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Superstars Autumn 2017

Superstars 15.12.17 

R Star (SH): Ryan M for his caring and sharing attitude and marvellous Muscliff manners.

R Sun (BH/HT): Federico Marreu for being a writer!  YOu always rise to the challenge and show perseverance in your learning.

R Moon (NF): Williams Andrews for amazing maths work this week, You are a brilliant mathmetician. Well done!

Superstars 8.12.17


Y1 Iris (JC) – Iris Class for a fantastic performance in their Nativity. They all worked so hard and made all of the adults super proud.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Dhwani  has an excellent attitude to school and learning. She ALWAYS tries her best and stands on her tiptoes to be the best she can be. She has a fantastic growth mindset.

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Isaac  for having a fantastic week of great listening and super sitting. Isaac did a fantastic job on his spellings too.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –William for showing fantastic team working skills in the classroom and being such a kind and thoughtful friend.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Sophie  for having a fantastic growth mindset this week. She has worked extremely hard not only for herself but has also wanted to share what she knows to help others. What a superstar!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Dina “We all think that your attitude to learning is outstanding! Well done for always persevering, trying your hardest in all you do and approaching new challenges with a big smile. We are all very proud of you”

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Daisy for her positive and determined attitude towards Maths this week!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Holly - For showing a fantastic attitude towards new challenges in learning and brightening up the days with her lovely smile.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Apollo has worked very hard in English this week planning for his big write. He has used strategies in his writing to build suspense for the reader. Well done!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) – Mason for standing on tiptoes and using all of the skills we have practised during his Reading assessment this week. Super job!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Ben - For showing an outstandingly focused attitude to his special jobs this week.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Theo for his incredible smiley, happy personality and amazing attitude towards his learning.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Charlie for his outstanding attitude to learning. He is a brilliant role model to the rest of Year 5. Keep up the hard work Charlie!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Andrew - For consistent hard work and focus during literacy lessons. He always checks his spellings and improves his sentences using the skills taught in the lesson. Keep up the fantastic work!

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Tyler has shown consistent determination and resilience when facing new challenges during his swimming lessons. It was a pleasure to see how much effort Tyler has been putting in!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Eva  for her unswerving focus and commitment to excellent presentation - as well as being a brilliant friend

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Elijah for his focus in Year 6 which has resulted in great progress all round.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Sophia For her positive attitude to learning and outstanding progress this term



Superstars 1.12.17


Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Flynn for his positive attitude towards learning and for using his growth mindset to complete challenging work!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Isabel - for endless enthusiasm in her learning and always striving to do her very best.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Sofia ; For having a growth mindset and a positive attitude to all the special jobs we have been doing this week. And for always having a smile on her face!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Filippo for being kind, co-operative and sensitive towards others. You have been a real team player this week.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Courtney For brightening up the classroom each and every day with her positive attitude and kindness to others.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Alfie  for his continued hard work and amazing attitude towards learning.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Flynn for always brightening the classroom with his kind and caring nature and having a fantastic attitude to his learning.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Danny for always standing on tiptoes, challenging herself with her learning and having a fantastically positive attitude to all of her work.

Y5 Marigold (HD) –  Mattew shows fantastic effort and determination in all areas of his learning and perseveres to always give his best. Well done Mattew!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Rees for demonstrating hugely improved focus resulting in excellent progress in his recent assessments

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Rudi who has impressed us with his determination to move further forward. What a champion!

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Sonny For his tremendous determination to improve this week, showing resilience and a growth mindset in every task he undertook.


Superstars 24.11.17


R Star (SH) - Jack T for choosing to follow the school rules and is therefore much happier in school. Proud of you Jack!

R Sun (HT/BH) - Harry M for commitment to his learning. You are really growing your brain!

R Moon (NF)- Lucas for trying his best in all he does and being an excellent role model.

Y1 Iris (JC) – Riley  for putting 100% into our Nativity practices this week. He has learned his lines beautifully and has a lovely clear singing voice. He’s a fantastic performer!

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –  Lewis is trying hard to use his knowledge of sounds in his writing. Well done for persevering and trying your best Lewis!

