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Summer 2021

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 14/05/2021 


Rec RSH - Ava - for her perfect politeness to all adults, her beautifully neat cursive handwriting and her kindness to others.  

Rec RFH - Zehra - for your mature and positive attitude to your learning, your increased fluency in reading and your sunny disposition. You are a joy to have in Rainbow Sun. Well done! 

Rec RAL - Lucas - for your brilliant independent writing this week. You have challenged yourself and worked hard - we are so proud of your writing. 


Y1  1LL - Aneira - for some super writing this week. Aneira has gone over and above to complete her best BIG WRITE yet! We are so proud of you. 

Y1  1LV - Leah - for her AMAZING independent writing this week.  Her progress this term has been fantastic. 

Y1  1TR - Lilly - for her can do attitude, smiles and positivity! We've been really impressed with all of your hard work, especially in phonics. 


Y2  2HP - Glenn - for really pushing himself to be the best that he can be!  You are ready to learn, try your best and your writing this week has been outstanding! 

Y2  2EW - Reuben - for showing so much passion and effort towards all of his writing. His descriptions are fantastic and he is showing great improvements in his handwriting! Keep it up superstar! 

Y2  2LS - Leon - for being a joy in the classroom. His smile is infectious and he always tries his best!   


Y3  3JC - Anya - for brightening the classroom with her infectious smile and for always trying hard to be ready, respectful and safe! Well done, Anya!  

Y3  3HR - Riley - for having a big heart and always looking out for his friends. Riley continues to blow us away with his brilliant focus and determination towards his learning. 

 Y3  3LC - Millie - for being a superstar learner and for always showing kindness to others.  Millie gives everything 100% and is wonderful role model in 3LC. 


Y4  4KV - Amelia - for showing excellent perseverance within maths this week. Not only that, she was also a superb basketball captain in PE. Well done, Amelia! 

Y4  4AE - Pedro - for showing amazing perseverance this week in maths! I am so proud of him! 

Y4  4KS - Paloma - for listening carefully when we learned about using apostrophes and she applied this accurately to her work. She is always ready to learn and is happy and helpful around the classroom. Well done, Paloma! 


Y5  5RD - Peter - for putting in the extra effort with handwriting to bring his excellent ideas to life. 

Y5  5BP - Daisy-Mae - for the brilliant listening and effort she puts into every lesson. She is a delight to teach and her smile lights up the classroom! 

Y5  5EC - Leah - for always being ready to learn and having some fantastic ideas in our maths investigations this week. 



Y6  6AP - Michelle - for taking on new challenges and pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. Always believe in yourself Michelle. 

Y6  6KF - Dylan - for having a really positive week. He has worked hard, taken turns and shown good manners.  

Y6  6DP - Esme - for her increased confidence and participation in so many aspects of learning. 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 07/05/2021 


Rec RSH - Jemre - for her kind smile and her hard-working attitude. Keep being determined Jemre! 

Rec RFH - Joseph - for your increased confidence in reading and writing this week. You have a positive attitude to your learning and you're always willing to 'give it a go'. Well done, Joey. You are a superstar! 

Rec RAL - Jacob - for being a ray of sunshine in our classroom and showing kindness to everyone around him. 


Y1  1LL - Macy - for being a ready and respectful member of the class. Macy is always ready to learn and is a delight to teach. 

Y1  1LV - Teddy - for always trying hard with his learning but especially for using some amazing adjectives in his writing this week. 

Y1  1TR - Inez - for her wonderful retelling of the Gruffalo. Well done, Inez! 


Y2  2HP - Pratheeksha - for her excellent learning attitude.  You are creative, motivated, independent and not afraid to challenge yourself and this makes you a great learner.  We are so lucky to have you in 2HP. 

Y2  2EW - Dominic - for always showing great passion and dedication to his learning and striving to achieve every challenge! You are a super star! 

Y2  2LS - Max - for his focus during maths and English this week. He has definitely been trying his best! 


Y3  3JC - Tyler - for fantastic efforts in all of his learning this week. He has been standing on tiptoes to tackle challenges and reach his goals. 

