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Stay in touch!

Sunday 28th June


Hi Year 3,


It is so lovely to hear how you are still keeping yourself so busy with the tasks we are setting you.


We have been counting down the days until we get to see you all again! 1 more sleep!


Could we please ask that you come equipped to school with a carrier bag so that you can take all your books home and empty your trays.


This week’s fantastic news:


Thank you Ava, for sharing your fantastic Viking Longship with us. You included so much detail and easy-to-follow labels. I loved reading what you are looking forward to in Year 4, how exciting!

We were so excited to see Milad’s new hobby. He has been adapting and improving homes for ants in his garden. What lucky insects you have!

Lexie and her sister have created Viking Longship masterpieces this week. We were so impressed.

It has been lovely to say hello to Emily, whilst she drops her sister to school. Thank you for sharing all your hard work with us. You are doing so well. Another amazingly detailed Longship which you should be proud of.

A massive well done to Aaron for his consistent hard work on his times tables over the last few weeks.


It was so lovely to receive Charlie’s (3HR) noise collector poem this week. You have used a variety of verbs to create a really engaging peom.


We can not wait to see you all again and are so excited to welcome you back to your final days in Year 3.


Keep up the amazing work Year 3.

The Year 3 Team 

Top Doodlers: 


3HR: Yash, Thomas, Zoe, Amy, Charlie, Henry. Paloma, Kai, Emily, Isla

3AE: Vaibhav, William, Evie, Masah. Eliyah, Yara, Dhwani, Emily, Hugo

3LC: Charlie, Isaac, Milad, Charlie St, Riley, Giuseppe, Grace, Charlie Sa, Leila



3HR: Yash, Thomas, Zoe, Ellis, Poppy, Paloma, Isla, Henry, Amy

3AE: Vaibhav, William, Masah, Dhwani, Emily, Evie, Yara

3LC: Charlie F, Isaac, Milad, Charlie St, Leila, Ava, Giuseppe, Charlie Sa, Grace, Riley, Keegan

Thursday 18th June 



3AE: Vaibhav, Evie, Masah, Nrupadh, Tyler, William, Yara, Dhwani, Riley, Emily, Eliya, Hugo, Aaliyah, Bella

3HR: Yash, Cate, Thomas, Zoe, Kai, Paloma, Ellis, Henry, Isla, Emily, Ralph, Charlie

3LC: Charlie F, Milad, Isaac, Giuseppe, Grace, Charlie St, Keegan, Ava R, Brandon, Leila, Kayden



3AE: Vaibhav, Masah, Hugo, Evie, William, Yara, Dhwani, Emily, Aaliyah, Bella, Tyler

3HR: Cate, Yash, Thomas, Zoe, Paloma, Ellis, Kai, Ralph, Emily, Henry, Charlie, Isla

3LC: Charlie, Milad, Isaac, Giuseppe, Charlie, Grace, Ava R, Brandon, Keegan, Leila

Friday 12th June

Top Doodlers



3LC Charlie F, Milad, Isaac, Grace, Peppe, Charlie St, Charlie Sa.

3AE Vaibhav, Evie, Masah, Nrupadh, William, Aaliyah, Yara, Dhawani, Tyler, Riley.

3HR Yash, Catherine, Zoe, Thomas, Kai, Henry, Aaron, Paloma, Amy, Ellis, Emily, Ralph.



3LC Charlie F, Milad, Isaac, Grace, Peppe, Charlie St, Charlie Sa, Ava R.

3AE Vaibhav, Evie, Hugo, Masah, Nrupadh, William, Emily, Aaliyah, Yara, Dhawani.

3HR Catherine, Zoe, Thomas, Kai, Henry, Paloma, Ellis, Emily.


Well Done Year 3 - Keep it up!

Friday 5th June

Top Doodlers this week




Charlie F, Isaac, Milad, Charlie St, Peppe, Ava R, Finlay, Jasmine, Kayden, Keegan, Grace, Leila, Charlie Sa.


Kai, Thomas, Yash, Zoe, Emily, Belle, Paloma, Catherine, Henry, Ava, Tyler.


Vaibhav, Masah, Riley, Evie, Leon, William, Isabella, Yara, Hugo, Emily, Dhawani.




Charlie F, Isaac, Milad, Charlie St, Peppe, Ava R, Finlay, Keegan, Grace, Leila.


