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Superstars Spring 2018

Superstars 23.2.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) – Aadhiran For always being a good role model and showing excellent Muscliff Manners.

Rainbow Star (SH) – Alicia for her never-ending enthusiasm for learning. You are a wonderful addition to our Rainbows.

Rainbow Moon (NF) –Teddy for his unwavering dedication to writing his name. You have been proudly able to form the first letter for some time but this week there was no stopping you with the other letters too. We are so incredibly proud of you Teddy!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Charlie – for trying so hard to show excellent behaviour and for his fantastic writing

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Peppe is a truly delightful little boy who manages to make his teachers smile every day. He always listens and tries his best!

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Chloe for excellent reading at home – Chloe has been motivated to develop her reading skills. Well done.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Sophia for showing such enthusiasm and determination to learn her times tables and working hard to beat her score on the weekly times table challenge.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Millie for her fantastic growth mindset. She always works hard so she can get better and did some great problem solving this week using money.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Courtney for being a fabulous friend. You are friendly, caring and thoughtful and a wonderful friend to many. Thank you for always choosing to be kind.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Ellouise for having a positive and hard working attitude in all her learning. Well done Ellouise!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Aarav  For outstanding effort in all areas of his learning. Well done for making great progress.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Toby; For having a positive attitude and using my growth mindset in all the special jobs we have been doing this week!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Maisy for her enthusiasm and attention to detail in our assessments this week. It was great to see her giving her all and realising her potential.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) – Jack - for quickly learning the true values of what it takes to be a Muscliff mouse, remaining persistent to challenges in this week’s special jobs

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Ethan for showing great resilience and a growth mindset towards special jobs this week.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Poppy for her positive attitude and perseverance which has shone through in her brilliant work.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Poppy - For always being hungry to learn and use her new skills to improve her work. She is constantly caring and supporting those around her. It is a pleasure to have her in Snapdragon class!

Y5 Marigold (HD) –  Mattew for his positive attitude and endless enthusiasm for learning. He is a pleasure to teach and a valued member of the class.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Thierry for showing excellent mental dexterity during his maths, demonstrating his flexible reasoning skills to his peers and demonstrating excellent progress in his maths test scores

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Louis for his commitment to improve in all subjects this half term.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Shahram  For his outstanding progress in Numeracy, showing a fantastic growth mindset when faced with any challenging number task.




Superstars 16.3.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) –Skye For brightening every day with her sunny smile and positive attitude.

Rainbow Star (SH) – Niamh for her impressive memory in remembering the sounds we've been learning together. We love your smile Niamh when you know you have done something really well.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –Yogya for his unwavering dedication to improving his learning. You have worked so hard to write your letters in cursive and have beautiful handwriting. Well done Yogya we are so proud of you.

Y1 Iris (JC) – Ishaan for trying really hard with his learning behaviour this week. He has been a super role model for Iris Class.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Leo  - for trying really hard with his phonics and reading. He blended his sounds together, really well, to work out lots of words that he had previously said he could not read.

Y1 Tulip (LL) - Alex for fantastic behaviour this week. Well done Alex, you are a star.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Poppy for always working hard in all her learning. She is inquisitive, ambitious and resilient - a real superstar!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – William for having a great attitude to improving his handwriting. He is also standing of tip toes to check that his writing and that his spellings are correct.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Tyler for being such a friendly, caring and respectful member of Elderflower class and always choosing to be kind.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Henley for using conjunctions and prefixes to create a brilliant description of his flying machine in English this week!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Sophia; For always showing an exemplary attitude of hard work and perseverance in her learning.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Anvita: For always having a positive and conscientious approach to her learning. Anvita is a great role model and a pleasure to teach!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) – Fletcher - For a continued positive attitude towards his writing.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Alice – well done for being an all-round role model to everyone around you, you show integrity, resilience to challenge and kindness to others.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Faye for the wonderful enthusiasm she shows to all areas of her learning. She contributes thoughtfully to all our discussions and approaches challenges with determination and confidence.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Sommer for facing her fears at the swimming gala on Saturday. She showed fantastic determination, gave it 100% and was a brilliant team player. Well done Sommer!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Daisy for her considerate and kind attitude towards everyone in Snapdragon and always giving 100% in all of her learning.

