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Week 1

Lovely to see so many of you sharing your news with us. We miss you all and hope that you are able to enjoy all this sunshine at the moment.


Happy Birthday from all of us in Muscliff School to Joshua K. We hope you had a fun filled day. Great to see you are still practicing your handwriting and hope the funky chicken had a good time at your party!

Olivia W you have been very busy with the new London topic, fantastic research done so far and well done for using the White Rose Maths to keep up with your math skills. 

It’s great to hear from you Isabella what a brilliant picture you have drawn. Glad to hear that you are keeping safe and well. 

Maisie you and your sister have been so busy, well done on your wonderful art work, I’m sure it has made your postman smile. We love your Muscliff Mouse art work, and well done on being a fantastic spy! 

Jasmine what a busy bee you have been! Who knew you could make your own Mozzarella? We are very impressed in the year 4 team. It looks delicious. Your lovely picture of your dog has also made me smile. Thank you!

It looks like you have been doing lots of research Lydia, well done a wonderful map. 

100 day Doodle streak

Well done to Tom Lewis in 4KV and Alfie T in 4TF for achieving your Doodle 100 day streak! Keep up your hard worksmiley

Well done Sebastian on a very colourful picture featuring a very important message for us all! 

So many of you are becoming super spies this week, I can tell you that all answers submitted to Mrs. Wood’s pigpen cipher were in fact correct! I won’t spoil it for others who want a go! But congratulations to Amelia, Harry B, Alfie, Sebastian, Josh K and everyone else who has cracked Mrs. Wood’s special code! 


Spy credits to Harry B who has also been making his own codes and invisible ink too! We too would love to see you all again soon Harry. Harry has also set a challenge to his friends to solve. 


Don’t forget to click on the link to hear Anthony Horowitz reading his book Storm breaker. 

Alfie some interesting facts about animals I’m glad you are continuing to develop as a cub scout and learning as you go! Also, a wonderful start on the London topic work. Keep it up!

Jessica has been busy in the kitchen making healthy treats, they look absolutely delicious! Also, congratulations on your netball team’s successful year in the league. 

Annalise, I feel like I can smell that bread from the picture, mmmmm! It must be good at fueling that amazing Maths brain of yours! You are doing so well on Doodle and we are very proud of you. 

Lovely to see so many of you enjoying the new topic already. Fantastic effort being put into these at home learning projects. 


Eliza a very good picture of Big Ben. 

Great to see some of you trying the symmetry challenge. Well done Olly! A tricky challenge set by Dad but you succeeded!