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Spring 2021

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 05/03/21 


Rec  RSH - Arad - for his hard-working attitude with home-learning tasks, all with a big smile on his face. You are a star Arad! 

Rec RFH - Arya - for making us so proud of how well you have settled into Rainbows. Your smile lights up the classroom and your positive attitude to learning shines through. Welcome to Rainbow Sun, we are lucky to have you! 

Rec RAL - Alex - for being an absolute superstar with his home learning from day 1. He has completed every task with enthusiasm and is always keen to challenge himself and learn more. 


Y1  1LL - Delyse - for working hard at school throughout lock down... Well done, Delyse! 

Y1  1LV - Isla - for fantastic listening and learning in school this week. We are very proud of you! 

Y1  1TS - Amelia - for having superb ideas about evil pea and making a great wanted poster in literacy. Well done. 


Y2  2HP - Finley - for his outstanding attitude to home learning. Well done for being organised, independent, resilient and hardworking and being the best that you can be! We are all so proud of you! 

Y2  2EW - Dexter - for showing amazing resilience and focus while working at home and for producing great work. You are a superstar! 

Y2  2LS - Venus - for consistently working hard at home with all of her learning and it was lovely to see her proudly present her brilliant drawings in assembly this week.  


 Y3  3AW - Adam - for his great dedication towards his remote learning and his friendly and hardworking attitude. 

Y3  3HR - Jack - for showing resilience when completing his home learning and adapting so well to the changes in his daily routine. Well done, Jack. 

Y3  3LC - Darcy - for being a superstar learner at home and for working hard on every piece of work.  I am so proud of your commitment Darcy - well done! 


 Y4  4KV - Stanley - for being a maths superstar this week. His perseverance has helped to develop his understanding of equivalent fractions. Well done, Stan! 

Y4  4AE - Riley - for all his hard work and determination! I am so impressed with Riley's work in English this week! Well done πŸ™‚ 

Y4  4KS - Yash - for being a superstar in all of his learning this week and for showing a fantastic attitude towards home learning. His work in maths on equivalent fractions showed great understanding and he could use adverbials of manner accurately in his writing. Well done, Yash! 


Y5  5RD - Christina - for always smiling, always being polite, always working hard, always being a delight!  

Y5  5BP - Reuben - for his fantastic character and setting description that he wrote in English this week. The writing included lots of interesting detail and engaging vocabulary, making it extremely engaging to read! 

Y5  5EC - Jack - for always working his hardest in every lesson during lockdown, we are so impressed with his attitude to learning! 


Y6  6 AP - Jasmine - for her caring and courteous nature. Jasmine always thinks about the well-being of others. 

Y6  6KF - Flynn - for smashing the home learning and giving it his all. His great sense of humour and positive nature have brightened up lockdown. 

Y6  6DP - Hope - for her wonderful and dedicated attitude to her learning and especially for her kindness to all while working at home. You are amazing Hope! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 26/02/21 


Rec  RSH - Tilly - for always putting the 'star' in Rainbow Star. She shows others how to be so kind and friendly and she has worked really hard to grow her brain. 

Rec RFH - Arabella - for engaging well with her learning from home. What a pleasure it has been to see your beaming smile and wonderful hard work regularly. Keep up the good work! 

Rec RAL - William - for showing excellent learning behaviour, always willing to challenge himself and try his best, and being such a kind and thoughtful member of our class. 


Y1  1LL - Henry - for fantastic maths work this week.  Well done Henry - great multiplying! 

Y1  1LV - Ishita - for her fantastic re-telling of the Supertato story using story-telling actions.  We loved watching her video! 

Y1  1TS - Dhruv - for making a fantastic effort with all of his learning at home and for making us all smile with his brilliant retelling of Supertato! Well done, Dhruv! 


Y2  2HP - Charlotte - for her outstanding commitment to her online learning - every day she works hard, hands in all her work and stands on tip toes to challenge herself and achieve her best.  Brilliant! 

Y2  2EW - Alice - for her unwavering positivity and kindness to everyone. She works exceptionally hard and is a joy to teach!  

Y2  2LS - James - for all his absolutely fantastic learning at home. I have been particularly impressed with his handwriting and spelling; it is clear that he has been trying his best with all of his work. 