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Tyler  – for his brilliant attitude to learning and for always trying his best in every task he undertakes.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Ella for showing incredible determination despite suffering a fracture in her right arm... she has been recording all her work with her left arm, with no lapse in the quality of content: inspirational!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Ralphs for his enthusiastic approach to work on his English tenses.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Luke For his positive attitude and determination to solve challenging algebraic problems.


Superstars 9.3.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) – Riya For growing her brain in maths by always being up for a challenge.

Rainbow Star (SH) – Anya for her quiet perseverance with learning, particularly in reading. You are doing really well Anya - keeeeep reading!

Rainbows Moon (NF) – Isla for her courageous and positive attitude when coming to school. It is so lovely to see you skipping in with a smile. Well done Isla!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Lexie Rae  for being a kind and considerate friend. Lexie-Rae is a brilliant role model to the class and is a pleasure to teach.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Hugo - For putting in 100% effort with his reading and writing despite finding it tricky at times. Fantastic attitude to learning Hugo!

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Vinnie – he is a complete gentleman, the office staff have commented on what a polite young chap he is this week. Vinnie, you are a joy!

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Leah is a kind and helpful member of Tea Rose class, who demonstrates great learning behaviour by listening and working hard in all lessons.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Amelia for being a superstar all day every day. Her happiness is a joy to have in class.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Sophia for always going about her learning with a big smile and huge enthusiasm! We are all delighted with the effort you are putting in to your learning-you’re a star!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Kaci for her determined attitude and for being a kind and caring friend to all!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Nancy-May For showing great perseverance in her work and welcoming each day and new challenges with her wonderful smile.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Nicolas: For having a positive and determined attitude towards my learning this week.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) – Scarlett for her increased focus in writing sessions this week. It has been great to see her taking so much pride in her work.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Mateusz - for always showing such kindness and consideration to others.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Brodie - for his ever conscientious attitude to his work and learning

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Juhi  for her fantastic team work and determination in the Tag Rugby tournament this week. She was a fantastic role model for Muscliff School!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Logan for his extremely thoughtful writing. Every week he challenges himself to find new adjectives to use in his writing to create powerful images for his reader. This week he has created a wonderful description of the Birdman's beach - packed full of alliteration, similes and personification!

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Marley for her consistent hard work and for being a brilliant role model and friend in Year 5.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Summer, for assiduous responses to feedback and exemplary presentation - her books look fantastic!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Veeresh for an earnest approach to learning.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Holly - For her positive attitude and determination to improve in reading - an absolute superstar!



Superstars 23.2.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) –Chloe For showing real determination in learning her phonic sounds. You have improved so much. We are very proud of you!

Rainbow Star (SH) –Doluchi for her friendliness towards everyone and her hard working attitude towards her learning.

Rainbow Moon (NF) – Daniel for always working so hard in all areas of his learning. You always try your best and it is a pleasure to have you in Rainbow Moon. Well done!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Effie for being a ray of sunshine in Iris Class. She is such a kind, thoughtful and hard-working child.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) - Eliya showed fantastic resilience in our Maths lesson. She worked hard and kept trying until she found the solution. Excellent growth mindset!

Y1 Tulip (LL) - Ava for working hard on her literacy target. Ava has been asking grown-ups ‘how can I make my work better?’ – Fab!

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Ivy-Mae has worked really hard this week to turn her growing greens into tickled pink. She has shown resilience and a positive attitude towards her learning. Well done Ivy-Mae!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Addi  for her continual kind and thoughtful approach towards those around her. Addi always puts others before herself.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Caitlin ‘What fabulous progress you have made with your reading! You are a brilliant word detective, show great understanding of what you have read and approach new challenges with a big smile. Keep up the good work.’