Kai, Thomas, Yash, Zoe, Emily, Paloma, Ava, Tyler.


Vaibhav, Masah, Evie, Leon, William, Isabella, Yara, Emily, Dhawani.


***Well done Year 3 - Keep it up!! ***

Top Doodle Certificates

News from Year 3


Hello Year 3.  We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the sunshine over half term.  We are so pleased to see how many of you are enjoying our new viking topic.  There will be new activities every week for you to do and the teachers would love to see your wonderful work.  If you have any questions, then please contact us via the year3 e mail address and we will help as best we can. 


This week Ava has enjoyed starting some work on our topic  She has completed a secret message for Isla Allen - can you work it out?  Well done Ava, your work is fantastic.

Charlie St has taken on Mrs. Raymond's challenge and written a secret message that I think lots of you will agree with.  Can you work it out?  In response to your message Charlie - we can't wait to see you!
Well done Thomas who had a go at the Rune puzzle.  We are pleased that you had fun completing it.

Rory has been writing letters to the characters in Harry Potter and has been sending them via Owl along this fab zip wire!  This is such a wonderful idea Rory and looks great fun.


Still image for this video
Evie completed the Runes challenge and set Mrs. Raymond a challenge too.  We hope she decoded it correctly Evie!
Charlie VS has also completed the runes task brilliantly.  Did Mrs. Raymond decode yours correctly Charlie? 
Keep up the good work Year 3 - Take care

Friday 22nd May

Top Doodlers of the Week


3HR: Yash, Cate, Kai, Paloma, Belle, Zoe, Henry, Thomas, Charlie, Emily, Ava

3AE: Vaibhav, William, Evie, Riley, Masah, Bella, Dhwani, Hugo, Emily, Yara, Aaliyah, Leon

3LC: Charlie, Isaac, Milad, Grace, Charlie St, Finlay, Ava, Chalie Sa, Keegan, Leila, Maja, Brandon, Florence, Giuseppe



3HR: Cate, Yash, Thomas, Kai, Paloma, Zoe, Isla, Henry, Charlie

3AE: Vaibhav, William, Evie, Emily, Yara, Masah, Dhwani, Hugo, Bella

3LC: Charlie F, Milad, Isaac, Grace, Charlie St, Giuseppe, Charlie Sa, Ava, Kayden, Leila



News from Year 3


Hello Year 3, we hope you've had another great week! It's been lovely for us to speak to you over the last few weeks to find out how you are all getting on at home. A massive thank you for your contact through our email where you have shared many photos, videos and news. It really has made our time away from you all that little bit better blush


We were sent some brilliant photos from Peter this week, who has been very busy. He has researched the history of clocks, made his own snakes and ladders using trampolines and water slides (WOW!) and he's even designed a transportation device!




Grace has created some beautiful artwork this week. Thank you for your thoughtful card!


Henry has also been busy practising his computing skills by creating a very creative and thoughtful video. Great work :)    (see below!!)


Milad has spent time successfully revising his spellings. Super work Milad. He has also started a new book this week 'The Midnight Gang' by David Walliams.

Please let us know how you get on :)



Stay safe Year 3 and enjoy the wonderful weather coming our way next week. We look forward to seeing more updates and speaking to you all over the next few weeks.


Mrs Raymond, Mrs England and Mrs Capstack laugh

Henry's wonderful computing work

Still image for this video
Friday 15th May

This weeks top doodlers


3HR: Cate, Yash, Thomas, Kai, Paloma, Emily, Zoe, Henry, Charlie, Noah, Archie, Belle


3LC: Isaac, Leila, Charlie F, Grace, Milad, Ava, Giuseppe, Finlay, Stanley, Charlie St, Maya, Florence, Riley, Kayden, Keegan


3AE: Vaibhav, Masah, Emily, Riley, Yara, Evie, Bella, Hugo, Aaliyah, Samiksha, Dhwani



3HR: Cate, Yash, Thomas, Kai, Zoe, Henry, Paloma, Archie, Isla, Charlie, Emily, Ralph, Belle


3LC: Milad, Isaac, Brandon, Grace, Ava, Charlie St, Leila, Giuseppe, Charlie F, Maja, Finlay, Riley


3AE: Vaibhav, Evie, Masah, Aaliyah, Leon, Eliya, Samiksha, Emily, Hugo, Bella, Yara, Nrupadh

News from Year 3


Hi Year 3, we hope you've had another great week, keeping safe and getting out for a few more walks or rides.