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Emma  for working incredibly hard to learn her lines for our Year 1 nativity – well done Emma, keep it up.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Keelan has challenged himself in maths this week and shown fantastic growth mindset by working hard and being resilient. What a superstar!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Chloe for some fantastic reading detective work this week. We love how you used a dictionary to help you understand unfamiliar words!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Brooklyn has been standing on tip-toes in all areas of learning and we are all delighted with his positive growth mindset and his perseverance’

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Daisy for having a positive and determined attitude towards all of her work this week.

Y3 Olive (RD) – Rebecca - For bringing joy and enthusiasm to all her learning and being a wonderful member of Olive class.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Bryony - For having a growth mindset approach to my learning and always doing my best work. Well done!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Connor for his positive attitude towards his learning this week. It has been great to see you contributing well to class discussions and working hard to move your learning forward.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) – Sophie For facing her Literacy challenges head on this week and challenging herself to go above and beyond, well done!

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Ella for her incredible increase in her confidence

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Owen for his brilliant growth mindset in each area of his learning and for always giving his best to every piece of work. Well done Owen!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Molly - For always having a wonderful smile on her face, brightening the classroom with her kind and caring attitude and have a fabulous attitude towards all of her learning.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Bianca For her growth mindset and determination in maths. She has shown great pride in her work and will always show focus and resilience for new challenges.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Megan for striving to improve her coherent explanations in maths, both verbally in front of the class and in written from too - great growth mindset!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Aurelia for her tenacious attitude to learning.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Lewis - For his outstanding effort and resilience in Numeracy this week to solve challenging fraction problems.

Superstars 17.11.17


R Star (SH): Charlie for his positive attitude towards his learning. This week he made great progress writing number 5. Keep going Charlie!

R Moon (NF): Isabella for having a fantastic growth mindset and developing her name-writing in cursive. Well done Isabella!

R Sun (HT/BH): Abigail for persevering to write her name even when it felt tricky and long!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Thomas is a kind and hard working member of Iris Class. He always shows a positive attitude towards his learning and is not afraid to challenge himself.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Olivia is working so hard with her reading. She has gone from saying ‘I can’t’ to giving it her all. She has showed a fabulous growth mindset

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Noah– he loves to challenge himself and works incredibly hard to turn his growing greens into tickled pins! Noah you are a star!

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –William for working hard and always trying his best in every lesson.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Marley for having a great attitude towards learning this week. He takes on feedback and is able to use it to improve his work.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Esme ‘ What a maths multiplication master you are! We are so impressed with how hard you have worked to show great understanding of the 2x, 5x and 10x tables’

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Toby - for having an excellent growth mindset in English this week which enabled him to complete a great big write!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Jess-For showing perseverance and a growth mindset in developing reading inference skills. Well done Jess your hard work is paying off!

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Harry has shown a super attitude and growth mindset towards his learning this week which has had a positive impact in his maths.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Daniel for his attention to detail and thoughtful contributions to Guided Reading this week.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Charlie - for showing an outstanding growth mindset towards his spellings this week - keep up the incredible effort and be proud!

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Logan for his excellent growth mindset attitude in all his learning this week

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Barney for his fantastic growth mindset in literacy and working incredibly hard on his handwriting. Well done Barney!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Maddie She continually stands on her tiptoes and devotes her efforts to improving her understanding in maths and literacy. She demonstrates excellent learning behaviours and sets a wonderful example to those around her. It is a pleasure to have her in Snapdragon class.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Riya is consistently determined and will always show her best effort in all areas of her learning. Such a fantastic role model.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Ali for making consistently good choices, for improving his effort in reading at home and focus during reading at school and for generally setting a good example to others around him

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Sara for her positivity and the warmth she brings to Year 6. She is a model Muscliff mouse!

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Paul - For his unwavering kindness towards others - he is a true role model for children throughout the school.

Superstars 10.11.17


R Star (SH)- Leo for wanting to work so hard on learning our sounds. You'll soon be a reader Leo!

R Moon (NF) - Lily for having a fantastic attitude towards her learning and for being such an excellent role model.

R Sun (BH/HT) - William for persevering to write letters accurately in cursive.

Y1 Iris (JC) – Evan for his fantastic progress in Writing and his great attitude towards learning.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Jaiden – for trying his best with his writing this week.