Y3  3AW - Aba - for his independence and dedication to the completion of his remote learning! 

Y3  3HR - Daisy - for consistently putting in excellent effort and showing resilience to complete all of your tasks from home. You are a superstar! 

Y3  3LC - Ryan - for his commitment to home learning and for always showing us the Muscliff way.  It is clear that Ryan has been working really hard over the last few weeks and should be very proud of himself.   


Y4  4KV - Peter - for always completing his work to a high standard and for his perseverance within English this week. 

Y4  4AE - Tyler - for his brilliant, positive attitude towards online learning. I can see that Tyler is working so hard and is trying his best in all subjects. Well done, Tyler! 

Y4  4KS - Ava - for showing such a positive attitude whilst learning from home and this week demonstrating she could select better verbs to use, which has lifted her writing. She is consistently working hard across all areas of her learning, so well done Ava! 


Y5  5RD - Harry - for your high standards and hard work from home. You are a true sportsman and make every situation positive. 

Y5  5BP - Josh - for the fantastic effort he has been putting into all his work recently! He always puts lots of extra information in tasks; it's always a joy to mark his work. Keep up the brilliant work Josh! 

Y5  5EC - Ali - for always being ready to learn and do his best, which shows in his brilliant maths and English work this week. 


Y6  6 AP - Yangkar - for the effort and care he has taken when completing his work. I am impressed with the focus he has put in when checking and changing his answers in maths! 
Y6  6KF - Amy - for the quality of all Amy's work during this period, which has been outstanding. She has impressed us all with her drive and self-motivation to get tasks done to the highest standard. 

Y6  6DP - Aarav - for his unwavering dedication to his learning. Aarav, you are a star and you always give 100%! Thank you for your hard work! 


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 12/02/21   


Rec  RSH - Nana - for his never-ending smile, his reading progress this term and his enthusiasm for learning and mince pies!  

Rec RJC - Muftah - for working so hard this week to grow your brain and for showing real perseverance.  Keep going, we are so proud of you! 

Rec RAL - Phoebe-Elise - for her vivid imagination, enthusiasm and creativity in all her learning. 


Y1  1LL - Jack - for a fantastic week on learning at school. Jack has been working really hard with a great attitude towards his lessons πŸ™‚ 

Y1  1LV - Ronnie - for fabulous engagement with his online learning and an amazing video explaining the life cycle of a hen this week. 

Y1  1TS - Isla - for producing a fantastic life cycle in her topic work this week. We are so proud of the huge effort you put into your learning at home. Well done! 


Y2  2HP - Oliver - for his outstanding commitment to his online learning.  Oliver perseveres even when the learning is tricky and he is missing school.  We are all so proud of his resilience and 'Can do' attitude. 

Y2  2EW - Isla - for having fantastic resilience and determination in every task she tackles. Well done for all of your continued hard work, you are a super star! 
Y2  2LS - Aman - for continuously trying his best with his learning at home. He has impressed us with his Maths and English this week and he just needs to keep up the brilliant work! 


Y3  3AW - Joe - for continuing to work hard on his remote home-learning, persevering when things are tricky and working hard on always giving it a go. 

Y3  3HR - Benjamin - for being a superstar leaner at home and for working hard in every piece of work, especially his handwriting practice - you’re doing a super job!  

Y3  3LC - Patrick - for his continual enthusiasm for learning and positivity in everything he does.  Patrick always gives 100% and his smile lifts everyone's spirits each day at school!  You're a superstar Patrick. 


 Y4  4KV - Ava - for her wonderful attitude and dedication towards her home learning tasks. Your work is always beautifully presented. Well done Ava! 

Y4  4AE - Nrupadh - for working so hard on his remote learning. Nrupadh has really impressed me this week with his English and has written a fantastic poem about the Butterfly Lion. 

Y4  4KS - Emily - for her happy personality which has shone through this week, as well as her creativity and helpfulness across all areas of her learning, including in English and Art. Emily has had a super positive attitude towards coming into school and her smile has lit up the room each day. Well done Emily! 


Y5  5RD - Jamie - for your consistently high standards of work during lockdown. 

Y5  5BP - Caitlin - for the effort she has put into all her work this week, especially her Big Write, where she created a very persuasive newspaper report, stating that the Big Bad Wolf was in fact innocent. Keep up the good work, Caitlin! 

