book all about A Midsummer Nights Dream- what a brilliant idea! It looks fantastic! Well done, Sophie! Which is your favourite part of a Midsummer Nights Dream?


It sounds like Jenna has been a scientist this week- she has learnt about colour mixing and making crystals! How exciting! She has also been learning about the Vikings and has made her own Viking shield. Finally, Jenna has downloaded an audible book to learn French- tres bon! We can’t wait to hear your new language skills, Jenna.  What an exciting week of learning you have had. Which language would you like to learn?


Adam has been ready to learn every morning, starting each day with Doodle and then Joe Wicks P.E. He has been doing lots of reading and writing with some of our favourite texts- The Hodgeheg and A Midsummer Nights Dream. What have you read this week? Adam has also baked bread rolls to have with his hot dogs- yum! Well done, Adam!


Riley has been busy doodling like lots of you have! He has also done a great job with reading, literacy and maths. Great work, Riley! Keep it up!


Benjamin has been working hard at growing his maths brain this week. That snakes and ladders game looks like fun! How have you grown your maths brain this week?


Jack and Joe have been reading a Midsummer Nights Dream and their neighbour enjoyed listening from behind the fence, how lovely. They have also found a very creative way to practise their times tables. What a fantastic idea! It looks like a lot fun!


Kate has baked some cookies this week, they look delicious! Well done, Kate! I have made breakfast bars and rocky road with my little boy this week; have you done any cooking or baking?


Thank you so much for sending in your news, we really enjoy finding out what you have been up to! Keep it coming (! We miss you year 2 and we are very proud of how hard you are working at home. We think you definitely deserve a fun and relaxing weekend. Lets hope the sunshine stays!


Stay safe and well,


The Year 2 team smiley

Wednesday 25th March


Hello Year 2! We hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well and that you have had a chance to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine this week!


It has been lovely to hear some of your news from home (email us at Here is what some of you have been up to so far this week…


It's great to hear that lots of you have been on Doodle! Keep up the good work!


Jenna and her sister have been busy researching a different country, finding it in the atlas and discovering interesting facts. Perhaps you could do this too? Pick a country that you would like to visit and see what you can find out about it. Perhaps you could make a fact flie/leaflet/poster about it. You could create some brilliant art work to go alongside it too.


Jenna has also painted a portrait of her sister. What a fantastic idea! We would love to see the finished piece. Who would you like to paint a portrait of?


Daisy has been busy with some maths work and she has also been writing a daily diary. What a great way to practise your fabulous writing skills. She has also enjoyed using her Dad's whiteboard to practise fractions and times tables.


Leo has had some breaks from his learning to do some baking and craft activities. Have you done any baking or cooking this week?


Thank you so much for sending in your news. We really love hearing what you have been doing at home. Please keep sending your news in, we will update this page regularly so that you can see what your friends have been up to. We will also keep adding ideas of things that you can do at home so please scroll down to check them out! We have just added some links to live zoo cams and museum tours. Let us know what you think of them! We have also added some fantastic Maths resources for you to access at home. Check out the link in our 'once a day' section below. You will also find a link below to listen for free to David Walliams audio stories. Enjoy smiley


We look forward to hearing more from you! 



The Year 2 Team smiley

Top Doodlers this week!

Still image for this video
Have a listen to see if you are one of the top doodlers for this week! Also Miss Hands has created an activity for you to try at home. 😀

The Enormous Turnip - Year 2