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Sports News

AFCB Football Finals


After great success in the previous round, Muscliff headed into the finals hoping to secure the chance to represent AFC Bournemouth against the other 19 Premier League clubs at Molineux stadium in Wolverhampton. 


The boys knew 2 wins would be enough to secure passage to the midlands and started the first game well. The boys played some slick, passing football which unlocked the opposition on several occasions. However, the opposition goal keeper must have had his Weetabix as he pulled off save after save to deny The Mighty Mice from taking the lead. 


Unfortunately for the boys, they went 1-0 down after being caught on the counter attack against the run of play. However, that didn't stop them from working hard until the end when a fantastic effort shot like a rocket through the hands of their goalkeeper. Muscliff had secured a draw, now knowing that a win would see them through to the promised land.


The next game saw them face an opponent that had beaten the team that Muscliff had drawn with. The boys knew they had a tough task ahead of them and found themselves 1-0 down just after the kick-off. Although the boys were losing, they kept their focus and put in 100% effort, sprinting all over the pitch, trying to get back into the game. As the game drew to a close, the opposition found a way through the Muscliff defence in a way that even Pep Guardiola would have been proud of, resulting in a second goal that put the tie to bed. 


The Muscliff boys finished runners up on the day, which meant they came 2nd out of the whole county of Dorest! A fantastic achievement that Mr Earl and Miss Dickens are extremely proud of them for. 


Well done boys, and good luck for the remaining league campaign!



Netball tournament

At the end of January we took a few of our students to a netball tournament that was being held at Bournemouth School for Girls. They played 3 games in the groups stages and managed to win  all 3 which put them through to the semi finals. Unfortunately they lost the semi finals, however they then went on to win the play offs to come 3rd! We are incredibly proud of all of the students who took part and they should be really proud of themselves. 


Year 6: Evie, Sommer, Matt, Isla

Year 5: Kacey, mason 

Year 4: Amy

Boys' Premier League Tournament

In January our year 6 boy's team went to Littledown to play an AFCB tournament. They managed to fly through the group stages and managed to win semi-final with a fantastic last minute goal! We are now waiting to hear which school won the second tournament to find out who we will be playing in the final and to see who will be representing AFCB at the Manchester City grounds. 

Girls Premier League Tournament

All of the girls who took part in this tournament put in 110% effort despite the wind and the rain. They worked amazingly as a team and showed great sportsmanship. They won all but one of their matches and should be extremely proud of themselves. 

Year 6 Boys AND Year 5/6 Girls football League

Muscliff Vs Queens Park 


In late November we took both our year 6 boys team and the year 5 and 6 girls team to the David English ground to play Queens Park Academy. Mr Earl watched over the boys match and Mrs Flynn and Miss Dickens watched and coached the girls match. 


Girls 3-0 WIN! - The girls we took to this match were absolutely fantastic, they turned up and played with a positive attitude, showed great sportsmanship and determination. Every single player on the pitch gave their everything, our defensive side was strong nothing could get past them and our midfielders and upfront continued to push up leading to goals! Congratulations to Isabella on getting her first goal during her debut match and well done to Kacey for 2 great goals! 


Boys 2-1 WIN! - 

Amazing Athletics!


A Massive well done to all of the children who took part in the second indoor athletics competition! They all competed in a range of track and field events and showed great determination, self belief and sportsmanship.  We look forward to more competitions in the spring and summer terms.

Girls Predator Tournament  

Some year 5 and 6 girls from our football club were selected to take part in a Predator Cup Tournament at the end of October. All of the girls who took part in the tournament were fantastic and they put in 110% effort which paid off. The girls were able to win their group stages which lead them on to the semi finials. This was a very tight match that went to extra time, more extra time and then penalties which the girls were able to win! In the Finals the girls lost 2-1 however they showed great determination and sportsmanship, the girls should be really really proud of themselves!

But it does't end there.... 


The girls managed to qualify to the County Cup Final which is taking place on the 7th December, we wish them all the best of luck and hope the have an amazing time! 


Year 5: Faye, Jodie, Lily, Kacey & Holly

Year 6: Madison, Marley, Sienna, Annabelle & Bianca 

Year 5 Predator Tournament 


A huge Well Done to all of the boys who took part in the tournament in October. It was the first time the boys had ever played together as a team and they were great! Their team spirit, sportsmanship and determination while taking part was fantastic. The boys should be very proud of themselves as we are proud of their first ever performance as a team. 