Y5  5EC - Alfie - for a fantastic attitude to his learning, always working hard and a brilliant newspaper report in English. 


Y6  6 AP - Kylie - for always having a beaming smile on her face and giving it her all, no matter what is thrown her way. The true definition of resilience!  

Y6  6KF - Harsha - for your fantastic maturity, confidence and sensible contributions in a recorded lesson this week! We are really lucky to have had you join us at Muscliff this year.  

Y6  6DP - Molly - for going over and above with her work during lockdown, and impressing us all with her dedication to keeping herself fit and healthy! 


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 05/02/21   


Rec  RSH - Henry - for proving that practice can make perfect in some areas of learning. I am proud of your 'I will do it' attitude. Well done. 

Rec RJC - Evie - for lighting up our days with your beaming smile, bouncing curls and fantastic attitude towards your learning. You are working so hard at home and showing us all of your wonderful learning and we couldn't be prouder of you. Well done Evie! 

Rec RAL - Lydia - for your resilience and hard work with your cursive writing this week. We are so proud of your effort with your name and we love seeing your big smile when you show us your work. 


Y1  1LL - Freddie - for truly wonderful home learning and a sensational collection of feel-good Friday tasks. 

Y1  1LV - Noel - for amazing effort with his remote learning tasks and for always challenging himself.  This week he wrote some fabulous sentences to describe different groups of animals. 

Y1  1TS - Joshua - for all your hard work - we have loved seeing your progress in writing. Well done! 


Y2  2HP - Oscar - for wowing us all with his 'Can do' attitude and always trying his best to be creative and hardworking! 

Y2  2EW - Brody - for showing super perseverance with his handwriting and producing really neat and detailed work. He is a super star! Keep up the brilliant work! 

Y2  2LS - Sienna - for doing an excellent job with her online learning. I’ve been super impressed with her maths work and she did a beautiful sketch of an owl after learning about nocturnal animals.  


 Y3  3AW - Riya - for her incredible attitude towards all areas of her remote learning, her thirst for reading and for learning new life skills, including cooking some amazing meals! Well done! 

Y3  3HR - Amelia - for being a superstar! She consistently goes above and beyond in her home learning tasks and is always finding different ways to present her work. Keep up the hard work and well done Amelia. 

Y3  3LC  - Ethan - for showing perseverance and commitment to all areas of his home learning as well as being a top doodler!  Ethan, I could ask no more of you - keep it up!   


Y4  4KV - Lexie-Rae - for being dedicated to her maths learning this week, resulting in some fantastic maths work. Well done Lexie-Rae. 
Y4  4AE - Eliya - for her wonderful home learning tasks. It is clear to see that Eliya always takes great care and pride in her work and always tries her best! She should be really proud of herself! 

Y4  4KS - Henry - for showing resilience when learning about time and for being curious about his mistakes to further develop his understanding. Henry is working incredibly hard at home as well as contributing kilometres to 'Muscliff on the Move', well done! 


Y5  5RD - Millie - for your brilliant work ethic while working at home (and of course your outstanding rapping skills πŸ˜‰). A huge well done! 

Y5  5BP - Teagan - for all the amazing writing she has produced recently. She has worked hard to include interesting adjectives and write on the line. Keep up the brilliant work Teagan! 

Y5  5EC - Logan - for his hard work each day and for always striving to do his best and improve in every lesson.  


Y6  6 AP - Nevaeh - for embracing her home learning tasks and giving it her all. Keep up the hard work Nevaeh! We are very proud of you. πŸ˜Š  

Y6  6KF- Joshua - for his full participation in online assemblies. We love his commitment to the games we play, always having fun and interacting well with his peers. 

Y6  6DP - Megan - for her impressive perseverance and courage when things get tough. We could all learn from you Megan! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 29/01/21   


Rec  RSH - Ava - for working so hard on her beautiful cursive handwriting and making sure she is completing the Rainbow assignments. Great attitude Ava. 

Rec RJC - Jack - for his excellent attitude to his learning at home! Jack you are working so hard and we are very proud of you, well done! 

Rec RAL - Scarlett - for her enthusiasm and hard work with home learning tasks. You have particularly impressed us with your writing which has come on in leaps and bounds. What a star! 