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Joel for constantly acting upon his targets which has resulted in Joel making great progress in all his work!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Dylan - For showing great determination to develop his writing skills.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Alfie -For having a determined and positive approach to his learning of money in maths this week.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Caleb for outstanding determination in both spellings and times tables. Your hard work is really paying off!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Millie - For showing true grit and determination across all areas of her learning and remaining ever positive in the face of learning challenges!

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Ella for her consistent effort and diligent attitude towards all her learning

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Naiya for her focus and determination during literacy which has produced lots of fantastic writing.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Oscar - with a smile on his face he has approached every task this week. He has shown fantastic learning behaviour and a great attitude to school!

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Isabella will always go above and beyond to challenge her growth mindset. She continually impresses me with her hard work and determination.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Eliena, for showing tremendous work ethic (including extra reading over Half Term) and maintaining progress throughout January and February in her maths - testament to her assiduity

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Sebastian due to his increased diligence and care in his learning.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Grace For being an outstanding ambassador for the school. Her determination and enthusiasm for learning makes her an absolute pleasure to teach.



Superstars 9.2.18

Rainbow Sun (HT) –Valerio for showing 'Muscliff Mouse' perseverance in his cursive writing. You can write your whole name in cursive now, well done!

Rainbow Star (SH) – Patrick for his determination and perseverance (like Monty the Muscliff Mouse) in getting his name absolutely right in perfect cursive. Well done.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –Grayson: For his perseverance and determination to write his name. It has had an amazing and positive impact and he can now write his name. We are so proud of you Grayson!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Yash for always making us smile and being a wonderful member of Iris Class.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Amelia always puts in 100%. She works hard in and out of school. Well done on some excellent writing and maths work this week

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Jacob – he has been turning his growing greens into tickled pinks by checking back over his writing. Well done Jacob.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Ava has worked really hard this week on her secret agent missions and shown a growth mindset when taking on challenges. Well done Ava, you are a superstar!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Isaac for having a super sensible, calm and mature attitude with his friends.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Phoebe for always working so hard in all areas of her learning and giving her best in all that she does. You are a fantastic learner and a brilliant friend to others.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Rhea for her determined and hard-working attitude towards all her learning.

Y3 Olive (RD) – Federico For showing admirable drive and determination and always putting 100% into his work.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Kristian; For amazing perseverance and using his growth mindest to improve his writing this week!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Savannah for her increased resilience and outstanding commitment to driving her learning forward.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Seb - For being an enthusiastic, caring and positive member of the class. You are great!

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Darcy for her incredible effort in editing and creating her own poetry

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Alicia for her fantastic determination and grit in our maths lessons. I am very proud of her hard work!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Leo for his resilience and determination when working on editing and improving in his literacy this week. He showed a great growth mindset and recognised his 'good' mistakes!

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Sienna has shown a determined and positive mindset whilst editing and improving her work this week! Well done!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Isabelle - for being an excellent role model and a brilliant Y6 ambassador approaching each new challenge with an open smile.

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Sasha for bringing a ray of sunshine to Year 6 and approaching all she does with a smile.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Ryan For his determination to improve and for being an outstanding role model in Year 6 and across the school.



Superstars 2.2.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) –Tyler - for his positive, can do attitude to school life. Keep it up Tyler!

Rainbow Star (SH) –Riley for his good learning behaviour which is getting better and better by the week. You are becoming a great reader and writer, Riley.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –Oliver : Your happy and kind personality brightens our classroom. You always try your best and have a fantastic attitude towards learning. Well done Oliver.

Y1 Iris (JC) – Michelle for being a fantastic member of Iris Class. As well as being extremely hard working, Michelle is also very kind and caring towards others

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Ava worked really hard on her writing this week. She tried her best, listened to adult’s advice and grew her brain.

