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Week 1 - w/c 01.06.20

Our topic over the next few weeks will be minibeasts! You can work your way through the activities below and remember to send us pictures of your fabulous work! 


Monday - What do you already know about minibeasts? What is a minibeast? What do they know about where they live? What they eat? Any special characteristics? Create a poster using what you know already and draw pictures of any minibeast you can think of. 


Tuesday - Today you will be going on a minibeast hunt. Before you go and explore, watch this video: 

You can look around your garden or when you are out on your daily walk. Make a list of everything you spot or you can use the minibeast hunt sheet below.


Wednesday – Watch this video and then have a go at making a minibeast fact file.


Making a fact file

  • Get a piece of paper and fold it in to four quarters (ask someone to help you if needed).
  • Choose three minibeasts from the video and give each one a name.
  • Then write a sentence about each one making sure you use joining words to link ideas together.

For example

  • Sally the snail has a soft body and a hard shell because it protects her.


There is also a fact file sheet below if you would prefer to use that. 


Thursday – Watch this video again from yesterday and have a go at creating this minibeast game to test your family at home! I wonder how well they know there minibeasts!


How to make your game


Draw six big squares on a piece of paper and then cut out each square.

On one side write the name of a minibeast (you can draw it too). Then on the other side write a sentence about that minibeast. Make sure you use joining words to include more detail. For example: I can move really quickly because I have eight legs.

Once you've done six, test the people around you to see how many they can guess!


Friday - Minibeast craft – draw, paint or make a collage of your favourite minibeast. We would love to see pictures of what you create!