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Working from home - March

Things to do on my own:

Once a day:

  • From Monday 30th, we recommend completing one White Rose Maths lesson each day. These are a great set of resources that contain both a short video tutorial and practise sheet (answers also supplied).
  • Doodle – 7 a day
  • Reading


Pencil and paper:


Learn new dice skills and practise maths skills:


In the kitchen:

  • Measuring items
  • Following recipes
  • Estimating capacity and reading scales
  • Using an analogue clock to time cooking


In the garden:


Physical activities:

  • Joe Wicks workouts for children. There are pre-recorded episodes, for example: Joe Wicks is also doing live workouts for children at 9am Monday - Friday:
  • Just dance (YouTube)
  • Investigating heart rate with exercise
  • Designing a physical game



  • Music with Myleene Class -
  • What were Ancient Greek houses and buildings like? Answer this question however you like. Some examples of how you could present your findings: a poster (this could include subheadings and pictures), a drawing (you could include facts next to the drawing to tell us a bit more about you found out), a model (an example is below). We would love to see what you come up with and include some of your work in our blog next week!
  • Sewing
  • Den making
  • Model making using plasticine/stop motion animation (tutorials on YouTube)
  • Art for Kids Hub (




Ongoing Project:


  • We have learnt a lot about the Greeks over the last few weeks, but how did they influence the world? Are there things that they invented that are still happen or are still used today? This link from BBC Bitesize will help you:   Present your findings however you like.


  • Explore the stories of the Ancient Greek gods and create a comic strip about your favourite story