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Transition 2020

Transition 2020 Folder


In this folder, along with the weekly activities, you will now find a ‘Meet your Teacher’ tab. In this there is a video for you to watch and a powerpoint for you to look at so that you can meet your new teacher virtually and get to know them little bit better. 


On Friday will be uploading a Meet you Teacher sheet with some fun facts so don’t forget to take a look!

Both Rainbow Sun bubbles have now met their lovely Year 1 teacher Mrs Hannibal. They were all super excited. When talking about the visit the children made comments like...

She is very funny.

I loved her sparkly shoes.

She has a pet snail, that's slimy and cool.


The children can't wait to see Mrs Hannibal again!

Rainbow Star bubbles met Mrs Lee this week. Comments ranged from :

She's very pretty. 

Is her hair orange or red?

Why isn't she teaching her class right now?


Rainbow Moon bubble 1 met Mrs Thorne and bubble 2 met Miss Speer. Comments ranged from:

She liked my writing.

I like her smile

Her hair looked soft.


Videos /powerpoint to show you around the Y1 classrooms, cloakroom, lockers, entry and exit doors etc will be on here by end of next week (26th June).

This week (w/b 22nd June)  both bubbles will be practising September entry. This means that we will walk them to the Shillingstone Road gate, pretend to welcome them in and then walk them across the playground to their y1 classroom door where their new teacher will pretend to welcome them in (we can't mix bubbles of course so imagination and 'peering' will be the order of the day!). They will learn that in September they will go into their classroom via the back door (where you will pick up), then take their stuff to their locker and then start their morning job. Apart from the locker business (which we have seen lots of times when we used the y1 toilets at lunch time play in times gone by), this routine is the same as their rainbow one. We will have lots of staff at the Shillingstone gate for that first week in September to help support them across the playground to their right door.