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Spring term 2019

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 22.3.19


Rainbow Star (SH) – Nate  - for his perseverance in making his writing super neat and in cursive. Nate - you are a writer as well as a reader now!

Rainbow Moon (NF) - Matilda - for being everyone's friend and always trying her best. You are such a kind, caring and lovely little girl. We are lucky to have you in Rainbow Moon.

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - James  - for fantastic work in maths this week recognising some 3D shapes by name and exploring their relationship with 2D shapes.


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Nicki  - for being a bright, cheerful and energetic member of the class and a super role model to her peers.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Niamh for settling in to Jets so well, for always working really hard and above all for her wonderful smile.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Jasmine - for her determined attitude to reading.  She has persevered with lots of practise and her hard work is paying off.  

Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Cate – for excellent committment to her numeracy learning. She has been standing on tiptoes to reach her goals.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Jenson  – for working hard to be a kind and respectful member of our class.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH)  -  Leon  – for fabulous progress you have made with your writing. Super noun phrases and high quality verbs and adverbs... your Midsummer Night’s Dream writing is brilliant! Well done! 


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Isabelle - for always being ready, respectful and safe. Izzy is such a pleasure to teach!

Y3 Olive (LC) – Lennie - for writing some fantastic English work about his flying machine and showing great imagination and creativity. Lennie has been ready to learn in all his lessons this week  and should be very proud. 

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Isabella  - for showing respect to others and for being ready at all times. You've had a great week Isabella!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Taryn  - for showing determination and resilience in her guided reading sessions. Well done Taryn, your hard work has paid off! 

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Amy  - for showing fantastic progress with her reading comprehension, showing a greater-depth of understanding with inference and retrieval. Amy is always ready to learn and has an amazing sense of humour that makes us all very happy indeed!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) - James - for his continued efforts in PE. He showed some excellent skill and team work in bench ball sessions this week and his enthusiasm was infectious. Well done James!


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Jack - for showing fantastic team work in our maths revision sessions and being very reflective about his own learning. Super work Jack!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Sophie  - for approaching a tricky maths revision with determination and a positive mindset. Well done! 

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Millie T– for showing that she is an excellent role model to her peers with her attitude towards home learning, and for sharing her ideas more in class.

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Luke - for great tactical teamwork during our PE sessions this week. 


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Lily  - for her tenacious attitude to learning.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Christopher - for all of your hard work and determination to succeed. 

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Alicia - for her admirable attitude to her learning, and the respectful manner she treats everyone, especially her friends. Well done Alicia - you are working really hard and you should be very proud!                             

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 15.3.19


Rainbow Star (SH) Gabriel  - for being ready, respectful and safe in school. You lovely boy!

Rainbow Moon (NF) - Charlotte - for your amazing progress in reading. It has been wonderful to watch your confidence grow and your fluency increase. You have worked so hard and we are so proud of you. Well done!

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Isla  -  for amazing work with her story map this week and independently writing her story - what a star! 

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Valerio – for being a delight, and a true role model of how to be ready, respectful and safe. Valerio, you really are a star.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Amber  – for her sunny disposition and excellent work ethic. Thank you for trying so hard in everything you do.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) Adam  - he has persevered with his Maths work this week. Adam has shown an excellent growth mindset in the way he has double checked all elements of his work.

Y2 Tea Rose (JC)  - Lexie-Rae   – for showing excellent determination with her writing. Lexie-Rae stands on tiptoes to reach her goals.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Reuben – for working really hard on his reading, having excellent perseverance.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) - Jaiden  for superb fractions work this week. You have been ready to learn new skills and have impressed us all with your positive growth mindset.


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) Ollie - For a brilliant big write this week! Ollie has listened carefully and worked hard to include lots of our key skills in his diary entry! 

Y3 Olive (LC) – Eve - for always being polite and kind and being a fantastic role model to others.  Eve tackles all tasks with a great attitude and always tries her best. 