Y3  3HR - Ralph - for always showing a great mindset in class and never giving up. I have been so proud with Ralph's determination to improve his reading. Keep it up superstar! 

Y3  3LC - Sara - for being a hardworking and caring member of 3LC who gives everything 100%.  Sara has amazing Muscliff manners and is an absolute superstar!   


Y4  4KV - Charlie - for Charlie’s smile, which lights up the room each morning. His dedication towards his learning has been outstanding and he has created some fantastic writing based on our key text 'Stormbreaker'. Well done, Charlie! 

Y4  4AE - Masah - for always having a positive and determined attitude. Masah works hard in everything she does and is making great progress in her learning! Well done! 

Y4  4KS - Evan - for great resilience in solving maths problems and being a good friend. 


Y5  5RD - Gautam - for your wonderful manners and focused work ethic. Keep up the great work, Gautam. 

Y5  5BP - Dina - for her wonderful letter she wrote in English this week. She used parenthesis, semi-colons and formal language which made her writing extremely persuasive and interesting to read. Well done, Dina! 

Y5  5EC - Jack - for always being ready to learn in lessons, having a fantastic attitude to learning and being a brilliant role model for the school.  


Y6  6AP - Lincoln - for his increased contributions to class discussions. We highly value your voice, Lincoln.  

Y6  6KF - Apollo - for his happiness and positivity in class, which make him a joy to teach. 

Y6  6DP - Martina - for the kindness she has shown during her group work, as well as in her every day manner to everyone she meets. What a wonderful person you are Martina! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 30/04/2021 


Rec RSH - Isabelle - for showing all her class mates kindness this week. We love your helpfulness Isabelle, and we love your kind and friendly actions and words even more! Be proud! 

Rec RFH - Mia - for being such a considerate and caring member of Rainbow Sun. Your smile brightens the room, and you are a friend to everyone. Well done for always showing kindness to others and making the right choices! You are a star! 

Rec RAL - Alice - for showing great learning behaviour and super six sitting on the carpet. You have been ready to learn and keen to challenge yourself, particularly with your writing this week. 


Y1  1LL - Ava - for her hard work and determination in English. Ava is becoming a master at using her sound buttons and uses helpful strategies to succeed.   

Y1  1LV - Milli Mae - for writing some fantastic sentences for her Bean Diary this week. 

Y1  1TR - Ayana - for being a star in class and for always trying her best. 


Y2  2HP - Jack - for being such a kind, polite and caring friend to all.  You brighten up everyone's day with your glorious smile and thoughtfulness.  Thank you for being you! 

Y2  2EW - Theo - for his resilience and positivity towards his learning. He is a wonderful friend to all in 2EW and a pleasure to teach! 

Y2  2LS - Rory - for absolutely wowing us with his writing these last couple of weeks. His hard work and determination have definitely paid off!  


Y3  3JC - Aris - for his wonderful creativity in Literacy this week. Aris has been thinking carefully about his choice of vocabulary in order to make his narrative engaging for his reader. Super work Aris. 

Y3  3HR - William - for his admirable Muscliff Manners and the commitment he puts into his learning, William consistently shows excellent focus and effort in all areas. 

Y3  3LC - Max - for being a kind, polite member of 3LC who makes us smile every day.  Max is always ready to learn and a wonderful role model to others.   

Y4  4KV - Finlay - for being a superstar in literacy this week. His enthusiasm towards our new text ‘Stormbreaker’ is inspiring. Not only that, he has worked extremely hard to up-level his verbs. Well done, Finlay! 

Y4  4AE- Poppi - for always being ready to learn. Poppi always works hard and doesn't give up when faced with a challenge! I am so proud of her perseverance this week 🙂 

Y4  4KS - Effie - for working hard on money problems this week and showing great resilience. She has shown curiosity during guided reading and this has enabled her to build on her inference skills. Well done, Effie! 


Y5  5RD - Leo - for his amazing progress with reading and English and confident reading aloud in front of a group.  