We've loved to hear all of your exciting news this week whether it's been through email or on the phone. Please do keep updating us on what you've been up to whether its about a some baking you've been doing or an exciting walk you've been on.


I (Mrs Raymond) made my first visit to the beach in a very long time and manage to build lots of sand castles and dig some holes! I wasn't brave enough to go in the sea just yetlaugh

It was lovely to hear that Emily has been keeping busy with cycling, baking, PE with Joe Wicks and continuing her work on The Accidental Billionaire. Have a look at her fantastic work below!

We were so impressed to hear about Rory's growing love for reading. Well done Rory! Reading is so important but can also be very enjoyable. We look forward to hearing more about he books you have been reading.


Milad has been busy drawing and describing his mansion!

We love the level of detail you've included.

Charlie has been busy working as an artist! Here are just a few of his latest masterpieces.

How exciting to hear Ava has been rapidly working through her times tables! You're clearly working really hard to practice your times tables which are life long tools for learning. 

Ava has become a scientist this week and has been creating slime and making colourful crystals.

We really are missing all of your smiley faces. We hope you're all safe and are managing to make the most of this unusual time. Please keep your news coming in as it makes our week!


Year 3 :) 



Our top doodlers this week are:


3HR: Cate, Yash, Henry, Emily, Zoe, Thomas, Paloma, Kai, Tyler, Charlie, Ava, Amy, Archie, Harvey, Noah


3LC: Charlie, Isaac, Milad, Grace, Riley, Giuseppe, Ava, Maja, Rory, Finlay, Leila, Kayden, Brandon


3AE: Vaibhav, Evie, Masah, Samiksha, Hugo, Yara, Leon, Aaliyah, Riley, Isabella, Emily, William



3HR: Thomas, Zoe, Henry, Ellis, Kai, Emily, Charlie, Paloma, Belle, Cate, Archie, Noah, Ava, Isla


3LC: Isaac, Milad, Grace, Leila, Ava, Riley, Giuseppe, Rory, Ava, Maja


3AE: Samiksha, Leon, Vaibhav, Masah, Evie, William, Emily, Leon, Aaliyah, Dhwani



Thursday 7th May


News of the week!


We loved seeing all your hard work Evan! It sounds like you've been having lots of fun learning different topics from french, history and science. We are so glad you are enjoying listening to The Accidental Billionaire and completing the activities.


Emily, it has been lovely to see your work! It sounds like you're having lots of fun baking, cycling and doing PE with Joe Wicks! 


Riley has been researching fitness instructors and finding out lots about their job and what they need. We love the poster you created!


May the fourth be with you! Charlie has created a lovely picture which is prefect for May 4th! 


Finlay has been busy working on his English and White Rose maths, as well as practicing his times tables and spellings. Well done! He has also been making assault courses in the garden, cooking and street dance!


Keep sending us in your news. We love hearing from you! 
Have a great bank holiday weekend and enjoy the sunshine 




Friday 1st May

Our top doodlers this week are:


3HR: Cate, Yash, Kai, Emily, Paloma, Thomas, Zoe, Noah, Henry, Charlie, Isla, Harvey, Archie, Ralph, Belle, 


3LC: Leila, Isaac, Ava R, Milad, Grace, Peppe, Kayden, Charlie Sa, Riley, Rory, Finlay,  Brandon, Aden,  Maja, Charlie F, Keegan


3AE: Vaibhav, Riley, Nrupadh, Aaliyah, Yara, Masah, Emily, Dhwani, Evie, Hugo, Isabella, Emma, Poppi, Samiksha, Eliyah, William



3HR: Cate, Yash, Paloma, Zoe, Thomas, Emily, Charlie, Ellis, Henry, Kai, Noah, Belle, Ralph, Archie, Isla


3LC: Leila, Isaac, Ava R, Milad, Grace, Peppe, Kayden, Riley, Rory, Brandon, Lexie P, Finlay


3AE: Vaibhav, Evie, Leon F, Aaliyah, Hugo, Isabella, Emily, Masah, Nrupadh, Yara



Year 3 News of the Week!