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Stanley for AMAZING writing. His writing has come on leaps and bounds thanks to his determination and growth mindset.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Peter has had a great week in maths. He has shown a superb attitude towards his learning by taking risks and working hard to solve challenges.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Ali for making excellent progress in his writing. He always takes on feedback in order to improve his work :)

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Heidi for always approaching her learning with a big smile, a positive growth mindset and for always standing on tiptoes in her work and challenging herself. With a learning attitude like this you will go far! Well done!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Taylor - for his hard working and determined attitude towards English this week. Taylor has created some amazing pieces of writing that he should be proud of!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Noah -For showing perfect behaviour at all times and impressive determination to succeed in learning.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Amelia: For her determination and positive attitude towards her learning in Literacy this week, which is having an amazing impact on her learning!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Aimee for her outstanding independent writing this week. She carefully developed her ideas to include many elements of the Year 4 grammar and punctuation that we have covered in class. A very thorough job!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Adamya - for continuing to improve his writing, challenging himself to go the extra mile when uplevelling his sentences.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Harry for his hardworking attitude towards all aspects of school life and his friendly, caring nature .

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Thomas for his determination and perseverance during literacy sessions. He has produced some brilliant work and I am very proud!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Archie for showing great determination and resilience when multiplying fractions. He has shown a great growth mindset and an ‘I can’ attitude to his learning.

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Aleia - For her outstanding effort and resilience in all areas of her learning. Great work Aleia!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Alisa- for showing exceptional resilience and perseverance particularly during her reading sessions where her improved vocabulary is really paying dividends

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Louis - for super progress recently and a gruesome big write.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Chloe - For her positive mindset to any challenge thrown her way and her infectious smile makes her an absolute pleasure to teach!


Superstars 25.1.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) –Nicki For being an excellent role model, and following the golden rules so well. We are lucky to have you in Rainbow Sun!

Rainbow Star (SH) –Benjamin for being such a lovely friend to everyone he meets and plays with and for his growing resilience in every aspect of school life. Benjamin, your big smile makes our day!

Rainbows Moon (NF) –Sophie for her incredible attitude towards her reading. Sophie you have grown in confidence and are a reader! Well done.

Y1 Iris (JC) – Leila for her excellent progress in writing. She has been standing on tip toes to turn her growing greens into tickled pinks.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Samiksha– Fantastic reading. You put in 100% effort and grew your brain!

Y1 Tulip (LL) - Millie for working hard in Literacy. Millie has been positive and focused during literacy lessons.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Sanaa for working hard in literacy this week and setting a fantastic example of using feedback to improve her writing.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Jack- His fun character brightens our classroom. We are really proud of his learning attitude and cooperation this week. Well done Jack 😊

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Olivia ‘What fabulous progress you have made with your writing! Super noun phrases and high quality verbs and adverbs.... your new Hodgeheg chapter is brilliant! Well done!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Shad for standing in tiptoes to greatly improve his handwriting!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Michelle For showing great discipline in her learning by searching for new ways to challenge herself and develop her skills.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Milly- For showing integrity - Milly always looks out for others, and patiently helped another child in their learning this week.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Charlie for working hard during Reading sessions. It has been so lovely to see you engaging with texts and confidently sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) – Kianna - for showing resilience and perseverance to her learning goals and improving her ‘can do’ attitude.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Jodie for her incredible perseverance in her writing.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Tilly for her fantastic perseverance with her maths work this week and completing extra work at home! Well done Tilly!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Alisha - For having a wonderful growth mindset to her learning in literacy and being a positive, resilient member of Snapdragon class.

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Lacey has shown an amazing growth mindset in maths this week through total determination and resilience. What a superstar!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Carlie, for embracing every challenge with a smile on her face and embodying our Growth Mindset ethos

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Lacey for approaching each and every task with a smile and a willingness to use the opportunity to move forward.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Lily; For her endless enthusiasm for learning, embracing every challenge with a smile - a true Muscliff Mouse!



Superstars 19.1.18

Rainbow Sun (HT) –Riya for her amazing attitude to learning. Riya really enjoys growing her brain!

Rainbow Star (SH) –Lily for her constant enthusiasm and exuberance for learning and being at school. We love having you in R Star because you are such a star.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –George for standing on tiptoes and persevering when writing. George you have tried so hard and can now write your name. Well done!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Cate for always trying to make the right choices and being a wonderful, kind and hardworking member of Iris Class.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Austin for... amazing perseverance with his Maths. He kept trying and did not give up when it was tricky. He worked super hard to grow his brain!

