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Summer 2 home learning

Wow! What an amazing first day back with Year 2 Keyworker children! We are so proud of the way they came into school and settled so quickly. All children were very sensible about our new way of being at school and we had a really lovely day smiley 


A big well done to you all! heart

Hello! Our Summer 2 Literacy focus topic is 'Africa' with a focus on Tinga Tinga Tales and non fiction writing about African animals. In topic time we will have a science focus and explore animals and their young. 


We hope you enjoy our new topic!


Year 2 Team

Working from home – Summer 2


Welcome back Year 2! As we begin Summer 2, and some children in Yr R, 1 and 6 begin a phased return back to school, we have created a more comprehensive program of activities for children and parents to optionally complete together at home. The weekly timetable will include all of the lessons your child would typically cover over the school week. We understand that home-schooling can be very challenging, especially with some parents juggling working from home and childcare, and therefore we encourage you to adapt this timetable to your home situation and use it as guidance for activities that you could do at home with your child.


We have provided resources needed to complete these activities and links to websites or Youtube videos which will support the lesson; in these instances we recommend that children are supervised accessing the internet. 



We are encouraging children to read daily at home, either to themselves or with an adult. Exploring different types of texts is recommended, and spending time reading poems, stories, non-fiction texts, leaflets etc will really support your child as they develop both their reading fluency and comprehension skills. On our class page you will find a list of recommended year 2 reads. There are many websites offering access to reading materials online; if you find that you are running low on reading books at home, there is a great website called ‘Oxford Owl’, where you can select the free sign up option which will allow you access to a range of ebooks. These books are very similar to those the children read in school, and have examples of activities that can be completed with each book.

In our weekly resources, we have added some guided reading questions, which can be used when discussing your child’s book with them, either after they have read to you or you have read to them.



Our English lessons are planned around a similar theme and tend to lead towards the children writing a larger piece of writing. You may wish to pick and choose which sessions suit your child and intersperse activities from other online sites to support their learning.  In addition (or as a lighter alternative), children could complete a 10-minute workout from the CGP booklet collected from school.



Other recommended resources that can support with maths teaching at home are: White Rose Maths, BBC Bitesize, National Oak Academy and Maths: No Problem! and CGP workbooks from school.

Password: MuscliffMaths1627


password: March2020mnp



For any additional resources, you can explore

For a free month’s membership, enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS



We encourage children to achieve 40 stars each week on Doodle Maths, Doodle English and Doodle Spell. If you want to quiz your child, we have also uploaded our Summer 2 spellings onto the class page. Alongside Doodle, we also recommend children give Times Table Rock Stars a go, focusing on their 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables.



We have included our daily SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons on our weekly timetable. They are often a short 10-15 minute session focused on key year 2 skills, such as spelling using syllables and phonics, identifying homophones and using punctuation marks accurately. We have given a brief description of each activity underneath and some suggestions about how you can extend your child’s learning at home.


PE/Healthy Hearts and Minds

Understanding the importance of both emotional and physical well-being, we have suggested a few ways that you could enjoy the outdoors and focus on physical health or some activities that can be completed in and around your home to support your child’s emotional well-being.


We love seeing how the children are getting on and hearing from you at home. Please continue to share how you are getting on, your children’s work and highlights from life at home, as well as any other questions you have, to our year2stayintouch email.


Stay safe,


The Year 2 Team J