Y3 Bluebell (BP) Olivia M - for such a great first week at Muscliff. She's been ready, respectful and safe at all times and has been a delight to teach!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Kristian  – for being such a wonderful friend!  You show patience, kindness and compassion to every member of Lavender class. Well done!

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Harry La– for his fantastic writing in literacy this week. He thought carefully about the vocabulary he used and really impressed us! Keep up the hard work Harry! 

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Joel - for his over and above efforts in PE. He works well in pairs and teams and shows great sportsmanship. Keep it up!


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Elliot  - For being extremely thoughtful when creating his description about a stormy island. He took great care to make sure every sentence reflected his increasingly impressive SPaG Knowledge. Keep up the excellent work!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) Maisy - for always being so kind to those around her. Kindness shines out of you like sunbeams and that is why everyone likes you! 

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Mateusz  - For focusing hard during his big write this week to edit and improve his work by adding in some fantastic Year 5 features.

Y5 Marigold (AW) –Ashton  - for continued progress and effort in his descriptive literacy writing.


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Tilly - for embodying a Y6 'can do' attitude and relentlessly pursuing the best she can be whilst exhibiting irreproachable manners.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Danniella - For showing resilience in her learning and a positive attitude towards challenges. 

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Bianca  - for her respectful attitude shown to adults, her outstanding effort in all areas and her application of new skills in writing - well done Bianca!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 1.3.19


Rainbow Star (SH) – Jack- for his ambitious and imaginative learning. You definitely put the star into Rainbow Star.

Rainbow Moon (NF) – Harrison  - for his fantastic attitude towards his learning. You greet every day with a smile and always work so hard. You try your very best in all you do. It is a pleasure to have you in Rainbow Moon.

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Charlie - for fantastic effort and hard work in literacy, making his story map and using it to re-tell his story.


Y1 Tulip (LL) – George – For persevering when faced with tricky new maths concepts. George has shown that hard work and determination can really pay off!

Y1 Iris (NH)  - Sara  - for always being Ready Respectful and Safe around school. It has been lovely to see her growing in confidence and working really hard with her reading, writing and maths.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Riya  - for always being excited and enthusiastic about her learning. She always tries her best.


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Ishaan – For trying extra hard with his learning behaviour and standing on tiptoes to reach his goals!

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Riley- for always trying hard to improve and giving his best effort.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Aaron - for showing a super love for learning in Maths! You love to explain your thinking, share your understanding with others and show great perseverance when faced with a tricky maths challenge.


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Rebecca - For always trying her best in her learning! Rebecca has had a brilliant week and worked hard in English to include key skills.

Y3 Olive (LC) – Caitlin - for being a respectful member of Olive class and for always being ready to learn. Caitlin is continually engaged in lessons and a pleasure to have in class.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Ava - for her determination and resilience in English. Ava used a range of skills, including paragraphs and adjectives, to create a wonderful Big Write!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Mia  - For gaining confidence within herself and her learning, which has resulted in some beautiful detailed English work.

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Leon - for his brilliant attitude and team work in PE this week. He is also a caring friend and has a super sense of humour. Well done Leon!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Rio for an excellent start to the half term. His calm, caring and fun character is lovely to see.


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Aimee - for showing great cooperation and teamwork in her maths investigation. Well done!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Lohitaksh - for showing great determination and resilience in his maths workshop on Thursday. Not only did you give 100%, you showed outstanding listening skills!

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Matthew - For settling back in after half term well, showing he is ready to learn and smashing his work with decimals in maths.

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Thomas - for his positive and hard working attitude towards learning and school life


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Jack - for his aspirational attitude, maturity and willingness to push forward - a brilliant role model

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Logan - For high standards which you set yourself and the hard work which has gone in to developing your Year 6 skills. Well done Logan!

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Poppy - for her absolutely stunning use of language and punctuation in her writing - your manipulation of the readers feelings and your grasp of how an author can entertain a reader is outstanding. You should be thoroughly proud of the effort and skill you have shown this year!



Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 15.2.19


Rainbow Star (SH) –Aleyna for her constant kindness towards all her classmates and the adults in school. You are a pleasure to have in Rainbow Star, Aleyna.

Rainbow Moon (NF) –Ruby - for showing great courage and determination in the face of challenges. It has been wonderful to see your confidence grow as your independence increases. Well done Ruby we are very proud of you.

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Tayah  for showing a fantastic attitude towards her learning and independently writing a sentence with a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop!

Y1 Tulip (LL) –Billy; it has been a pleasure to teach him this week – he is a motivated leaner and a great role model to others.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Malakai  for his brilliant effort and super progress in Reading and Writing. He has written some super descriptive sentences this week about our class text Rosie's Walk.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Aba for always being a respectful, kind and considerate member of Poppy Class.

Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Millie for being a ray of sunshine in Tea Rose class. Her caring and happy nature make her a joy to teach.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Daisy  for always being respectful and a kind and helpful member of our class

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Naomi ‘Thank you for being a brilliant learner and fabulous friend! - you always challenge yourself and are always the first person to offer help to others when they are finding things tricky. Well done!


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Jamie  - For an excellent independent write this week. Jamie has been using lots of key skills in his writing and has made excellent progress! I really enjoyed reading your jungle story!

Y3 Olive (LC) –Charlie for having a fantastic week listening to the adults and working really hard.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Alfie for his standing on tip toes to create an incredible Big Write. Great work Alfie!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Max; For independently writing a marvellous poem and for always showing great resilience across all aspects of his learning.

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Kyle - For making a concerted effort to improve his handwriting. Kyle has impressed Mrs Kerr in particular with his excellent progress in his reading.

Y4 Sunflower (KF) –Rio for a fantastic end to the week. We have loved seeing his kind, calm and fun nature in and out of class.


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Taylor - For being a fantastic learning partner in maths and helping others to understand complicated maths word problems. Keep up the excellent work!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Jake - for showing great determination to be a positive role model for behaviour this week. You have really shone with being ready, respectful and safe!

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Dylan - Taking responsibility for his home learning by shooting up the Doodle Maths leaderboard, and showing he is ready to learn in class.

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Molly For her sunny and positive personality and great attitude towards her learning


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Sommer for excellent progress in her maths providing excellent verbal contributions and improving her test score by an astounding 22 marks

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Samuel - For his resolute perseverance in learning and well-deserved pride in his achievements.

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Madison - for her respectful attitude towards adults, and her determination to achieve her best in everything she does! Well done Madison - keep raising those high expectations you have.



Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 8.2.19


Rainbow Star (SH) –Finley  because he has started to love a challenge. This week he asked for tricky words in his reading book and persevered until he could read it. THAT'S a Rainbow Star!

Rainbow Moon (NF) –Noah - for his excellent attitude to problem solving. It has been wonderful to see you use your words to communicate effectively with your peers and build relationships with new friends. Well done!

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Kiera for showing initiative in the classroom, always looking after our learning environment and being a fantastic role model of ready, respectful and safe.


Y1 Tulip (LL) –Bobby has been motivated to improve his own writing.  He is keen and ready to learn.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Lily for her mature attitude to all of her learning, growing her brain at every opportunity. She is always respectful to those around her and is a super role model for learning behaviour.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Max for showing an excellent growth mindset in Literacy this week. Well done Max!


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – William for his hard work and commitment to his learning. William is making great progress in both Literacy and Numeracy and it’s a joy to see the pride he shows in his work.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Hugo for always working hard and accepting a challenge with determination and perseverance

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Macey for showing wonderful Muscliff manners and being ready, respectful and safe on our trip to the zebra crossing. What a superb role model you are!


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Riley for a brilliant narrative using speech - Riley has shown good listening and worked hard to include all the key skills we have learnt this week!

