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Stay in touch emails

From Ella

Ella had a great week baking learning to ride with out her stabilisers and Doodle maths challenge. She has loved learning all about shapes.


Hello Ella and family. 

You have been such a busy girl Ella. We have loved looking at your photos and seeing what you have been doing. We are so proud of all your hard work at home. I am very impressed with your Doodle Maths! 184 stars, making you Rainbow Star's current Top Doodler. Fantastic work! Excellent to hear you have been learning to ride without stabilisers, that's a tricky skill to master. I look forward to hearing what else you get up to Ella. 

Take care all of you

Mrs Chapman and the Rainbow Gang


P.S those cakes look super delicious!  

From Bailey


Bailey is really enjoying the topic work.

He is interviewing his Nanny and Grampy over the phone tomorrow. So questions and answers to follow. 

Bailey wants to be a gardener and has compiled a list of tools he may need for his business. He wants to design his own tshirt. So we are planning on that this next week. Bailey is missing everyone at school and loves seeing you all on the class pages and your names on Doodles


This is wonderful Bailey! You're going to make an excellent gardener!

From Eli


Hi Mrs Harrison


I hope all is well with you and at the school. 


I was just wanting to ask a question about DoodleMaths. It is getting a bit challenging for Eli now and I was wondering if there was a way to slow down the learning and giving more chance for practice before having to do a ‘new this week’? He is working at an average of 5.5 years which is above his age, I do appreciate a lot of children in his class have already reached this age. He is doing so well but getting a bit frustrated with number patterns counting down and subtracting. 


Any advice welcome?! I have a huge respect for all of you teachers even more now! 


Eli is doing so well with his reading and we are writing a daily diary. He has been colouring by numbers and the worksheets you supplied have been a brilliant help, thank you. 


Eli is really missing school now and all his friends. 


Stay safe, stay well. 


Many thanks. 

Jackie Sayer


Hi Eli and Mummy

Lovely to hear from you. It sounds as if you are doing a great job in these difficult times.

Doodle: I can 'recalibrate' which takes him back to the beginning but he will feel as if he's racing through again which might keep up motivation. 5.5 years is an indication that he is working at y1 level so allow him to get it wrong and that will slow him down. I will add some extras on later which will keep everyone busy but not too far ahead. 

Can I just say how much I appreciate your comment about teachers?  Thank you. We do work hard but it is the best job in the world!

Keep checking out this home learning page for ideas and Tapestry as well. Some new videos coming your way today!


Stay safe and well both of you.

Mrs H and the Rainbow Gang


From Milli-Mae:


Hello Mrs Chapman and Mrs Watson,
> I hope you are both well and keeping safe.  Milli Mar is really missing you both and her little friends.  She has been keeping in contact with a few of her friends via FaceTime so that’s keeping her going.  We have been doing lots of craft activities and I have even allowed them to have play doh in the house!!  Milli Mae has also been doing lots of reading,  she is really enthusiastic when reading and has gotten a lot better.  She has also been writing lots of cards to family and friends.  This has really improved her writing skills.  Milli Mae can’t wait to hear from you.
> Kind regards
> Verity and Milli Mae xx


Hello Milli Mae and Mummy

It is so lovely to hear from you, Mrs Watson and I are missing you so much. You are doing so many fabulous things at home and I am so happy to hear that you are keeping up with your reading, writing and Maths. I bet you are making fantastic progress.  It's lovely that you are finding time for some lovely play activities and arts and crafts too. I would love to see some of your play doh creations! 

Take care 

Mrs Chapman

From Katia:


Hello Mrs Chapman,


Just a little update from Katia. She is doing well and coping with isolation pretty well. But she is missing her school, friends and teachers. It is amazing how easily children adapt though! 

Katia does a lot of doodle, she enjoys reading reception level books and playing educational games. She also does Carol Voldermans MathsFactor and we are working through a comprehension book for her level. Her biggest achievement is learning to ride a bicycle without stabilisers! She enjoys riding her bike every day. The only thing she is lacking motivation is writing. It is difficult to encourage her to practice writing, we tried many tricks. 


Hello Katia and Mummy

Thank you so much for sharing the lovely pictures and fantastic video of Katia riding her bike. What a super star! It is a strange time but I am so glad to hear that Katia is coping well and enjoying her learning and play at home. It looks as though you are doing so many fantastic things. I will be in touch soon about the writing.

Take care 

Mrs Chapman

From Amira:


Good morning

Amira has been very busy this week working on the "Jobs" topic!

We have talked about the job she would like to do when she's grown up which is an Ice cream van driver so she can eat ice cream whenever she likes😆🍦


The next plan is to make a model ice cream truck from old rubbish 🛺


Yesterday we made a list of all the jobs she could think of and what those people do. 


Today we have worked on some part part whole maths questions and she did very well


She's missing everyone so much and says hello to Mrs Chapman and Mrs Watson❤

Hello Amira

You have been a very busy bee. It sounds like you are enjoying our new topic. An ice cream van driver would be a fantastic job! I don't think I would be able to resist eating the ice cream. I am so proud of you for keeping up with your learning at home, your writing is looking fabulous. I would love to see a picture of your ice cream van once you have made it. Mrs Watson and I are missing you very much.

Take care 

Mrs Chapman


From Toshi

Hello Mrs. Harrison, 

Hope you are all doing good. Toshika is having a good quality time at home. She is doing very well in studies I'm feeling she is bit more responsible these days. In maths she is doing her double digits addition. As the sun helps us to do lot more outdoor activities in the garden. She miss the school and her friends a lot. Hope to see you all soon.




How lovely to hear how well you're doing with your addition at home Toshi! Well done and keep up the good work!

We miss her and all the children lots too. Take care and hope to see you soon. 

The Rainbow Gang