Taylor, Seth, Matt, Ollie, Logan, Dylan, Jake, Dan, Charlie & Harry. 

Year 6 Boys Predator Tournament


Massive Well Done to all of the boys who took part in the tournament this October. It was the first time the boys had played a match together as a team and they did wonderfully. All of the boys put 110% effort in to all of the matches, the teamwork was faultless and their sportsmanship was great. After 5 matches the boys came 2nd in the group stage missing 1st by just 1 point. All of the boys who took part should be extremely proud of themselves as we are extremely proud of you! 


Reece, Ben, Liam, Matt, Jack, Luka, Archie, Alex, Jacob & Rylee. 

Septenary Games

On 22nd June we took a team of KS2 students to Kings Park. All students were split up into pairs and then sent off to work with children from other schools, they took part in activities such as golf, long jump, team building games, obstacle races and many more. After lunch the children then took part in different races, like 75m sprint, boys relay, girls relay and 600m. All of our students took part in the 600m even if they knew it would be really hard, none of them gave up and they all finished the race! We are so incredibly proud of the effort all of you put in, you should all be really proud. Well Done.


Year 5

Ben: Came 2nd in 600m and 75m.  

Travis, Oscar, Jacob and Andrew: Boys relay team 2nd.


Year 6

Abi: Came 2nd in 75m sprint.

Holly, Masie, Grace and Ella: Girls relay team 2nd.

Well done to Holly who won a prize for being so enthusiastic and for encouraging others.

Tennis Final at Bryanston

A massive well done to our year 4 students who made it to the Dorset School Games Tennis Finals at Bryanston School. They had an inspiring speech at the beginning of the day from a Olympian followed by a wake and shake dance. Our children played 4 individual matches against other schools with breaks in between. During those breaks we were able to go and try other sports and skills at the sporting village like a cricket simulator, frizbee golf, yball and more. At the end of the day we found out that we came 6th out of 12 schools that were taking part in the final! A MASSIVE well done to the 4 students who came. 


Faye, Kacey, Fillipo and Ollie.

County Cricket Finals


Our year 5 and 6 cricket team smashed the qualifiers to make it through to the county cricket finals at Bryanston School. The boy's played some really hard matches against some of the top schools in Dorset and won many games. By the end of the tournament we were placed 5th out of 12 on the day, but overall we came 5th out of 110 schools which is AMAZING! All of the boys who took part should be really proud of what they have achieved. A massive well done.


Year 6: Jacob, Finley, Avi, Veeresh, Josh, Rees and Spencer.

Year 5: Adam, Matt and Jack.

Girls Friendly Football Match 

On Monday 21st May, 11 girls got the opportunity to represent Muscliff in a friendly football match against WInton. All of the girls showed great determination and teamwork. They had some great shots on target, which resulted in a amazing goal and a few fantastic saves. The final score was 1-1. A big well done to the girls. 

Year 5 - Marely, Madison, Annabelle, Sienna

Year 6 - Izzy, Chloe, Keira, Garbriella, Abigail, Olivia, Megan. 


Year 6 Boys Friendly Football Match

On Wednesday 25th April, 9 of our year 6 boys represented Muscliff in a friendly football match against Parkfield School. For most of them it was their first time playing as a team in a competitive match. All of the boys put 110% effort into the match which helped them win    5-0! Very well done to you all.

Shahram, Veeresh, Owen, Sebastian, Jacob, Nathan, Ben, Sonny and Connor. 

Girls Friendly Football Match 

On Thursday 19th April, 8 girls got the opportunity to represent Muscliff in a friendly football match against St Walburgas. All of the girls who played put in an amazing performance and as a team they are getting stronger and stronger. They had many shots on target, which resulted in some amazing goals and a few that missed by a whisker. The final score was 2-2. A big well done to the girls. 

Year 5 - Marely, Madison, Annabelle, Kacey.

Year 6 - Izzy, Chloe, Summer, Garbriella, Abigail. 

Cheerleading Sports Superstar of the Week!


Jessica was last weeks Superstar!

Sshe has been working very hard and her gym has improved lots over this term.

Grace was this weeks Superstar!

She is trying her best to keep up with the older girls and really giving it her all.