Y3 Olive (LC) –Isaac for working hard all week and trying his best in everything. Isaac has been listening really well to adults and has some great work in his books.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Olivia for being Ready, Respectful and Safe at all times. Olivia has had a brilliant first week at Muscliff!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Isla for her super effort in English, where she has produced a fantastic detailed diary entry. Well done Isla, keep up your hard work!

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) –  Shad continues to impress us with his eagerness to learn and his improved focus during his independent writing is fantastic to see. Shad listens to advice given and his smiley disposition lights-up the classroom!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) –Malika for her focus and dedication to learning. I have been so impressed with the way she has been challenging herself to include new and exciting vocabulary in her writing. What a star!


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Seth - For always being inquisitive and asking questions to deepen his understanding. He is constantly striving to improve his understanding of each topic we cover and shares his new, interesting facts with the class!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Sophie - for brilliant progress in challenging herself with her homework. Your progression is evident in the classroom too - well done!

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Theo - For showing excellent thinking and reasoning skills during our Science experiment this week - the first to see the link between newtons and grams!

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Scarlett for her growing her positive mental attitude towards her work, especially her art work!


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –Alex for being an excellent friend, collaborative learning partner and reliable helper - and for showing brilliant visualisation abilities in his maths

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Poppy For her conscious effort to improve her attitude and concentration in English which has resulted in very pleasing progress.

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Amelia  - for her continual amazing and inspiring attitude to her learning. Amelia always gives 110% as she does so much work at home! Well done for setting a great example Amelia!







Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 1.2.19


Rainbow Star (SH) –Malia for never letting her scratches and sniffles get in the way of her love of learning. If she were Muscliff Mouse, she would be half way across the river ready to get the corn! Great attitude Malia.

Rainbow Moon (NF) –Teddy: for always doing the right thing at the right time. You consistently show behaviour that is ready, respectful and safe.  An outstanding role model.  Well done!

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Alice for being a helpful and considerate member of our class who loves to challenge herself and always works hard.


Y1 Tulip (LL) –Casey – for being a delightful member of Tulip class, he is always respectful, polite and ready to learn.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Charlie for his increased focus during reading and writing. It has been wonderful to see you so engaged with your learning.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Rhiala for working hard and persevering with her Literacy work. Well done Rhiala, you have worked hard to grow your brain!


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Nrupadh for always showing that he is ready to learn and treating his peers and adults with the greatest respect.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Tyler - for always working hard and continuing to persevere with his learning

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Masah ‘Your writing is fantastic…capital letters, full stops, superb noun phrases and careful spelling. We are so proud of you for working so hard and always trying your best’.


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – William: For always being ready, respectful and safe in the classroom. William always tries his best and is a joy to teach!

Y3 Olive (LC) –Sam ... for giving his all to everything he does and for always working hard. Sam is keen to help others in class and is a fantastic member of Olive class.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Olivia for always being respectful and kind to others. Her smile lights up the class and she is a fantastic role model. Well done Olivia!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Finley has shown a positive approach to his learning: embracing challenges and taking pride in his wonderful work.

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Katie has settled in beautifully to Orlaya class. She is always ready to learn and has really impressed us with her spectacular writing which shows maturity and careful consideration. Well done!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) –Megan for her continued love of learning. She is thoroughly enjoying our Roman topic and regularly comes in with new facts she has learnt at home. What a star!


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Ollie - For constantly challenging himself to include a range of sophisticated skills in his independent writing. It was a joy to read the ending of your Iron Man story!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Bobby- for showing great determination and effort to push his learning further. Your focus to keep your handwriting beautiful is outstanding, well done!

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Bella Wood - Bella has settled well into life at Muscliff. Her writing ideas are exciting and she is becoming more confident in her maths work - even starting to help other friends out when they are need!

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Kianna- positive and encouraging attitude towards all aspects of school life


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Leo for his consistent contributions to whole class discussions.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Ella For her relentless determination to succeed. Ella is a role model for other children.

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) –Aleia - for her outstanding effort in English, where she has produced a wonderful description of Frankenstein; and for her perseverance in maths - keep it up Aleia!





Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 25.1.19


Rainbow Star (SH) –Emily; for standing on tiptoes to grow her writing brain. She chose to copy write sentences and then wrote the alphabet in cursive without any help. You're a wonderful Rainbow writer Emily!

Rainbow Moon (NF) –Theo for his outstanding dedication to his learning. Theo you have shown such commitment to developing your reading and maths and it is an absolute delight to have you in Rainbow Moon.

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Harrison for showing fantastic learning behaviour all week, being ready and respectful on the carpet and working hard on all his challenges.


Y1 Tulip (LL) –Riley for a good week of listening and following instructions. Well done Riley, Mrs Lee and Miss Turner are very proud of you!

Y1 Iris (NH) – Oliver for continuing to make super progress in reading writing and maths this term.  He is ready to learn and up for a challenge – keep up the good work.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Sophia for the fantastic effort she puts into her English work.  She is always ready to do her best.

Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Evie for always being ready, respectful and safe in the classroom. Evie is a fantastic role model to her peers and is a joy to teach.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Austin for showing determination, perseverance and pride in his learning this week.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Maja - for always being a kind and caring friend and for making us all smile.  Thank you, you bring out the best in everyone you work with and think of others. What a star!


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Millie - For having a positive attitude and always being ready to learn! Millie has worked well to create an engaging description of a jungle in English this week!

Y3 Olive (LC) – Dina for always being respectful towards others and wanting to do the right thing. Dina is kind and hard-working and a pleasure to have in class.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Courtney for having so much perseverance and determination


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Karlos has had an excellent week and has shown commitment to his learning across all areas! Well done Karlos!

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Rebecca is always ready to learn, she helps others with their learning unprompted and is polite towards adults and peers. Rebecca is a delightful girl whom we love to teach.

Y4 Sunflower (KF) –Sophia for her calm, caring and hard-working attitude.  Sophia can always be relied upon to challenge herself and has an excellent growth mindset.


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Ben - For always endeavouring to use thoughtful and purposeful language in his writing. He is fabulous at using a dictionary and thesaurus to discover new words and inspire others! Keep up the brilliant work!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Lara for always showing her readiness to learn with great eye contact.  Your willingness makes you a successful learner.

Y5 Oleander (JE) – Hollie - For consistently trying her best, even when she finds the work challenging. Hollie has persevered this week achieving excellent results, particularly with her joined handwriting!

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Caleb for his forever positive attitude, brilliant sense of humour and wonderful smile.


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –Evie - for her super effort which is resulting in super progress in both maths and English.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Lydia has shown an amazingly positive approach to her learning: embracing challenges and taking pride in her wonderful work.

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Laila-Mae- for her outstanding effort to improve her skills in reading, as well as ensuring that she is modelling or values of Ready, Respectful and Safe for the rest of the year group! Keep it up Laila - you really are a star!



Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 18.1.19


Rainbow Star (SH) – Elsie  - for working so tremendously hard at school all the time and for showing everyone in Rainbow Star how to be a kind friend.

Rainbow Moon (NF) –Bethany - For her superb attitude to her learning. You challenge yourself in all areas, wanting to be the best you can be and you do it with a beaming smile on your face. It is a pleasure to teach you.

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Cameron is always showing respect and readiness to learn in the classroom. He listens to grown-ups and has impeccable manners at all times.


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Darcy always chooses kindness and is always ready to help her friends and the adults in Tulip class.

Y1 Iris (NH) – William for a brilliant effort in Reading Writing and Maths this week. It has been lovely to see him so ready and eager to learn. Well done!

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Leo for his excellent approach to his Literacy work. He has worked really hard on both his reading and writing. Well done Leo!


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Ava  for her hard work and resilience in English over the past two weeks.  Ava has been standing on tiptoes to meet her targets.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Princess for trying her best in Maths to work independently and take on a challenge.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Kai ‘You are always ready to learn. You look for opportunities to ask questions and you always challenge yourself. Well done for always giving your best...What a fabulous learner you are! ‘


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Eliza: For always being ready, respectful and safe. Eliza is always a kind and polite member of the class and a great friend to everyone.