Y5  5BP - Sanaa - for being so positive and hard-working during lessons this week. You have produced some great work and should be very proud of yourself, Sanaa 🙂 

Y5  5EC - Florence - for working hard on her maths work this week on reflections and being a fantastic role model, always kind and aspirational. 


Y6  6AP - Evie - for bouncing back and always giving it her best. 

Y6  6KF - Louie - for REALLY impressing your teachers with your learning this week - fantastic ideas for writing and excellent problem solving in maths. Go you! 

Y6  6DP - Marissa - for the outstanding manner in which she has approached her own self-improvement this year. I am really impressed with her perseverance and problem solving! Well done, Marissa! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 23/04/2021 


Rec RSH - Rhys - for his genuine kindness towards his friends and sister. We love having you in Rainbow Star, Rhys. 
Rec RFH - Olivia - for being such a kind, considerate and helpful member of Rainbow Sun. You are everybody’s friend and a delight to teach. Well done! 

Rec RAL - Snow - for being a super role model in class by being ready to learn and showing super six listening. Snow has also tried her very best with her sentence writing this week. Well done! 


Y1  1LL - Scarlett - for always being ready to learn! She has a fantastic approach to learning and always strives to do her very best...well done, Scarlett! 

Y1  1LV - Leon - for trying really hard with his listening and for fantastic sequencing of the story of Jasper's Beanstalk. 

Y1  1TR - Reef - for a fantastic start to the term. You have bounced into school with a new enthusiasm for learning and a huge smile too! We are very proud of you! 


Y2  2HP - Quinn - for his wonderful Jack and the Beanstalk postcard - your super noun phrases, careful cursive handwriting and accurate spelling make this a joy to read and make me want to visit the Giant in the castle! Well done! 

Y2  2EW - Beth - for being a fabulous role model and always upholding our Muscliff values. It is a joy to have her in 2EW. 

Y2  2LS - Lauren - for coming back to school with such a brilliant attitude towards her learning. Her hand is always one of the first to shoot up, even when she isn't completely sure that she knows the answer. I love how she just gives it a go. 


Y3  3JC - Lilly - for her kind and caring nature. Lilly is a lovely friend to everyone in the class and we are so very lucky to have her in 3JC. 

Y3  3HR - Tommy - for his incredible descriptive writing about a pair of teleporting boots. He carefully collated his ideas and wrote very persuasively. Great job Tommy! 

 Y3  3LC - Teddy - for being a superstar learner, who is keen to do his best and work hard.  Teddy gives everything 100% and should be very proud of the progress he is making. 


Y4  4KV - Milad - for being delightful and well mannered. Milad is a joy to teach and always works to the best of his ability.  
Y4  4AE - Bella - for wowing me with her writing this week by using some powerful verbs and adverbials. Bella has had a fantastic first week back and is always polite and kind to everyone! We are lucky to have her! 

Y4  4KS - Millie - for having a super attitude towards school this week, coming into the classroom each morning with a smile. She worked well with her partner in PE and showed resilience with her throwing and catching skills. Well done, Millie! 


Y5  5RD - Chloe - for her excellent attitude and effort in swimming. 

Y5  5BP - Daniel - for coming back to school with a brilliant attitude to learning - he's been working so hard and has consistently been focused and ready to learn. 
Y5  5EC - Amelia - for coming back to school with a positive attitude to her learning, working super hard in all her lessons and being a fantastic role model to the class. 


Y6  6AP - Michaela - for consistently giving every task her all and for being an excellent example of a Muscliff pupil. It is an absolute pleasure to teach Michaela and we can't wait to hear about all she achieves. 

Toby - for his fantastic literacy work this week. We are so proud of you Toby - you can do it! 

Y6  6KF- Mia - for always having a positive outlook and an 'I can' attitude. We have loved watching your confidence grow over recent years and are very proud of you!  

Y6  6DP - Bryony - for her wonderful attitude to learning, and for showing determination to overcome barriers. You have really impressed me Bryony - keep going!