Athletics semi finals at Avonbourne

Wednesday 7th February, we took our Athletics team to the semi finals at Avonbourne Collage where they competed in many different field and track events. The girls came 3rd in their races, the boys came forth leaving them overall coming 3rd! All of the students who came should be extremely proud of themselves and the effort that they put in to all of their events. We are really proud of you and hope you keep training ready for Spring competitions! 


Girls Primary Stars Football Tournament

On Tuesday 6th February, we took some of our girls from our football team to play at a tournament run by AFC Bournemouth. They put in an amazing performance leaving them to come 2nd in their group stage, with 2 fantastic win and two losses. 

All of the girls should be really proud of themselves as we are really proud of you! 

Congratulations to: Gabriella, Marley, Siena, Izzy, Chloe, Keira, Madison and Annabelle (Manager/Coach).

Year 6 PE - Inventing Games

Over the last few weeks in PE, our Year 6 children have had the opportunity to invent, plan and deliver a new sports game or skill development activity. All the children have shown great team work and problem solving skills to ensure their new game was active, purposeful and fun!


Here are some pictures of their excellent activities they have created:

Year 4, 5 and 6 Netball Team

We are so proud of our KS2 Netball team who entered their first tournament on Wednesday. They all played with exceptional Muscliff team spirit and showed great determination and resilience throughout all their matches! We are looking forward to hearing all about their next match soon - well done!


Year 5 and 6 Football Team

It has been a pleasure to have watched the Year 6 football team progress rapidly through the group stages of the Bournemouth Schools League and onto the semi finals at Littledown last week.  We faced St Katherines in the semi final and successfully progressed to face The Park school in the finals!  All the boys played with tremendous heart and it was a proud moment to watch them receive the winning shield!


The next day we attended AFC Bournemouth's football tournament and after a strong performance in the group stages progressed again to the semi finals and finals, winning 5 - 0 against Broadstone Middle School! We are now waiting to hear who were the winners of the second Bournemouth tournament and a date for the final match to see who will  represent Bournemouth at Liecester City premier team finals!

Girls Friendly Football match 

Muscliff vs Moordown


On Friday 12th January some of the girls from our football squad played a match against Moordown. They put in a amazing performance winning the match 3-0! The girls showed huge levels determination, perseverance and team work. For some of our girls it was their first EVER football match and they should be so proud of themselves! 

Well done and keep up the great work!


Yr 6: Summer, Abi and Megan.

Yr 5: Naiya.

Yr 4: Faye, Kacey, Jodie and Lilly.

Indoor Athletics Competition


On Wednesday 10th January we took our amazing athletics team to their first competition of the year.They competed against four different schools from across Bournemouth and came second! They exceeded expectations in all aspects, behaviour was impeccable, showed amazing sportsmanship and put their all into their events. They are now training for their next event on February 7th with hope that they make it through to the Bournemouth Finals.


We are all so proud of what they have achieved and hope they are proud of themselves to!

Lacey, Ellie, Gabriella, Keira, Evie, Lacey, Isla, Sommer, Rudi, Louis, Spencer, Zack, Liam, Charlie, Rivva, Logan. 

Girl's Friendly Football Match 

Muscliff Vs Epiphany ​​​

On December 12th we took some of our year 5 and 6 girls to Epiphany school to play their first friendly match as a team. They drew the match 2-2, with some amazing saves from our keeper and some fantastic goals! All of the girls showed fantastic determination, resilience and teamwork as well as great skill against Epiphany's team. 


Massive well done girls: Abi, Chloe, Gabriella, Izzy, Olivia, Summer, Phoebe, Annabelle, Marley, Madison and Sienna.

Year 6 'Invitation Cup'- Winners!

This Year 6 football team showed exceptional sportsmanship and their hard work paid off to create a winning performance!

Each new match bought more challenging competition but the boys were determined and showed outstanding perseverance and positivity throughout the whole competition.


Well done to all the boys:

 Thierry, Shahram, Ben, Liam, Alfie, Rivva, Zack, Jacob, Riley

Dorset Gymnastics Competition

Year 5 and 6 Team Tumbling Champions!


