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Weekly transition activities

Activity 1


Starting a new year can be exciting and a chance to achieve new things! Have a think about all the things you are looking forward to in your next school year.

Activity 2


You’ve probably already managed lots of change in your life. Have you ever moved to a new house? Have there been any changes to your family unit, such as new sibling or step-parents? Can you remember when you started primary school? How do you manage the change between a school term and holidays? Have you ever had a new teacher start during the school year?


Have a go at the activity below to help you think about changes and what you have already accomplished. 

Activity 3


This week we would like you to use the template below to create a sheet all about you to show your new teacher next year! You will also find that you new teacher and teaching assistants have also completed one so go to the 'meet your new teacher' tab to take a look! 

Activity 4


Each year you achieve many wonderful things both inside school and at home. With a grown up, think of 5 different goals that you would like to achieve during the next school year. They can be anything from learning something new at school or becoming a more confident swimmer. Your goals are personal to you. J  

Activity 5



When we start something different or new, we can sometimes feel worried or have a funny feeling in our tummies that just won’t go away. Having worries is completely normal and there are probably other children worried about the same thing. A good way to solve your worries is to talk them through with a grown up. Write down a few things that you might be worried about for your new school year and think about ways you might be able to solve them with a grown up.