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Videos to help home learning

cursive handwriting ar digraph 2

More practice with words this time. Does your name have the 'ar' digraph? Is it practised here??

cursive handwriting ar digraph 1

How is your cursive handwriting of this digraph?

cursive handwriting oa digraph 2

Now practise writing words with 'oa' digraph in them.

cursive handwriting oa digraph 1

Getting the basics right one letter at a time

cursive handwriting igh trigraph

Cursive handwriting ie digraph

Understanding the basics of a sentence

Why was I not taught this at school???

handwriting cursive z

last letter to learn! Try the z and its digraph zz.

blending our new sounds v w y

Mrs H shows you how to tackle our blending sheet sent home 3rd December

handwriting cursive y with Mrs H

Is your descender descending? Does it look different to a capital?

handwriting cursive w

You've done 'v' so let's move onto 'w'

1. Busting phonics jargon.

Do you get confused between sound buttons and digraphs, graphemes and phonemes? Let's see if this short video will help.

handwriting cursive v

Mrs H helps you here to write 'v' in cursive and see the capital version as well.

handwriting cursive 'j'

up, down, down, down and swirl it, then dot.

handwriting cursive 'l' vs capital L

Make it different to cursive 'i'.

blending ll j ck, le

Help with your homework blending sheet with Mrs H

Blending homework sheet 6th November: h b f

Need help to do your homework sheet? Here are some tips to make your child a reader.

The homework sheet is ready to be downloaded in case you are working from home/lost the sheet.

handwriting cursive 'f' vs capital F

handwriting cursive'b'

handwriting cursive 'h'

Don't make it look like 'n'!

handwriting cursive 'r' vs capital R

Have a go!

handwriting cursive 'u' with Mrs H

Is it an upside down 'n'???

handwriting cursive 'e'

Got to know your diagonal lines from your straight today!

Mrs Lumsden reads Shark in the Park

Still image for this video
Next week’s key text is Shark in the Park. Join Mrs Lumsden for the story and don’t forget to add a tick in your reading log.

How to read the same book for 4 nights

When you are given a book for home reading for 4 nights... how to keep moving the learning forward. A guide for parents and carers.

2 s a t i p n m n d g o c k ck

Next blending sheet with digraphs and a couple of more complex words to practise with.

Blending sheet 1- How to guide with Mrs H

How do you start to read with your child when they have only learnt a few sounds...

handwriting cursive ck

Now to practise joining up the 'c' and the 'k' to show it is a digraph being represented.

handwriting cursive k

handwriting cursive c

handwriting cursive o with Mrs H

If you've been practising the other cursive letters, this one will feel reasonably easy. Practice makes perfect!

handwriting cursive g

Gorgeous 'g'. Use this video to help you get better at writing cursive 'g'.

handwriting cursive d

Writing a cursive 'd' is 'delightful! Keeeeeep practising!

handwriting cursive m

Ready to move on to cursive m? Here's how.

Learning to read with a book with no words number 1

Telling a story is a part of reading. Building vocabulary is a vital source of learning. Some ideas to make it easier for you...

no word book 2

Quick video of how to exploit a book with no words then use this example with every other book!

Muscliff Mouse with Mrs Doidge

Still image for this video

handwriting cursive 'n' with Mrs H

"up, straight down, up and over a mountain, flick" Off you go! Also compare with a capital N and 'write it right' of course!

handwriting cursive i

How to write 'i' in cursive (and capital).

handwriting cursive p with Mrs H

Ready for a descender letter to write in cursive? Of course you are! Here is 'p'

handwriting cursive t

Keep going! This time practising how to accurately write cursive 't'.

handwriting cursive 'a' with Mrs H

Help at home to practise (and practise!) our handwriting- keeping it large right now, using a line and then playing 'write it right' at the end.

Writing cursive s

Watch Mrs H and a child practise writing our very first cursive letter. Note: the large piece of paper to enable large writing the encouragement to pinch n p...

Parent and carers' notes on how to help with your child's cursive handwriting

A couple of quick muscle exercises and a little advice on how to help at home with handwriting.