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Reuben for working hard to try his best in Literacy this week. Reuben has produced some fantastic writing.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Maisie has worked very hard in maths this week and shown fantastic progress counting in 2s and 5s. Keep up the good work Maisie!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Isabella - In every lesson she puts her head down and tries her absolute best. Isabella loves a challenge and knows she that this helps to grow her brain even more!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Reuben puts 100% effort into all his learning and always stands on tip toes to challenge himself and achieve his best. What a star!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Ben for trying so hard and making brilliant progress with his handwriting!

Y3 Olive (RD) – India For showing a wonderful attitude towards all learning and embracing challenges.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Jake Having a super attitude towards his learning this week. Jake has been putting a lot of effort into his work which is having a great impact on his learning!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) – Savannah for her enthusiasm in all areas, especially in her new role as school councillor. A true Muscliff Mouse.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Sophia - for consistently challenging herself to improve her sentences when writing speech in Literacy.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Sophie for an excellent attitude to learning and a lovely role model

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Charlie for his resilent and positive attitude within every task thrown his way and for being an outstanding role model within our class. Well done Charlie!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – George - For being a fantastic role model to his peers and always showing fabulous learning behaviours. He is an outstanding member of Snapdragon class.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Isabella consistently shows resilience and determination towards her learning and always strives for her best! She is a fantastic friend and member of Marigold class.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Olivia for showing impressive focus and contributing brilliantly to class discussions, helping peers to grapple with comparing fractions by using stem sentences to great effect

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Emily for bringing a sparkle to Year 6.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Diya - For her endless enthusiasm for learning, positive attitude and for being an absolute pleasure a teach.



Superstars 3.11.17


Y1 Iris (JC) – Ralph for being a great independent learner this week. His writing in Literacy has been fantastic! What a star!

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Poppy worked really hard on her recount this week. She used her great memory and writing skills to include lots of details. Well done!

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Vinnie for an excellent attitude to learning. Vinnie has really challenged himself this week.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Olivia has shown amazing growth mindset with her learning! She has found maths quite challenging this week but instead of giving up, she has shown brilliant resilience and kept trying different strategies to solve problems. She has worked very hard and is a fantastic role model for her classmates. Well done Olivia.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Charlie for making leaps of progress learning and ordering numbers

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Riley : 'Wow Riley! We are all so impressed with how much effort you are putting into your writing. Keep it up - your writing is fabulous too read.'

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Joshua for being really determined this week and putting lots of effort into his work!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Marissa For showing a superb growth mindset in the face of maths challenges and overcoming challenges.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Kyle has been growing his brain by trying really hard in his learning this week. He likes to challenge himself in Maths and his determination is really showing!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Willow for showing real resilience when tackling worded maths problems this week. She even helped her friends to understand how to complete the bar model.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Millie For consistently taking the initiative to care for others, showing true thoughtfulness and Muscliff mouse attributes

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Hannah for always standing on tiptoes to challenge herself and seeking guidance to overcome her obstacles.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Christopher for pushing himself in our swimming session and for always having fantastic manners. It is a pleasure to have him in Oleander.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Rylee  for having showing a very courageous and positive attitude towards swimming

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Lily-May. Lily shows fantastic effort and determination in all areas of her learning and has been working hard to develop a growth mindset! Great work Lily!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Harrison for demonstrating hugely improved focus in class and a willingness to embrace challenges - a growth mindset champion in the making!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Spencer for his commitment to progress, particularly in reading. Fantastic attitude!

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Reuban For his positive attitude to learning, particularly in maths, in which he has shown perseverance to use a range of strategies to solve complex problems.



Superstars 20.10.17


Y1 Iris (JC) – Finlay for being an excellent role model in Iris Class. He always works his hardest, is an extremely kind boy and a joy to teach.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Hugo has managed to impress all the grown ups working in Year 1 this week. He has consistently put 100% effort into every piece of work he has done. Well done for growing your brain Hugo!

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Aaron for working incredibly hard at his writing this half term. Well done Aaron, we are proud of you.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Darcie is a kind and hardworking member of Tea Rose class. She always shows a positive attitude towards her learning and is not afraid to challenge herself. What a superstar!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Jessica Her effort in maths this week has been outstanding. Jessica completes the work asked of her before looking for a challenge.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Joshua 'Great learning in Literacy Josh. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas and being so imaginative with your writing. You are a budding author.’