Y1  1LL - Yunus - for some really delightful submissions this week. Well done Yunus!  
Y1  1LV - Katia - for her amazing writing this week. Well done Katia! 

Y1  1TS - Ben - for always trying his best and being a lovely, ready, respectful and safe superstar! 


Y2  2HP - Violet - for being just like the Muscliff mouse and showing resilience, trying her best, challenging herself and being a creative learner.  We are all proud of you. 

Y2  2EW - Jake - for his fantastic attitude to his learning. He is making super progress with his maths and it is wonderful to see him enjoying every challenge that is set for him! He is a superstar! 

Y2  2LS - Matilda - for getting on so brilliantly with her online learning so far. This week she has drawn a super map of Muscliff park, and we've also been very impressed with her maths and English work. We're very proud of her! 

Y3  3AW - Aadhiran - for his continued effort in all areas of his remote learning, his polite and caring nature as well as his attention to the presentation of his work. What a superstar! 

Y3  3HR - Jessica - for being an all-round superstar. Her bubbly personality and kind heart has been a wonderful remedy in school. Keep smiling Jess!             

Y3  3LC  - Grayson - for being a superstar learner at home and for working hard on every piece of work.  Keep it up Grayson - you’re doing amazingly.   


 Y4  4KV - Kayden - for going over and above with his learning this week. His determination within maths has been outstanding. He also wrote a detailed pros and cons list on why Bertie should bring the Lion back to England. Well done Kayden! 

Y4  4AE - Emma - for working extremely hard on her home learning. Emma has really impressed me with all her work she is sending in! Well done! 

Y4  4KS - Harvey - for being a positive, helpful and enthusiastic member of Year 4, who has grown in confidence. Harvey has been trying his best in all areas of his learning this week, giving it a go even if he's not been 100% sure. This takes real courage and Harvey should be so proud of himself for this super attitude. Well done Harvey! 


Y5  5RD - Mikey - for consistently putting in excellent effort to complete his work from home. Great job Mikey πŸ™‚ 

Y5  5BP - Poppy - for her wonderful alternative ending of 'The Iron Man' that she created for her Big Write this week! She included lots of amazing skills, like semi-colons and dashes to punctuate parenthesis. 

Y5  5EC - Olivia - for consistently working hard in all her lessons and showing some impressive scientific skills when investigating air resistance. 


Y6  6 AP - Jasmine - for her endearing nature and thoughtfulness towards both her peers and teachers. Muscliff is lucky to have a Jasmine. 

Y6  6KF- Lily-Paige - for your work from home, which is exceptional. All of the Year 6 teachers admired your science on Monday - such a creative poster! 

Y6  6DP - William - for his deep interest and questioning during our science lessons! We are so proud of you! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 22/01/21   


Rec  RSH - Hollie - for her absolute loveliness this week and for her excellent attitude towards her learning. 

Rec RJC - Archie - for being a maths whizz this week, you have amazed us with your understanding of numbers and you've worked hard to grow your brain! Superstar! 

Rec RAL - Amelie - for her hard work and resilience with home learning activities. You have really impressed us with your work and your 'can do' attitude. What a star! 


Y1  1LL - Alexios - for a fantastic effort to engage with online learning, well done Alexi, we are so proud of you! 

Y1  1LV - Lilly-Mae - for working independently on her tasks in school and trying her hardest with everything.  

Y1  1TS - Bailey - for super commitment to online learning. You are putting in so much effort to every piece of work. We are very proud of you. 


Y2  2HP - Annabelle - for wowing us all with her amazingly accurate column subtraction work this week! She is a true 'Maths Magician!' 

Y2  2EW - Ruwayda - for working extremely hard online and being a fantastic role model to others! It is a pleasure marking her work and seeing everything she has completed at home! 

Y2  2LS - Noah - for working extremely hard with his home learning. We have been very impressed with his organisation, creativity and determination to do his best. We're so proud of him. 


Y3  3AW - Leo - for his incredible effort in all his remote learning. He has really impressed me with his dedication and presentation of all of his work. Super star! 

Y3  3HR - Abigail - for her determination in all of her home learning and also her resilience to any challenges she has faced. Such a superstar! 