This week, Lexie has used our Year 3 topic overview and has been busy exploring forces. Not only that but she has also been working so hard on her 9 times tables. Fantastic Lexie!

Charlie has shown true determination this week as he has finally mastered a full front flip. We are very proud of your resilience Charlie. The video was very impressive, here is a snapshot of Charlie mid-flip.

We have been so pleased to hear that so many of you have been watching the videos of our new class text and then even having a go at some of the English tasks we have set. Cate has been following along at home with her own text. Great work Cate. Look out for this week’s chapters where we have some super guest appearances.

Maja, what a busy couple of weeks you have had. From growing cucumbers to practising your learning and then even knitting! Video calls are a great way to stay in touch with your friends, especially to plan all the lovely things you will do together when we are allowed.

It was lovely to hear from Paloma this week! What an accomplishment finishing her book ‘The Ice Monster’. It sounds as though you have a great routine at home with lots of learning taking place. Keep up your hard work and we look forward to hearing about what you are learning in your topic sessions.

Has any one else finished a good book they’d like to recommend to others?


We love to see pictures of what you have been baking, especially to give us inspiration. Rory has been busy baking Jammy Dodgers this week and don’t they look delicious. Not only that but Rory has taken on the role of director to create a Stop Motion animation. Absolutely sensational!

Thank you for sharing your brilliant achievements in Cubs William. You have been busy reading to achieve your Activity Badge. We have shared your reviews to hopefully inspire others to read those books.

Continuing with the reading news, Milad has started his new book ‘Birthday Boy’ by David Baddiel. Keep up the great reading Milad.

Leon has been busy attempting to break a world record: to get as many people camping inside a den or outside in a tent. What a fantastic memory to have during this unique time! We’d love to know how you got on.


Ava has shared her engaging description and drawing of Jasper from our new text The Billionaire Boy. We were also excited to hear she had already begun to design her own invention…a chocolate machine. If you need ANY samplers for your invention, we will be more than happy to!

Vaibhav has also been exploring our topic overview and has investigated ‘Which ramp allows the car to move the fastest?’.

Here are his results!

Interestingly, his predictions were different to his results.


Can you identify the fastest and slowest surface from Vaibhav’s results?

Happy birthday to Vaibhav for tomorrow!


Have another fantastic week Year 3.

Can you try a new skill or activity? Have you tried the Teapot Challenge?


Missing you all,

Year 3 laugh



Our top doodlers this week arelaugh:


3HR: Aaron, Amy, Archie, Ava, Cate, Yash, Kai, Thomas, Charlie, zoe, Henry, Belle, Emily, Paloma, Harvey, Noah, Isla, Poppy, Ralph, Tyler


3LC: Leila, Issac, Ava R, Milad, Grace, Peppe, Kayden, Charlie Sa, Riley, Rory, Finlay, Charlie St, Brandon, Aden, Florence, Maja


3AE: Riley, Vaibhav, William, Evie, Muhammed, Michelle, Masah, Poppi, Dhwani, Emma, Tyler, Hugo, Bella, Yara, Emily, Aaliyah, Nrupadh 



3HR: Archie, Ava, Cate, Yash, Kai, Thomas, Zoe, Henry, Belle, Emily, Paloma, Harvey, Noah, Isla, Tyler


3LC: Leila, Issac, Ava R, Milad, Grace, Peppe, Kayden, Riley, Rory, Charlie St, Brandon, Aden, Florence, Maja


3AE: Vaibhav, Masah, Leon F, Dhwani, Evie, Hugo, Emily, Bella, Yara, Muhammed, William, Aaliyah, Samiksha



Now for the most exciting part of the from Year 3!


It was lovely to hear that Lexie-Rae has been getting out to ride her bike or even walk the dog. She has helped to bake a cheesecake and yummy cupcakes! Keep practising those new skills!


What else has everyone been baking?


 Ava has also caught the baking bug and managed to bake a spectacular birthday cake for her brother. Not only that but she’s also started growing some vegetables in her garden. We look forward to hearing what you make with those!


Mrs Raymond has been experimenting with ingredients found in her cupboard this week and has made a rather tasty banana loaf!cheeky


Thank you for sharing your drawings with us Yash! They look fantastic. Art for Kids Hub is certainly a firm favourite of mine. I can’t wait to hear about all the science you have been learning.


A big well done to Cate for her continued commitment to Doodle! Keep up the hard work. smiley


Belle has been a scientist this week. She has investigated: ‘How to grow your own rainbow’ using her weather vane from school, a DIY lava lamp and crystal growing. Belle has kindly shared the experiments for you to try too (see below).

(A tip from Belle’s mum: Add the bicarb slowly to the crystal experiment other wise you end up with too much sediment at the moment!) Thank you!


Has anyone else carried out investigations this week?


How lovely to hear about Emily’s achievements in her learning this week. She’s been busy working at her new desk and has even managed to fit in some gardening!


David Walliams ‘Ratburger’ has been Milad’s choice of book this week and it sounds as though he’s really enjoying it! A great description of Sheila too, she has a lot of similarities to Mrs Twit!

What authors have you been enjoying?


Keep up the fantastic reading Pedro, it’s lovely to hear from you and I’m sure you’re making many memories at home. Hopefully we’ll all be back together soon.


We hope you have been enjoying our new book! Look out for the next few chapters and the next activities we have set for you.


Do keep sending us your news from home as it brightens our week!

Missing you all!

Year 3 :)


Science Experiments

Top Doodlers

We are so impressed with everyone who have been working really hard on their Doodles over Easter!


Our Easter top doodlers are:


3AE: Riley, Vaibhav, Poppi, Evie, Leon A, William, Emily, Hugo, Yara, Masah, and Aaliyah.


3LC: Isaac, Grace, Milad, Ava R, Leila, Peppe, Kayden and Lexie.


3HR: Cate, Archie, Henry, Paloma, Ellis, Thomas, Yash, Zoe and Ralph.


We are blown away by the number of children who have achieved over 100 day streak! That is amazing!

The following children have been doodling every day for over 100 days:

3AE: Emily and Hugo!


3LC: Leila, Isaac, Kayden and Giuseppe!


3HR: Harvey, Henry, Paloma and Zoe!

Hello Year 3,

We hope you had a lovely Easter with your families! It has been so lovely to hear more of your amazing achievements these past two weeks!


Maja has been planting seeds, exercising with Joe Wicks, baking and doing lots of home learning. We love the folder you have created. Very organised!! 


Milad has been doing some baking - those scones look very tasty! He has also been reading lots and practicing his spellings. Well done!


We are so pleased that Lexie has passed her Gold 6 times table sheet this week in under 4 minutes! What a great achievement! 


We love how inventive Rory is getting with his times tables. These games look fantastic! Rory has been playing 'times table pong', 'times table fishing', 'times table tombola' and lots more! What a great and fun way to learn your times tables.



 --> Can you think of your own times table game? We would love to share all of your inventive ideas!!


Have a great weekend Year 3 and look out for our exciting new learning we've created for you on our 'Working from home - Summer 1' page. 


Stay safe smiley
The Year 3 team 

Top Doodlers this week! 


The teachers are blown away by how many more Year 3 children have accessed their doodle this week - well done!!!  The following names are those children who have been meeting their target for English and Maths.  We can see that lots of you are trying doodle spell as well - keep it up!  If you are finding Doodle Spell too easy or repetitive then have a look at some of the other ways you can be practising your spellings on our 'Working From Home page.'


A huge congratulations to 3HR who are top of the leaderboard again for KS2!! 🏆


Top Doodlers in 3AE:

 Vaibhav, Masah, Hugo, Leon A, Yara, Emily, Aaliyah, Evie, Bella and Dhwani

Top Doodlers in 3LC:

Brandon, Milad, Ava R, Isaac, Leila, Lexie P, Peppe and Charlie St


Top Doodlers in 3HR:

Cate, Yash, Belle, Thomas, Zoe, Emily, Paloma, Ava, Archie, Kai, Henry, Isla, Tyler, 

Amy, Harvey, Ralph, Charlie and Amelia

Year 3 Update - Friday 3rd April


Hello Year 3,


We hope you have all had a lovely week! We are missing you all lots but love hearing all about what you have been up to. Keep sending them in! smiley


It has been lovely to see all the brilliant learning Dhwani has done! She has made a poster all about India, gardening, making cookies and even designed a gorgeous picture to support the NHS. Dhwani is also currently writing an adventure book called 'The Two Kids and The Magical Sea'. We can't wait to read it!!


Congratulations to Lexie P who has completed her Gold 3 times table test in just 3 minutes! Amazing news! 


It looks like Milad has been busy each day creating himself a daily timetable of what he wants to achieve. Well done for doing your Doodles!


Charlie and his brother have been busy being scientists this week and we loved watching their rocket experiment! Well done for being resilient and not giving up the first time when it didn’t work! (see below for the video!)


Evie has been practising her handwriting which looks lovely! She has also been working hard on her spellings. Well done!


Charlie, we loved seeing the picture you created. We miss you too!


Henry and Grace have been working on the White Rose Maths challenges to grow their brains. Amazing work! Henry has also been doing some programming and learning how to use Scratch. Scratch is a great website for learning some computer programming skills – here is a link if you’d like to try it out too!
It sounds like Grace is enjoying the sunshine and has been doing some gardening! We can’t wait to hear what you are growing!


Wishing you all a lovely weekend and Easter break. We have added lots of fun activities over on our Easter page so make sure you go check it out! Stay safe everyone!


Year 3 team :) 


Charlie's Science Experiment!

Still image for this video

Year 3 update- Tuesday 31st March 

We have been blown away by the amount of emails we have received from you all! We are so excited so we thought we’d do a mid week update to celebrate and share your achievements.


A big well done to Muhammad this week, who has been practising a variety of maths skills including time and shape!


Ava has also been continuing her learning of time and has also created an informative poster of Spain! It’s great to see you are learning a new language at home Ava and we can’t wait to hear it when we are back at school.


We hope Dhwani has been having a wonderful time on her new, colourful bike. What a fantastic way to make the most of this glorious weather!


‘Jack’s Creation’ is the name of the book Rory has been busy writing. The front cover looks exciting and we look forward to reading more from your story Rory. We’d also love to hear more about Timetable’s Tombola!


Happy 8th birthday to Leon, who made the most of video calling his family to celebrate. We hope you had a lovely day.


Please do let us know of any birthdays coming up so that we can celebrate the news with you on our class page!


We are so pleased to hear Finlay is feeling better and that he has been keeping himself very busy! Your cinnamon swirls looked delicious and I’m sure they tasted even better.



Thank you so much Charlie for sharing all your hard work with us. I really like the sound of your 10 fascinating facts a day – I certainly learnt something! Keep up the cooking skills too; we’d love to see some pictures of your final masterpieces!


Science has come alive in Evan’s house! He has created a life size model of the body and has started to label the different organs (see below). We can’t wait to see how your scrapbook turns out :)


Your news and achievements make us so happy to read and begin to fill the hole of not being at school with you all.

Keep up the hard work and we shall eagerly wait in anticipation for our next updates!


Best Wishes

Year 3 


Thursday 26th  March 

Hi Year 3!

It’s so lovely to start hearing from you through our year group email.

We hope you are making the most of this unusual stretch of time and that you are enjoying yourselves. Haven’t we been lucky with the weather this week!


News from us!

Mrs Raymond has made the most of the sun and has started to tidy her garden ready for the next few weeks.  She misses you all and hopes that you are enjoying the wonderful time spent with your families.


Mrs England is missing her lovely class but is enjoying the sunshine an has planted some vegetables in the garden! She has also enjoyed going for a daily walk in the sun.


Mrs Capstack has enjoyed planting seeds this week with her daughters, choosing flowers that the bees will love for pollination! She loves hearing about all the things you’ve been up to and can’t wait to see more!


News from you!

Congratulations to Leon for working hard on his times tables and even building a bug hotel!


Riley, we really enjoyed seeing your nature artwork from start to finish!


Below is some thoughtful artwork created by Mia who wanted to let everyone know that there is lots of love around at the moment. Thank you Mia.


We have even been sent a sneak preview of Lexie’s own mini book that she has started writing and illustrating over the last few days. We can’t wait to read on!


It was lovely to see pictures of Charlie and his brother enjoying the sunshine and creating some great pieces of art!


We really do love to hear from you all to find out what you have been up to.


Our year group email is:


Look out for updates over the coming weeks where we will continue to share our news and yours :)



Just to let you know that the Year 3, working from home folder has been updated with some new suggested activities.


We have also added ‘Extra’ tasks for you to be getting on with on your Doodle accounts. We will upload extra activities every Friday to give you ideas of jobs you can be getting on with at home.


Thank you for your support, Mrs Raymond and the Year 3 team!