It was an absolute pleasure to take the Year 3 and 4 and Year 5 and 6 Tumblimg teams to the Dorset competition on Sunday 19th November.  They have all been practising extremely hard with Gamma Coles on a Tuesday after school and this was shown within their superb performances.  We were very proud to see their unwavering support for each other as well as the other teams. The Year 3 and 4 mixed team showed tremendous skill, resilience and bravery (for some gymnasts this was their first performance in front of a big crowd) and their tumbling performances were excellent.  Our Year 5 and 6 girls team continued this excellent standard, reaching the final.  Their smiles and enjoyment for gymnastics was obvious to observe and as a result of their superb effort and skill were awarded 1st place! This is the first time we have ever won the Dorset gymnastics competition and are so proud of all the gymnastics who took part!


Well done to:

Year 3 and 4

Isla, Max, Sophia and Reah


Year 5 and 6

Sommer, Chloe, Evie, Sasha and Aurelia

Year 6 Football Team


Congratulations to the Year 6 Football team who won their first game, 4 - 2, against local rivals Epiphany Primary School. Well done to the scorers, Louie (2), Spencer and Archie!

The boys showed outstanding teamwork and resilience throughout a tough game. We look forward to playing our next few matches in the league!

Years 5 and 6 Girl's Football Tournament

It was an absolute pleasure to take a group of Year 5 and 6 girls to our first girl’s tournament of the year. The girl’s passion and electricity for the sport came alive as they made it through to the semi-finals. All of the children showed fantastic determination, resilience and teamwork as well as great skills against some tough opposition!

I can’t wait to see them in action again in future tournaments!


Well done to all the girls:

Chloe, Keira, Gabriella, Bianca, Lacey, Marley, Abi, Annabelle, Madison, Sienna

Year 5 Boys Football Tournament

The Year 5 football team showed fantastic resilience and determination when representing the school in their first match together. The boys showed fantastic sportsmanship and enthusiasm for all of the teams involved and played a fantastic game.


Well done to all the boys:

Archie, George, Owen, Lewis, Liam, Adam, Logan, Rees, Alex, Wyatt

Cross Country Competition

What a fantastic way to start the sporting year off by taking a large, determined group of Year 5s and 6s to our first cross country competition at Harewood College! For some the 1 mile challenge was a new experience but each child showed tremendous stamina and determination!

Well done to Luka, who came 4th out of 130 boys!


Well done Team Muscliff!

Gold School Games Mark Award 2016 - 2017


Following our application over the summer, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Sainsbury's School Games GOLD Mark for the second year in a row! We are very proud of the sporting opportunities we provide and this award reflects many of our improvements within PE provision in school, including:

  • The quantity of high-quality PE lessons our children receive each week.

  • The amount of children participating in extra-curricular sporting activity each week.

  • The broad range of sporting activities with the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

  • The number of competitive events we take part in each year


By receiving the Gold award, we are among the top schools in the county and country for the opportunities we provide in PE. We are very proud of this award and hope it can be used as a springboard to develop our PE teaching even more!

Ice Skating Superstar!


Congratulations to Sophie Kemp who recently won first place in the 'Skating Stars' Competition! Sophie entered the competition in March 2016, in which 20 complete beginner ice skaters were selected to have free coaching at Planet Ice in Gosport. Every week the competition was whittled down to 15, 10 and then to 5, with the final 5 competing in a gala at the end of September.  Sophie was the winner! This is a fantastic achievement, particularly as she was competing against children aged between 6 and 16  and she was still 6 when the competition started in March 2016! Her prize was free skating lessons until she gets to Gold standard (passing grades 1-8, bronze, silver and gold) and she is now just one element off passing silver, which is incredible progress in just a year. She also won unlimited access to Planet Ice, Gosport for a year, a skating jacket and new blades. She also won the opportunity to play the role of Dinah the cat in last Christmas's production of Alice in Wonderland.

Below is a link to the story in the Echo:
Sophie has continued her winning streak, recently winning bronze in her first artistic skating competition! Well done Sophie, this is an outstanding achievement and we look forward to hearing all about your future ice skating successes!




PE and Sports News 2016 - 2017

Year 6 Football Bournemouth Finals


Following a series of unstoppable winning performances by the Year 6 football team during their group stages, they were through to the semi finals of the Bournemouth football league. Muscliff met local rivals Epiphany in the semi finals at Littledown and played with tremendous Muscliff spirit, narrowly losing 1-0. Despite the loss, the boys all played with great determination, resilience and positivity throughout the game.


