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Summer 2 Learning from Home

Working from home – Summer 2

Hello to all our Year 4s and families! We hope you are all well and have had a lovely rest in half term. During this half term, we will be providing more structured lessons to be completed at home. We will upload weekly plans with any resources and links  that are needed as well as guidance and tips to help. We have provided ideas for resources to use but this is not an extensive list... feel free to be as creative as you can/want to be!


Please continue to use the following email address to share anything you have done with us, we love seeing it!




Daily reading could include reading for pleasure to yourself or out loud to someone at home or a comprehension task from the CGP booklet collected from school. Some authors are reading their books online for children to listen to. Check out some of the links to these here...




English sessions are provided on the timetable and, where possible, should be completed in order. In addition, you could also look at some other online lessons. 


You can also check out some extra for expert tasks on our tab page!





Please be aware the password for White Rose Maths has changed due to someone accidentally changing it, this may have been why some people were having trouble accessing worksheets today. It has now been reset to the below details! 


Planned weekly maths links to White Rose Maths.

Password: MuscliffMaths1626


You can also use your Maths: No Problem! and CGP workbooks from school. Other online lessons you be found on the following sites:


There are guides here to go along with you Maths: No Problem! books from school


password: March2020mnp



Further details of Topic lessons are provided under each weekly timetable. Additional resources can be found at

For a free month’s membership, enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS



Doodle daily to keep in the green zone! This should at least 40 stars a week over 7 days in each Doodle Maths, Doodle English and Doodle Spell. Children who achieve this are celebrated by their names appearing on the Top Doodler leader post on the website. Complete your doodle extras weekly!



Finally, please remember the value of daily physical activity, not just for a healthy body but a healthy mind also. This could be a kick about in the garden, a walk round the block or further afield, a Joe Wicks workout, a bike ride, creating your own circuit workout or anything else that gets the heart rate going!