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Visions & Values

Muscliff Ethos & Values: Our Mission Statement


Our Mission is to maximise the progress of all of our children so that they become positive, respecting, caring, competent citizens and lifelong learners.


Our aims are as described in the revised National Curriculum (2014).

Aim 1: The school offers a balanced and broadly based curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society

Aim 2: The school prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.


To achieve our aims, we will:
* Strive to provide each child with a safe and well-managed school in which they feel secure, happy and well prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await them.

* Encourage each child as an individual to appreciate their own achievements and to increase their self-esteem.


Our Vision:

  • We place achievement within the reach of all children but, sometimes, we ask them to stand on tiptoe to get there.
  • We respect parents as the first educators of their children and we affirm the importance of staff, parents, governors and the local community working in partnership to support the children as life-long global learners.
  • We value work and develop a working atmosphere enabling children and adults to apply themselves to all tasks they engage in with self-confidence and independence.
  • We nurture enthusiasm to learn and actively encourage fun, originality, imagination and a desire for knowledge.
  • We interact in a caring way, irrespective of age, gender or other divisions encouraging our children to be rights respecting ambassadors.
  • We all learn to appreciate human achievements and aspirations where healthy competition is balanced by mutual support and respect.
  • We all seek to understand the world in which we live and to cherish and care for our environment, respecting and protecting the rights of others and meeting our responsibilities as global citizens.


We strive to ensure our children will:

  • Be safe
  • Be healthy and happy
  • Enjoy learning
  • Achieve success
  • Be able to contribute to their school and society
  • Be prepared for a life in the 21st Century as considerate global citizens.



We recognise the importance of children learning key values in life. 


There are five core values at the heart of the Muscliff ethos... represented by five Muscliff Mice.  These are the house teams:


Caring                    Responsibility       Courage        Respect              Resilience


The children can earn 'VIPs' (Values Incentive Points) for their learning, approach and behaviour around school; showing good Muscliff Manners.  These are collected in a display outside the hall.  The House with the most points at the end of the term has a reward, e.g House Mufti.