Well done to al the boys who took part :)


Year 5 Bournemouth Swimming Gala


Miss Best and Miss Wright took some brilliant swimmers to the Bournemouth Year 5 swimming gala at Littledown. They all showed tremendous team spirit and bravery in front of a particularly large crowd! Well done to all the children who had to concentrate on performing their individual stroke correctly as well as making sure they followed the strict rules when turning in the water. Congratulations to all the children who swam brilliantly throughout their heat and in particularly to Lilly who won her heat and swam two lengths in the girls freestyle relay!


Well done and thank you for giving up your time on a Saturday:

Lilly, Grace, Ella, Riley and Jacob


Year 5 and 6 Can Do Football Team


It was a pleasure to take some our Year 5 and 6 children to the first ‘Can do’ Bournemouth schools football tournament at Littledown. The afternoon began with a brilliant coaching session followed by a tournament between all the schools. All of the children showed fantastic determination, resilience and teamwork as well as great skill against some tough opposition. All of the children had a fantastic time and it was lovely to hear the support, enthusiasm and positivity from all the players throughout the afternoon!


Well done to all the children:

Charlie, Ben, Ciaran, Sam, Elliott, Rio, Jake and Emily

An impressive 57% of children (343 children) attended extra curricular sports clubs in the Autumn term!


Well done to all the children who have taken part in sports clubs and

competitions this term :)

Sports Ambassadors


Teachers from across the school selected one child from each year group to become our first Sports Ambassadors! Each of the children selected have shown resilience, team work and determination as well as an enthusiasm to help others within PE lessons. Keep an eye out in our reception are for our brilliantly designed Muscliff letters! Each Sports Ambassador decorated their letter with pictures or words which show what they enjoy most about PE and Sport at Muscliff. Well done to: Jamie, Lilly, Chloe, Seb, Ollie, Darcy and Stanley!

Beat Street Dancing Awards Evening


It was an absolute pleasure to watch so many of our children take part in Beats street dance award on Saturday 19th December! All of the children showed outstanding skills and performed a range of street dance performances with some children even entering individual street dance battles!

Well done to all the children who took part!

Luke, Sophie, Zac, Rees and Poppy


Year 5 Football Team - Bournemouth Schools Winners!


The Year 5 Football team showed outstanding perseverance to become the 2016/17 Bournemouth Schools Predator Tournament winners! Charlie Walker, our Year 5 manager, thought carefully about positions and formations helping to create a winning performance!

Well done to all the boys:

Spencer, Louis, Reuban, Reece, Rees, Sonny, Owen, Rivva, Josh and Connor

Cross Country - Second Round Sir David English


Year 5 and 6 children took part in the second round of cross country and showed brilliant resilience once again! Well done to Sam who 5th out of 135 boys as well as all of the children who improved on their first run!

Year 5 Penny Skateboarders!


Year 5 have had the amazing opportunity to try a skateboarding session with two qualified skateboarding instructors from Penny Skate!

All the children were amazed with how much progress they made within the session and felt confident to try new skills on the board due to being fully protected with safety helmets and elbow and knee pads!


Below are some of our skateboarders in action!



Cross Country Competitions!


It was a pleasure to take so many Year 5's to our first cross country competition at Harewood College on 4th October! All the children showed tremendous stamina and determination and represented Muscliff with pride!

I am looking forward to seeing them in action again in the next two competitions as well as some of our Year 6 children joining the team!

Gold School Games Mark Award 2015 - 2016


Following our application over the summer, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Sainsbury's School Games GOLD Mark! We are very proud of the sporting opportunities

we provide and this award reflects many of our improvements within PE provision in school, including:

  • The quantity of high-quality PE lessons our children receive each week.

  • The amount of children participating in extra-curricular sporting activity each week.

  • The broad range of sporting activities with the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

  • The number of competitive events we take part in each year


By receiving the Gold award, we are among the top schools in the county and country for the opportunities we provide in PE. We are very proud of this award and hope it can be used as a springboard to develop our PE teaching even more!


Previous awards: Bronze School Games Mark 2014 - 2015


Muscliff 'Do Yourself Proud' Sports Relief


Well done to all the children who supported Sports Relief last Friday.  It was great to see so many children active at playtime and taking part in our 5 minute run.  Every year group was challenged to take part in our 5 minute run around the field and the MUGA. 