Y3  3LC  - Isla - for working hard at home and continuing to try her best.  Isla always gives everything 100% and I am very proud of the work she is sending to me. Isla, you are a superstar. 



Y4  4KV - Charlie - for his positive attitude and dedication to all of his remote learning. You are a true superstar.  

Y4  4AE - Samiksha - for always trying her best in her learning. Samiksha, your work is always neatly presented and done to the best of your ability! Well done πŸ™‚ 

Y4  4KS - Poppy - for showing a huge improvement in her dedication and perseverance towards her home learning. She created some fantastic expanded noun phrases in English and has worked hard in maths, using data to create line graphs. Well done Poppy! 


Y5  5RD - Isla - for the perseverance and determination that she has shown in maths this week. She has put so much effort into her work and never gives up, which has helped her to make great progress! Keep up the amazing work Isla πŸ™‚ 

Y5  5BP - Asil - for the brilliant paragraph he created about the strange creature landing in Australia. He showed off lots of skills that he has learnt recently, like using brackets and commas for parenthesis! Well done Asil πŸ™‚ 

Y5  5EC - Amelia - for working really hard in all her lessons and writing a fantastic piece of work in English.  

 Y6  6 AP - Lola - for her superstar attitude to her learning - what a delight she is! 

Y6  6KF - Aura - for her mature approach to working at home. She shows her appreciation of Muscliff's adults in the most thoughtful of ways. We appreciate you too, Aura! 

Y6  6DP - Shad - for impressing me with the extra work and research he has done to aid his work at home - great independent thinking! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 15/01/21   


Rec RSH - Tayma - for her new dedication to learning and growing her brain at home. I am proud of you Tayma, keep going! 

Rec RJC - Iris - for working so hard this week, you have shown great enthusiasm and engagement for all of your remote learning assignments. Super star! 

Rec RAL - Archie - for being a superstar with his home learning, showing perseverance and hard work to complete his challenges and always having a big smile on his face. 


Y1  1LL - Thomas - for incredible commitment and positive attitude towards online learning. 

Y1  1LV - Amira - for fantastic engagement with her remote learning. Well done Amira! 

Y1  1TS - Izzy - for engaging so well with learning at home. We have loved seeing your fantastic work. Well done, Izzy! πŸ™‚ 


 Y2  2HP - Keeva - for having a wonderfully positive growth mindset to working at home.  You have challenged yourself, persevered and wowed us with your wonderful work.  What a star! 

Y2  2EW - Alex - for working so hard online, sending in fantastic pictures. It is great to see all of your hard work! 

Y2  2LS - Adam - for impressing me so much with the work he has produced at home. He has clearly been working incredibly hard and it makes me very happy to see him smiling with pride next to his work. 


Y3  3AW - Joe - for his incredible attitude and dedication to all his remote home-learning. He always works hard to the best of his abilities and even persevered with learning a new skill of juggling this week. 

Y3  3HR - Irina - for settling so well back into our new school bubble. Irina always works incredibly hard and is such a polite and conscientious member of Year 3.               

Y3  3LC  - William - for adapting to the new school day amazingly, whilst showing Muscliff manners and determination.  You are a superstar William.   


 Y4  4KV - Marley - for having a fantastic start to the new term. He has been engaged in his learning and has completed some beautiful detailed work. Well done Marley. 

Y4  4AE - Leon - for his brilliant determination and focus with the online learning! You should be really proud of yourself! πŸ™‚ 

Y4  4KS - Archie - for being a superstar learner, especially in maths where he has shown accuracy when drawing out his bar charts. Well done for having such a positive attitude towards your learning Archie! 


Y5  5RD - Caleb - for working hard in all aspects of his learning this week and showing great determination with our tricky fraction work. Well done! 

Y5  5BP - Ruby - for the amazing effort she has put into all her learning over the last week. Keep up the good work Ruby πŸ™‚ 

Y5  5EC - Annalise - for consistently working hard and trying her best whilst learning from home. 

Y6  6 AP - Sophia - for her quiet, yet determined approach to working at home. We admire your level of independence and respect your maturity. Well done. 

Y6  6KF - Jess - for being full of life. We love to see her laughing and having fun whilst learning! 

Y6  6DP - Molly - for demonstrating a high level of independence and responsibility, while maintaining a wonderful sense of humour while working at home. Great job!