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Week 5

Wow Imogen, we are so impressed by your newly learnt skills of cake baking and gardening! We are looking forward to see what fruits and vegetables you have managed to grow. We bet they all taste great!

Frankie, you have been doing so well on these PE challenges, keep up the good work!

Sophie, we are loving your PE game and your healthy meal design!

Another successful week’s work from Sophie J culminating in a wonderful set of instructions to catch a werewolf! You have worked so very hard, well done! You have also been smashing our PE challenges and math work too! 

Olly, we are all very proud of you getting an award from your drama school. Congratulations!

Lovely work from Harry this week as well. Well done for persevering and keeping your maths and literacy skills topped up. 

Glad that you have been enjoying the PE challenges, Olivia W. 
Congratulations on another successful week of work Year 4! We look forward to seeing some of you very soon and helping you to transition into year 5!