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w/c 8th June

From violent eruptions to spectacular lava flows, volcanoes can be found all around the world and there are many different types. But what causes one volcano to explode and another to erupt gently? How do they form and why are they found in certain places? Is it possible to work out when a volcano will erupt? Meet Museum researcher Gerallt Hughes to find out what it is like to study and explore a volcano. Suitable for ages 6+

Click on the link to the National History Museum website to listen live at 10.30, Friday 12th June.

Picture 1

Topic – Geography: Describe and understand key aspects of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Monday - What causes Earthquakes and how are they measured?

Tuesday - All about earthquakes

Thursday – How do volcanoes affect people’s lives?

Friday – Make a volcano!

Be as creative as you can with the resources you have at home. 

Alternatively, you can draw a volcano by following this Arts Hub video here: