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Spring term 2020

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 14/02/20


RSH  Rainbow Star - Cairo - for his all-round progress in all things school-y! His handwriting is becoming gorgeously neat, his segmenting and blending super and his maths brain enormous! You are a pleasure to have in Rainbow Star, Cairo.

RNF  Rainbow Moon – Meara - for really persevering to remember the letters in her name and how to write them. Well done Meara, we are very proud of you!

RJC  Rainbow Sun – Evie - for standing on tiptoes to reach her targets and it is always a joy to see her beaming smile when she achieves something new. 


Y1  1LL -  Violet – for being a ray of sunshine in 1LL. Violet has an infectious smile and is a joy to teach

Y1  1NH – Ellie – for the confidence and enthusiasm she shows towards all aspects of school life. You are a ray of sunshine and positivity in our classroom!

Y1  1LS -  Emily - for showing a fantastic attitude towards her learning and growing her brain lots this half term. What a star!


Y2  2HP - Harry - for always being ready to learn. You look for opportunities to ask questions and you always challenge yourself. 

Y2 2EW - Aba - for showing great resilience with his handwriting and making sure his work is presented neatly every lesson. Keep up the super work Aba! 

Y2  2HJ – All the children in 2HJ - for working their socks off this half term.  They have been a pleasure to teach!


Y3  3AE – Mia - for working really hard on her Wonderful Write this week. Mia has been using lots of the Year 3 skills and has made really good progress! Well done. 

Y3  3LC – Marley - for working incredibly hard on his Wonderful Write this week and for giving his best to everything.  Well done Marley - keep it up!

Y3  3HR  - Thomas - for always being a wonderful friend, role model, and determined learner as well as having such a cheerful personality. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine!


Y4  4KV - Addison – for being a ray of sunshine, as well as her dedication towards her learning, which is admirable. She goes over and above each week with her reading and doodle which is visible within her class work. Well done Addi!

Y4  4TF – Olivia – for showing exemplary behaviour. She works hard and shows respect to adults and peers. A delight!

Y4  4AW – Brooklyn – for going above and beyond in his ‘Doodle’ this week.


Y5  5RD – Martina - for working really hard to develop her writing skills and producing a wonderful news report about the true story of the three little pigs. 

Y5  5BP - Toby - for his love of science this term! He has been so eager and curious to learn about Forces and Space. It has been fantastic to see his enthusiasm and love for science develop! 

Y5  5KF Apollo - for really impressing this week with the effort he has put into his Big Write. He has taken care and time in the editing process to check and correct spellings.


Y6  6 LA - Bella - for her vivacious personality and her willingness to help others.

Y6  6 LA – Ilesh – for having a strong sense of moral purpose and excellent Muscliff manners.

Y6  6JT - Matthew - for displaying diligence and effort in English to improve himself and his lively sense of humour.

Y6  6JTLara - for being an excellent role model for those around her and for her warmth of character.

Y6  6DP – Jack – for demonstrating a wonderful and improved attitude to his learning.

Y6  6DP – Savannah - for her readiness to learn new skills and the application of these skills in a way that shows off her creativity! Well done Savannah!

Y6  6LP -  Caleb – for his fantastic work in English this week. His determination and resilience will take him far! Well done Caleb!

Y6  6LP - Kianna - for her impeccable manners, caring nature and for her hard work in all areas of her learning. Keep it up Kianna!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 07/02/20


RSH  Rainbow Star – Ava – for knowing that even when learning is tough, Ava doesn't give up and along with her big smile, she knows that practice makes perfect. Keep putting in the effort Ava, you're fab!  

RNF  Rainbow Moon – Phoenix - for greeting every challenge with a smile and working so hard to remember and write the letters in your name. Well done!

RJC  Rainbow Sun – Katia - for always being ready, respectful and safe. Katia is such a pleasure to teach!


Y1  1LL -  Finley – for an excellent attitude towards his learning. Finley always listens carefully to ensure he is successful in his work.

Y1  1NH - Reuben - for working really hard on his phonics and sentence writing. What a super week - you have really grown your brain!

Y1  1LS -  Ohemaa - for her fantastic writing this week. You used adjectives to describe and conjunctions to stretch your sentences. Wow!


Y2  2HP - Ralph - for always having a wonderful learning attitude - you always try your best, share your ideas with others and persevere even when the learning is tricky. Keep up the great work! 

Y2  2EW - Sophie - for showing superb readiness and responsibility in the classroom. She sets a fantastic example to her peers! Excellent work Sophie!

Y2  2HJ – Chloe - for her hard work and perseverance with her reading this week.  Well done for having a fab growth mindset Chloe!


Y3  3AE Vaibhav - for his positive attitude towards all areas of learning. Vaibhav is always ready, respectful and safe and is a joy to teach! 

Y3  3LC – Ava - for being a conscientious and hard-working member of our class who is always ready to learn.  You give your best to everything Ava and you are a superstar.

Y3  3HR  - Amelia - for always being such a kind, polite and considerate member of our class. You are a wonderful role model to those around you.


Y4  4KV - Jamie for having had yet another fantastic week. Jamie is extremely committed to his learning and this was visible within his writing this week! Well done Jamie!

Y4  4TF – Keelan – for having a wonderfully positive attitude during whole class activities. His enthusiasm is boundless and his manners impeccable.

Y4  4AW – Sanaa – for her respectful nature towards everyone as well as being a truly kind and caring friend.


Y5  5RD  Amber - for her enthusiasm for learning and excellent behaviour. 

Y5  5BP - Alfie - for his hard work and determination in all lessons. He is a pleasure to teach.

Y5  5KF Milly - for the extra interest she takes in her learning (especially this term's science topic). We love how Milly's natural curiosity takes her home to learn more. What a star!



Ready Respectful Safe Superstars  - 31.01.20


RSH  Rainbow Star - Ethan - for his kind heart, warm smile and love of learning. Rainbow Star is all the better for you being in it.

RNF  Rainbow Moon – Lilly - for rising to the challenge and showing great resilience when learning to write her name. You have worked so hard and now know all of your letters. Well done!

RJC  Rainbow Sun – Leon  - for standing on tiptoes to work independently this week. He has risen to the challenge brilliantly and we are all so proud of him.


Y1  1LL -  Leyton – for great enthusiasm when writing his chick diary – you are becoming an eggcellent writer, Leyton!

Y1  1NH  Harry – for working hard to improve his spelling this week. Well done – fantastic job!

Y1  1LS -  Kiera - for working hard at school and at home. You showed amazing effort with your home learning about animals this week Kiera! 


Y2  2HP - Skye - for always being a kind and caring friend and making us all smile. ‘You bring out the best in everyone you work with and always think of others.  You are a star!’

Y2  2EW - Oliver - for showing determination and resilience in every lesson. He shows excellent learning behaviour and is a great role model to his classmates!

Y2  2HJ – Darcy - for being a cheerful ray of sunshine every day.


Y3  3AE – Aaliyah - for her super concentration during lessons this week. Aaliyah has been making brilliant progress with her writing by adding in interesting adjectives and adverbs!

Y3  3LC – Milad - for his dedication to doodle.  Milad is on the class leader board every week and should be proud of the progress he is making.

Y3  3HR  - Ralph – for the difference Ralph has made to his writing this week! He has used a wide range of adverbs and adverbials to create exciting pieces of writing. Keep up the excellent work Ralph!


Y4  4KV - Izzy – for being an ambitious member of 4KV and a delight to teach. Her resilience in maths is inspiring and it is wonderful to see her progress. Keep it up Izzy!

Y4  4TF - Bella – for having such an enthusiasm for learning, which is contagious! She attacks all learning opportunities with boundless energy and an awesome sense of humour to boot! Keep up the fantastic work Bella.

Y4  4AW – Dina – for her hard working attitude towards her learning. Dina’s smile always lights up the classroom and she is a beacon of positivity.


Y5  5RD – Karlos - for showing a great attitude towards work and a determination to overcome challenges. 

Y5  5BP - Chloe - for the determination and effort that she has put into English recently. Chloe has used a growth mindset which has helped her to believe in herself and make great improvement in her work!

Y5  5KF Kaci -  for always striving to achieve her best, pushing her own learning forward and helping others along the way. She is a wonderful friend and team player. 


Y6  6 LA - Dylan - for having excellent Muscliff manners and his willingness to help.

Y6  6JT - Maisie - for her infectious laughter, vivacious optimism and warmth - a ray of sunshine wherever she goes.

Y6  6DP – Adamya - for his excellent work ethic and the responsible manner in which he continues to act so far this year! Well done Adamya!

Y6  6LP -  Ed – for showing great curiosity when investigating circuits this week. He asked some fantastic questions to deepen his understanding and challenge theories. Great work Ed!  

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars  - 24.01.20


RSH  Rainbow Star – Toshika - for her hard-working attitude. She always makes every learning moment matter and that's why she is becoming such a great reader, writer and mathematician.

RNF  Rainbow Moon – Bailey - for always making the right choices and doing it with a smile. It is a pleasure to have you in Rainbow Moon. Well done!

RJC  Rainbow Sun – Daisy – for being an absolute joy to teach. Her kind, happy personality and her beaming smile, makes her a highly valued member of our class.


Y1  1LL -  Armin – for a fantastic effort to work independently – well done Armin, we are so proud of you.

Y1  1NH - Aleyna - for working so hard on her phonics and reading this half term.  She has such a positive approach to her learning and is always keen to grow her brain!  Well done Aleyna.

Y1  1LS -  Charlie - for being an enthusiastic and inquisitive learner who loves to challenge himself.


Y2  2HP - Billy - for ‘Always being ready to learn and for always taking up a challenge to grow your stretchy elastic brain.  Your editing work in English this week is outstanding!’

Y2  2EW - Ellie - for her dedication to improving her handwriting and making sure her work is neat. Great work Ellie!

Y2  2HJ – Max - for consistently being an enthusiastic and motivated learner!


Y3  3AE – Eliya - for always trying her best and having a positive approach to her learning. Eliya has worked hard to create an amazing setting description of a jungle this week!

Y3  3LC – Muhammad - for a fantastic first week at Muscliff.  Muhammad's kind manners and strong work ethic makes him a wonderful addition to our class.  

Y3  3HR  - Millie - for starting each day with a positive and determined attitude. Her focus has shone through in her exciting jungle description!


Y4  4KV - Dylan – for being an inspiring member of 4KV. His attitude to his learning is admirable and his behaviour is impeccable. Thank you for being a fantastic role model. Keep it up!

Y4  4TF - Olivia – for being a ray of sunshine! Her smiley disposition never falters and she consistently follows the RRS values. 

Y4  4AW – Sam – for being an incredibly supportive and nurturing learning partner, offering support and guidance if needed. Superstar!


Y5  5RD   Esme - for showing wonderful perseverance in maths learning and making excellent progress. Keep it up Esme! 

Y5  5BP - Siann - for her determination and resilience in English this week. Well done!

Y5  5KF Dylan – for the interest Dylan is taking in learning this half term - it is a joy to see. He has loved learning about fractions in maths and space in our science lessons and even follows up with extra learning and discussions at home. What a star!

Y6  6 LA - Theo - for his warm, gentle and well-mannered nature. Our school is so lucky to have you.

Y6  6JT - Bobby - for showing courage and openness in sharing his management of his medical condition whilst being ever focused and hardworking in lessons.

Y6  6DP – Logan - for the maturing way he approached lessons and the care he is taking when presenting his work. Well done Logan!

Y6  6LP -  Leah - for her contagious sense of humour and kind, caring nature. She is a highly valued member of 6LP!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars  - 17.01.20


RSH  Rainbow Star -  Iris - for the smile that brightens up every rainy day, for her chats that liven up everything and for her commitment to grow her brain. You put the 'star' in Rainbow Star Iris.

RNF  Rainbow Moon – Ellie - for always being ready, respectful and safe. You set a wonderful example to all around you and are a pleasure to teach.

RJC  Rainbow Sun – Teddy - for being such a hard working, caring member of Rainbow Sun. It is wonderful seeing the fantastic progress he is making.


Y1  1LL -  Keeva – for being diligent, ambitious and a joy to teach. It has been a delight to watch Keeva’s learning progress.

Y1 1NH - Jason - for his brilliant effort on Doodlemaths this week. It is fantastic to see you so enthusiastic about your learning and making such wonderful progress.

Y1  1LS -  James - for taking responsibility for his learning and showing independence in his maths work this week.


Y2  2HP - Manisha - for always approaching her school day with enthusiasm, cheerfulness and a willingness to always focus and be the best that she can be! We are so proud of you.

Y2  2EW - Aadhiran - for showing great aspiration in all of his learning and rising to every challenge each lesson. He is a fantastic role model to his peers.

Y2  2HJ – Annabelle - for her excellent attitude towards her Maths.  Her hard work and determination is paying off.


Y3  3AE Yara - for an excellent first week at Muscliff! Yara has shown impeccable Muscliff manners and is a wonderful addition to our class! 

Y3  3LC – Grace - for always being ready to learn and for always showing wonderful Muscliff Manners.  Grace's positive attitude and kind nature makes her a fantastic role model.  

Y3  3HR  - Effie - for her outstanding determination in her learning. Effie has taken care and pride in creating a very engaging fact file this week. 


Y4  4KV - Hallie – for being such an inspiring role model by consistently showing how she is ready, respectful and safe. Not only that, Hallie has helped others this week when learning division. Every class needs a Hallie!

Y4  4TF – Isabella - for showing a diligent attitude towards all her work. She is ready, polite and a delight to teach.

Y4  4AW – Eve – for always lighting up the classroom with her positivity and smile. She takes great pride in her work and strives hard to reach her goal.


Y5  5RD – Isla - for always smiling, always being happy, always working hard: Isla is a joy! 

Y5  5BP - Rhea - for being a wonderful friend! Her smile lights up the classroom and she is always kind and respectful to all her peers.

Y5  5KF Miley - for always striving to achieve her very best. She not only impresses us in her own work but in the way she offers support and guidance to others. 


Y6  6 LA - Ashley  – for being such a kind, gentle and helpful child  - you really are a credit to Muscliff.

Y6  6JT - Dan - for being a paragon of all we stand for at Muscliff.

Y6  6DP – Ella  - for her excellent focus and outstanding attitude to improving her learning in all areas. Ella - you have really impressed all of the teachers so far this year with your growth mindset!

Y6  6LP -  Charlotte - for her brilliant explanation and use of dashes and ellipses for effect. You are making great progress in your writing Charlotte and should be very proud!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 10.01.20


RSH  Rainbow Star - Lillie - for her constantly good behaviour and kindness to everyone at school. You are a pure joy to have in Rainbow Star Lillie!

RNF  Rainbow Moon – Frazer - for having an infectious smile that lights up our classroom. It has been a joy to watch as your confidence in yourself has grown. Well done!

RJC  Rainbow Sun – Amira - for always showing fantastic determination in her learning and being an all round shining star in Rainbow Sun. We are so lucky to have you. 


Y1  1LL – Louie – for having a fabulous first week back. He has been a role model for ready, respectful and safe, and has been working really hard.  

Y1  1NH - Dominic - for his fantastic effort in maths this week. He has listened carefully and been keen to demonstrate what he has learned. Great job Dominic!

Y1  1LS -  Ruby - for her fantastic growth mindset this week. You have really challenged yourself by working independently in literacy. What a star!


Y2  2HP - Jasmine - for the fabulous progress you have made with your writing. You are always ready to learn and your sentences about your clay hedgehog are outstanding! 

Y2  2EW - Aris - for showing excellent carpet behaviour and always being ready for learning. You are setting a great example for your peers! Well done.

Y2  2HJ – Frazer - for starting 2020 motivated and determined to do his best!  A fantastic first week back!


Y3  3AE – Poppi  – for showing  brilliant Muscliff manners as she has settled back into school routines this week. She is trying really hard in her learning and persevering when faced with a challenge. Well done! 

Y3  3LC – Isaac - for working tirelessly on doodle, achieving his stars every week and for improving consistently in his times tables.  Well done Isaac! 

Y3  3HR - Cate -  for having a great first week back! You have remained so focused and determined during your learning time this week and have been ready, respectful and safe at all times.


Y4  4KV - Mikey – for being a kind hearted boy who consistently puts others before himself. He thrives off seeing others smile. Not only this, Mikey consistently shows how he is ready, respectful and safe both inside and outside of the classroom.

Y4  4TF – Amelia – for showing great resilience  when faced  with different challenges. Your big smile lights up the classroom.

Y4  4AW – Frankie – for his supportive and inclusive attitude, making sure his classmates always feel included and happy.


Y5  5RD – Archie – for always being ready and enthusiastic to learn and challenge himself, Archie sets a fine example to inspire others. 

Y5  5BP - Henry - for having such a positive attitude to learning this week. He has constantly been ready and respectful and has been a pleasure to teach! 

Y5  5KF Finley - for having fun with his learning and always being ready to take on new challenges. He is an outstanding role model for others.


Y6  6 LA - Courtney - for her kind and gentle manner and for always having a smile on her face.

Y6  6JT - Lohith - for his well-crafted clay heart model and his aspirational drive in general.

Y6  6DP – Taylor – for his diligent and responsible start to the new year. Well done Taylor!

Y6  6LP -   Piper - for taking pride in her learning, having a great growth mindset and staying focused during all tasks that she completes. Well done Piper, keep up the fantastic work!