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Aaliyah for always being enthusiastic about her learning and working incredibly hard to achieve her best.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Skye has shown a fantastic growth mindset this week by working hard and being resilient in all lessons.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Leo  for standing on tip toes in reading this week. He is beginning to give some really thoughtful answers to questions showing excellent understanding. What a star!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Jamie for always having a wonderful learning attitude - you always try your best, share your idea with others and persevere even when the learning is tricky. Brilliant!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – James for his hard work and amazing progress in all subjects!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Ty  For showing an admirable determination to succeed in his learning, specifically with new calculation methods in maths.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Aida For having an excellent growth mindset when solving challenging math problems this week.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Connor for standing on tiptoes and working hard to improve his handwriting this week.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Luke - for showing outstanding behaviour and standing on tiptoes to contribute effectively to class learning

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Ellie For her amazing attitude towards learning, for being incredibly supportive and understanding as well as her fun and caring nature.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Violet Eve for her determination and perseverance in all of her learning this week, giving every task a go.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Kimi  - for showing excellent resilience and a great growth mindset in maths! Well done for making great progress!

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Lacey for her growth mindset in maths and her persistence and grit towards any new challenge.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Shireena for always striving to better herself whilst encouraging others to do the same

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Sai for his devotion to progress and unwavering hard work.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Christopher -For showing great perseverance with his literacy work this week, he quickly made neuron connections and continued to develop his brilliant growth mindset.



Superstars 12.1.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) –Anabella for her enthusiasm in reading. What a reader!

Rainbow Star (SH) – Amber for her growing dedication to her learning. I like the way she is beginning to use cursive handwriting more of the time now. Keep practising Amber so you become an amazing writer.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –Frazer for his dedication to his learning. Frazer you have made such wonderful progress and we are so proud of you!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Evie for growing in confidence and perseverance which she shows every day.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Kaushal - for his perseverance and determination when reading his real and nonsense words in phonics.

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Nayan for working hard to turn his growing greens into tickled pinks!

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Charlie is a caring friend and has shown kindness this week by making sure no one is left alone at playtimes. Well done Charlie!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Jenson for making a great start to the new year. He has shown extra enthusiasm for learning both at school and at home. Keep it up!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Harry for being one of the kindest children we've ever met and for always standing on tiptoes in his work.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Lily-Paige for being such a lovely and kind friend to everyone in Bluebell and for her brilliant attitude towards learning! You're a great role model Lily-Paige!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Chloe  - For showing perseverance and determination to succeed in all her learning.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Dylan did some fantastic research for a non-fiction report in our Literacy lesson this week where he also shared ideas and worked well with his partner. Keep up the good work!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Liam  for being such a helpful and considerate member of Breakfast Club this week. He has shown respect for all the adults and has been a great role model for other children.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Ilesh - for being a wonderful member of Orlaya, showing manners and respect to all and having a growth mindset to his multiplication in maths.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Logan for greatly improved confidence in all his work especially maths

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Harriet for her consistent hard work and for being a brilliant role model in Year 5.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Emily for her resilient attitude, determination and continued focus when learning about fractions!

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Jack for his determination and resilience during our Literacy sessions, which is having an amazing impact on his learning.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Kieran for being an excellent ambassador for the school, showing brilliant manners and talking confidently to external adult visitors

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Abi for her warm smile, growth mindset and positive attitude to work.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Isabella  - For her determination, resilience and positive attitude to learning, particularly when tackling challenging maths problems. Keep this up - you are a superstar!


Friday 5th January

R Sun - Harrison K for being super helpful in the classroom and with his friends. You are delightful!

R Star - Alfie N for his imaginative and descriptive re-telling of Penguin Small. You are going to be an amazing reader and writer!

R Moon - Joe W  for being kind and considerate to his class mates. We are so lucky to have you in Rainbow Moon!