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Charlie for challenging himself in English this week to independently create imagintive notes and sentences.

Y3 Olive (RD) – Aura For being a wonderful role model of hard work, dedication and perseverance. You always strive to be the best that you can be.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Paige For persevering with her maths this week! Paige has seen her challenges as valuable learning opportunities and has made a conscious effort to grow her brain this week.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Namo for showing remarkable dedication towards spellings this week. It is making a real difference to his writing, which is improving every day.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Elliot- for upholding true Muscliff Mouse values and taking care of his school and everyone in it.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Charlotte for her ever increasing confidence and her incredible writing skills

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Liam for his growth mindset and determination in maths. He show great pride in his work and is always willing to take on new challenges. Well done Liam!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Lydia for showing an amazing growth mindset in maths and for continually improving by asking for help

Y5 Marigold (HD) –  Ben is always taking time to deepen his learning through lots of questions and discussion. He takes care and interest in his work especially in maths. Well done Ben!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Ben for his positive attitude and his determination to do his best. Well done!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Owen  for his recent progress towards achieving his targets in English.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Ellie  For her 'perpetually' positive attitude towards learning, she is an exceptional role model to others and a pleasure to teach.



Superstars 13.10.17


Y1 Iris (JC) – Marley for showing excellent learning behaviour this week and trying extra hard in his independent activities

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Vaibhav always tries his best. He always stands on tiptoes to make sure his work reflects exactly what he has been asked to do.

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Ava for being a kind and caring friend and a behaviour role model in Tulip class, well done Ava.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Lydia  is a kind and caring member of Tea Rose class who works very hard in all areas of learning. She always offers to help her friends when needed and is very keen to take up jobs in the classroom. Well done Lydia!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Millie her continued effort to work hard. She fully deserves the success she is having in both literacy and numeracy.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Esme  'What a star! Esme has shown superb perseverance this week in Maths. She has really challenged herself and stood on tip-toes to achieve her best and we are all delighted with the effort she has shown with her learning. Keep up the hard work Esme’

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Archie  for always putting hard work into all he does and being a great friend to everyone in Bluebell class!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Lewis For showing a wonderful attitude and determination to develop reading skills.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Oliver  For having a brilliant attitude to his learning and growing his brain!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Connor  for being fantastically resilient during PE, listening carefully to instructions and achieving his goals!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Reuben  - for consistently standing on tiptoes to reach his targets in Literacy.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Darcy For an incredible attitude towards all her learning as well as an inspirational love of reading.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Pranav for his determination and positive attitude when facing challenging tasks in maths. He loves to learn and is brilliant a brilliant role model. Well done!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Reuben  for his fantastic problem solving and reasoning in maths this week!

Y5 Marigold (HD) –  Luka has worked really hard to change his mindset in reading. His effort and perseverance has really shone through. Well done.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Evie for showing great determination and commendable resilience in dealing with challenging division word problems - what a brilliant example she sets!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Maisie  for her quiet yet determined attitude to Year 6 work.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Dulton For his enthusiasm for reading and his self motivation to strive to improve in all aspects of his learning.


Superstars 6.10.17


Y1 Iris (JC) – Isla for always working hard and showing excellent perseverance in her learning

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Tyler really impressed his teachers with his fantastic reading this week. He has also really worked hard at being a great listener. Well done Tyler!

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Paloma for being a kind and considerate friend. Paloma is a superb role model to the class and a pleasure to teach.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Ojas is a thoughtful and caring member of Tea Rose class. He has lovely manners and he is a wonderful friend to his classmates, always showing consideration and kindness.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Harry  His readiness to learn is a fantastic example for others. He listens well and puts maximum effort into all he does.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Amalia Superb story writing this week Amalia. Great use of noun phrases in your writing to add detail. Well done!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Lola for amazing determination and having a growth mindset to tackle tricky addition questions in maths this week.

Y3 Olive (RD) – Poppy -For working hard in all her learning and showing real focus and a determination to succeed.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Harry - For having a positive attitude to learning and challenging himself, and for always having a big smile on his face!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Lara  for her conscientious approach to all aspects to her learning and for her infectious enthusiasm, especially in PE.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Oliver Pestridge - for being a role model of outstanding behaviour.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Jaydn - for a brilliant hardworking attitude and a wonderfully cheery personality!

