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What support will there be for my child's overall wellbeing?

Your child's health, safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. We know that children need to be 'ready' to learn; this involves being in an emotional place which supports rather than hinders their access to learning. We understand that many things in life can impact upon a child's 'readiness' to learn and we try to have layers of support systems in place which help our children manage themselves, understand themselves and others.


In school, we feel these approaches below support your child's wellbeing:

  • Whole class circle times are an opportunity to share and discuss social/emotional concepts and topics;
  • Bubbletime - an opportunity to request individual time with a grown-up to share something;
  • Living Values curriculum
  • Golden Promises - whole school, agreed principles to ensure a happy and safe environment;
  • Celebrations of success/achievement/perseverance/positive attitude;
  • Living Values;
  • Highly structured environment;
  • Clear expectations;
  • Play leaders in the playground;
  • Buddy systems.



Your child's wellbeing is closely observed and supported by their class teacher and teaching team, primarily. If there is an issue we will always find some time/space to have a quiet chat and offer some help. Often, this is all it takes for your child to feel heard and then able to move on.


If further and more specialist support is required we can discuss what other services may be appropriate for your child to support their wellbeing. If you feel this may be required please feel free to talk to your child's class teacher who can help direct you along an appropriate route.