Y3 Olive (LC) –Heidi  for being a respectful member of class who is always willing to help. Heidi is consistently showing me she is ready to learn and is a fantastic role model to others.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Ojas for working hard and for showing a determination to challenge himself. Great work Ojas!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Taylor  has had an excellent week.  He has consistently shown commitment to his learning and has written fantastic exciting write.  Well done Taylor, I am very proud of you.

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Ethan; He has shown super resilience when completing challenging tasks independently, using his growth mindset to help him, and he has worked really hard to make the right choices this week. We are very proud of Ethan!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Nicolas for a happy and positive attitude this week. It's been fantastic to see him working hard and enjoying his learning.


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Connor for being a kind and caring friend, and showing fantastic learning behaviours and resilience in the classroom.

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Daniel - for always being such a respectful, hard working and caring individual of Snowdrop class. You make everyone feel special, thank you

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Lily has been a superstar in Oleander this week. She always puts in maximum effort, and has been taking responsibility for herself by asking for new appropriate reading book ideas as well as extra spelling practise. Lily's attitude is fantastic and she is a real role model, not just to her class, but the whole school.

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Scarlett for her positive and resilient attitude towards learning this week.


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –Daisy- her enthusiastic glow and warm smile sets the day up to tackle any task the day holds.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Jacob has shown a diligent approach towards his work, particularly with writing, in which he has taken great care to produce work of the highest standards.

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Ellie- for her dedication to improve all aspects of her learning, but especially in maths, where her readiness to explore new ideas and apply old ones has really impressed us this week!


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 11.1.19


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Isabella  for always being a dream pupil – she is ready to learn, respectful towards others and safe.  Isabella, you are a delight.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Kate for a fantastic effort in her Maths learning this week both in school and at home. She is growing in independence and showing a real desire to be successful. Keep it up Kate!

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Joe  for his excellent perseverance and response to feedback in Maths this week. He really worked hard to grow his brain.


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Stanley for being such a polite and respectful young boy and always wanting to help others.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Emily-For always having a positive attitude to her learning and accepting any challenge with a smile and determination

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Yash ‘What a great first week back! You have made the most of every minute of your learning time and have shown us all that you are ready to learn by looking, listening and doing your very best! What a star!’


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Isla : For her positive and determined attitude towards her learning this week. Isla has also been amazing at showing she is ready, respectful and safe!.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Bailey for being ready to learn, resilient and determined in all lessons. Well done Bailey!


Y4 Lavender (KV) –  Isabelle for always being a kind and considerate member of Lavender class. Isabelle has only been with Lavender class for a few weeks and she consistently shows that she is ready, respectful and safe!

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Alfie – for showing improvement in the volume of writing and its quality.  Keep up the brilliant progress!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Isabel for an excellent start back to school. She continues to conduct herself in the 'Muscliff Way' and is a super example for other.


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Logan For his resilience and determination in tackling challenging maths problems. You have shown fabulous independence and made excellent progress. Keep up this positive attitude and dedication to all of your learning!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Jaydn - for always being a ray of sunshine that brightens the classroom from the minute he walks in every morning. You bring such positivity and fun to all our lessons, even when the learning is challenging! Well done.

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Jodie has settled back in well this week. She has come in with a smile on her face, showing she is ready to learn at all times. Jodie has been contributing positively throughout all subjects and she should be proud of what she has achieved so far already!

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Charlotte for her incredibly helpful, kind and caring nature


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –Marley  for an excellent start to the new year, settling well into her new group and solving a challenging maths problem using bar modelling

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Danny has shown a great attitude towards the challenges of Year 6 and always shows outstanding behaviour. Well done!

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Rylee - for making a wonderful start to the term, showing determination to succeed and confidence in his own ability.