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Week 2 - 08.06.20

Pigeon Impossible


Secret Agent Walter Beckett has a problem of pigeon sized proportions. 
When a pigeon gets trapped inside the spies briefcase all kinds of mayhem ensue.


Watch the video using the link below and then complete each of the daily activities. There are templates for all activities below should you want to print them out or draw them on paper at home. J


Monday: Watch the video and then create a comic strip or story board of the events. You can use the template at the bottom to help you.


Tuesday: In the video, Walter has to solve different missions. Can you write two more missions for Walter which are spoilt by the pigeon? Draw a picture to show what happens! You can use the document at the bottom of the page to help you. 


Wednesday: Over the next few days you will be planning and writing a persuasive argument as to why it wasn’t actually the pigeons fault. Watch the video again and then write down four reasons in the boxes, They only need to be ideas as you will be writing in full sentences and putting it all together tomorrow. They is a plan for you to use at the bottom of the page.


These videos will help you with your plan:



Thursday: Use your plan to write your persuasive argument! This video below will help you with the writing up process and there are some examples in the document below.


Friday: Doodle English and Doodle Spell