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A spreadsheet is a type of computer software that allows the user to store and analyse data.


Spreadsheets appear as rectangular grids, or sheets, that are made up of columns, rows, and cells. Each cell contains a piece of data and is given its own address, or reference, using the column and row labels. Cell D6, for example, is in column D, row 6. The data a cell contains can be numbers, text, or a formula.


A formula requires the computer to do a calculation using a set of data that appears in the spreadsheet. For example, cell C3 may contain the formula A3 + B3 =. This formula instructs the computer to add the number in cell A3 to the number in cell B3 and put the answer in cell C3.


Spreadsheets are used to handle large amounts of data efficiently and intelligently. They allow users to collect data and present it in an organized way and to manage it to provide further information. For example, they can be used to sort information, share it with other users, and create graphs, such as bar graphs and pie charts.


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