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Week 4 onwards

In our topic lessons for the next four weeks we will be focusing on two main subjects: coding (ICT) and transition.



In school we will be completing transition booklets to enable a smooth transition to secondary school. This will involve researching our new schools and identifying things we might find hard. Below we have included another transition book that you can complete at home - we will allow 1 1/2 hours for this at school and another hour at home. Please work through the booklet over the next four weeks.


In school, we will be learning how to code and create our own games. To do this, we will be using the website  Please have a look at the website and follow the tutorials. If you would like more resources or guidance on this, please do email us!

Videos to send us


We have a few projects in mind! And there are some videos that we would like you to send using the new Muscliff email address:


Please can you record the following videos and send them to us before the 1st July.


  1. With your camera on portrait, please can video your child holding a photograph of themselves from their first years in school (wearing school uniform). Their first day at school or similar would be perfect. Start with the video zoomed in on the photograph and then pull out to reveal your child today. Your child can then give a wave! (Staff did a similar baby photo video on our website, which you can refer to)


  1. Again, with your camera on portrait, please record a short (5 seconds) video of your child ‘moving.’ This could be a dab, dance move, gymnastic move – the crazier the better. For those more reserved children, a simple thumbs up or wave would be just as wonderful.


  1. Holding the camera portrait, please record your child holding a short message on a sign. Again, just a few seconds long will be enough. The message sign can say anything that has meaning to them: ‘Good bye, Muscliff,’ ‘Thank You,’ ‘I will miss you ....’


  1. For this last task, we would like your child to recall a fond memory from their time at Muscliff. Children can either write it down and take a photo of their writing (don’t forget to include your name), type it up or they can send a video of themselves saying their memory. It doesn’t have to be long. “One of my best memories was when we went to Monkey World in Year 2. This was the best trip ever and I loved the play area.”