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Isabelle  for her brilliant attitude towards her learning. It is a pleasure to have her in Oleander. Well done Isabelle!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Brooklyn for showing fantastic determination and resilience in his literacy learning this week.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Jacob consistently shows grit and determination in any task he is given particularly when he did the cross country challenge he faced this week.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Izzy for being a ray of sunshine every morning, embracing challenges with vigour and learning with vivacity.

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Sam for his recent commitment to improving his reading. What dedication!

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Josh For his enthusiasm for reading and positive attitude to learning. A pleasure to teach.



Superstars 29.9.17

Y1 Iris (JC) – Theo for being a ray of sunshine in Iris Class. Theo is such a kind, thoughtful and hard-working little boy.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Masah has worked really hard in Maths this week. She has listened carefully and tried hard in order to grow her brain.

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Amelia for being a delightful member of Tulip class. Amelia has an infectious positive attitude and a clear love of learning.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Oscar has shown a fantastic attitude towards his learning this week. He has worked hard in maths showing brilliant persistence and really impressed me with his writing in literacy. Keep up the good work Oscar!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Alfie for standing on tiptoes in his writing. He magpies ideas to make his writing the best it can be :)

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) - Sam has tried particularly hard in Maths this week where he has completed the rapid grasper tasks and has really challenged himself. Keep up the good work!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Karlos for his positive attitude and determination this week when using the column method for addition.

Y3 Olive (RD) – Rio For showing perseverance in maths learning and making brilliant progress.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Molly has had a brilliant growth mindset this week, and has persevered with her learning even when it is challenging. She also wrote a super diary entry in our topic lesson!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Tia for showing great perseverance with a tricky Maths objective this week. Not only did she keep working at it until she understood, but then she went on to encourage others who were also finding it difficult. Well done Tia for your amazing growth mindset.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Mateusz - For applying himself to the best of his ability in every area of learning this week.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Molly  for an incredible attitude towards her learning as well as an infectious attitude towards reading

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Lewis for his great growth mindset which is having an amazing impact on his learning. Keep it up Lewis!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Jasmine for always showing excellent learning behaviour and being a wonderful role model to her peers.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Adam has worked really hard to change his mindset. His effort has really shown through his fantastic contributions and literacy work! Well done Adam.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Kieran for showing a wonderful growth mindset when considering the impact of our news on other parts of the world.

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Ciaran for his quiet determination to improve. Fantastic attitude to learning!

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Ella  - For using her growth mindset and initiative to continue to develop her learning in and outside of lessons! You are an absolute pleasure to teach!



Superstars 22.9.17


Y1 Iris (JC) – Princess for excellent perseverance in Maths

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –William tried really hard with his Maths and did not give up. He listened carefully to his instructions and impressed the grown ups in Year 1.

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Harvey  – for being an exceptional role model to the class – he is helpful, kind and has a fantastic attitude to learning.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Megan is a kind and helpful member of the Tea Rose class. She works really hard in all areas of learning and always does her best. Well done Megan.

Y2 Orchid (KF) –Ollie for continually showing enthusiasm for learning and always trying his best.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Dylan has been marvellous in Maths this week. He can now show different ways to partition a 2 digit number and can write the matching number sentence. We are all delighted with how hard Dylan has worked to grasp this confidently. A brilliant week Dylan.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Kylie  for standing on tip toes during maths this week. You are such a hard worker Kylie.

Y3 Olive (RD) – William For showing a Growth Mindset and taking on new challenges in English lessons.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Taryn For amazing effort and perseverance this week in her Maths work, even when faced with a challenging problem.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Ashley for showing great determination towards his independent writing this week. He took extra care to make sure he had recorded all of his wonderful ideas.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Thomas  - For outshining himself in his Big Write challenge

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Lily  for her incredible effort and perseverance during her maths challenges.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Travis for his determination and resilience during our Literacy sessions. Keep up the positive mindset Travis!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Ellie for having a smile on her face every morning and having a fabulous attitude to her learning.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Alex  shows fantastic effort and determination in all areas of his learning and perseveres to always give his best. Well done Alex!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Amelia for her positive learning behaviour and attitude in English - she wants to improve!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Abi  for having such a positive attitude to learning and seeking help to improve.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Megan For her fantastic approach to Year 6 - always using her growth mindset and initiative to continue to develop her learning!



Superstars 15.9.17

Y1 Iris (JC) –  Amy has made me so proud this week with her fantastic work in Literacy. She showed great perseverance and produced an excellent piece of writing

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Maja  She worked really hard on her writing yesterday. Listening to the adult to make sure her sentence could be the best it could be. She kept trying and improved it when guided

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Zoe for being a determined and motivated learner – well done Zoe.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Charlie has worked very hard in Maths this week demonstrating a positive attitude towards his learning and resilience when faced with challenges. Well done Charlie! Keep up the good work.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Eliza for being such a caring and helpful member of our class, always looking out for others.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Jasmin has shown superb resilience this week. When partitioning numbers she has tried to find as many ways possible and kept on going even when it got tricky. Good job Jasmin!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Max - for always having a positive attitude towards his learning and not being afraid to stand on tip toes to complete challenging tasks.

Y3 Olive (RD) – Isla For showing a growth mindset and taking on new challenges in Maths learning.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Isla - For having a growth mindset and challenging herself in maths this week.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Faye who showed a super growth mindset by challenging herself in PE this week. She not only did what was asked but thought about what more she could do and gave it a go!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Jack - For being an outstanding role model of behaviour, not just to the class, but the whole school.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Ellie  for being an being such a happy, hardworking member of the class and an incredibly supportive learning partner.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Lewis for his positive mindset in our Literacy lessons which has helped him to produce some fantastic writing! Keep it up Lewis.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Daisy for showing fantastic resilience and great determination to challenge herself across all of their learning.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Madison will always go the extra mile to ensure other people's happiness. She was also a fantastic team player in PE this week!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Gary  for settling brilliantly into Y6 and has followed instructions well.

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Charlie for his optimistic attitude and growth mindset approach to learning.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Megan - For her fantastic attitude towards all her learning and her resilience shown to any task.




Superstars 8.9.17


Y1 Iris (JC) – Emily for a fantastic start to Year 1. She has come into the classroom each day with a lovely smile, ready to learn

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH)  -Rory - we were so impressed with his fantastic attitude in Art. Despite finding the painting rather tricky he persevered and put 100% effort into the task. We were really pleased with how hard he worked and how he did not give up when it was tough.

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Peter for determination and focus during our ‘Let’s Learn’ sessions. Well done Peter.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Lennie has had a fantastic start to Year 2! He showed brilliant perseverance in Exciting Writing and wrote a fantastic recount of his summer holiday. Well done Lennie!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Caleb for the calm and settled way he has started Year 2. What a star!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP)  - Annalise has had a super start back at school. She has shown superb effort in all her learning and has been particularly brilliant at reading at home and sharing what she has been reading. Keep up the great work Annalise.


Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Zidan - for consistently showing good listening skills throughout all lessons. You have made a great start to year 3 Zidan!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Nathan For setting a fantastic example for behaviour and hard work at the start of Year 3.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Leon has come into Year 3 and his new school with a really positive mindset and is settling in well.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Owen for a brilliantly positive attitude towards his learning - a wonderful start to the year!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Courtney - For showing an exemplary growth mindset towards her Gangsta Granny creative writing, continuing to follow guidance and taking initiative with the crime scene investigation.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Dillon for a great start to year 4 with his brilliantly descriptive writing.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Jessica  I am really proud of how well she has settled into Muscliff School and I was very impressed with her growth mindset during our first Maths session. Well done Jessica!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Connor  for having a great growth mindset and positive attitude towards work

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Brooke has risen to every new challenge this week and has shown a fantastic growth mindset. Well done!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Amelia for displaying a fantastic attitude to learning, embodying a growth mindset and solving a tricky place value challenge on her very first day in Y6!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Angel for her positive growth mindset and wonderful smile.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Liam For his resilience and determination towards our challenges numeracy problems this week, he is already an amazing role model for anyone aspiring to have growth mindset. What a brilliant start to Year 6!