All the children showed great stamina and resilience and as a school we completed an impressive 1938 laps!  This equates to 1,085,280 metres and 674 miles! 


Congratulations to everyone who took part and in particular to Year 6 who ran 355 laps in total!

Gifted and Talented Festival


Our seven Septenary Trust schools came together to celebrate the sporting successes of children in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Congratulations to all the children who were selected by their teachers for their brilliant sporting achievements both in and out of school. All the children had an opportunity to try four non-traditional sports; tennis, yoga, ultimate frisbee and karate, before being recognised for their achievements and awarded certificates.  Well done to Kyran who won the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Sport Award’ for his endless enthusiasm and commitment to PE and Sport.  Well done to all the children!


Year 3: Chloe, Emily, Brooklyn and Luka

Year 4: Gabriella, Spencer, Louis and Lilly

Year 5:  Jack, Grace, Ella and Kyran

Year 6: Daniel, Keon, Lauren and Daisy

Tag Rugby Team


Congratulations to the Tag Rugby team who took part in the Bournemouth schools Tag Rugby Festival.  Despite a very muddy, rainy day, all the children worked extremely hard as team and improved in every game. 


Well done to Fred, Sam, Jamie, Reid, Craig, Keon, Daisy, Lauren, Jessica and Charlotte.

Rapid Runners


Well Done to Mrs Small and Mr Andrews!

Last weekend Mrs Small and Mr Andrews entered the Weymouth half marathon to raise money for our school! They completed the 13 miles in an impressive 2 hours 10minutes and raised lots of money for the school. Well done!


Running Club

Following in the footsteps of their teachers, a group of children have been spending their lunchtime running around Muscliff. Well done to all the children who have increased their stamina, running nearly 2 miles.  Thank you to all of the staff and parents who have made this possible.



Girls Cricket Team


Well done to all the girls who took part in the Bournemouth schools cricket tournament.  They have all been training really hard on a Monday morning and have shown great skill and commitment.


Well done to:

Grace, Sienna, Scarlett, Shannon, Emily and Mia.

Super Swimming Gala


On Saturday 30th January, Miss Patrick and Miss Wright took seven super swimmers to this year’s Bournemouth Schools Swimming Gala at Littledown. All the children showed tremendous swimming skills and bravely in front of a packed crowd.  Each child took part in an individual race and the boys also took part in a freestyle relay.  We are so proud of all the children, their behaviour and resilience where outstanding!


Well done to:  Jamie Baker (50m Breaststroke), Jamie Culley (25m Butterfly), Sam Farewell (50m Backcrawl), Alfie Tucker (50m Freestyle), Amy Petty (50m Backcrawl), Megan Castle (25m Butterfly) and Grace Waddington-Doe (50m Freestyle).

Year 6 Football Team 2nd in Bournemouth


Coming top of their league, the Year 6 football team were invited to the Bournemouth schools semi finals against St Marks.  All the players showed great resilience and team work to beat a tough side and progressed through to the finals!  Here they met St Lukes and played in a nail biting match! The final score was 1-0 to St Lukes.  All the players played with great Muscliff team spirit and Mr Jackson Taylor and I are extremely proud of all them :).

Year 6 Football Team


Well done to the Year 6 football team for another amazing win 2-1 against Hillview!

It was an extremely nail biting match with near misses and tremendous skill and determination from both sides.

Well done to all the players and a big thank you to Billy who came to ref our game!

Tremendous Team Tumbling


On Sunday 22nd November, we entered 3 teams into the Dorset schools gymnastics tumbling competition! The Year 3 and 4 girls were up early for the first competition and all showed amazing Muscliff spirit particularly as for some of the children this was their first ever gymnastics competition.  The Year 3 and 4 mixed team were next in showing excellent gymnastics skills and support for all the competitors and finally the Year 5 and 6 mixed team entered the competition with a fantastic positive attitude and a huge amount of talent.  All the gymnasts performed brilliantly and it was a pleasure to watch their routines :).  A really big thank you to Gemma for organising the competition and helping all the children with their brilliant routines and to all the parents who came along to support.

Well done to everyone!


Year 3 and 4 – Girls

Gabriella, Maisy, Molly, Isabel and Olivia


Year 3 and 4 – Mixed

Izzy, Spencer, Sommer, Ellie and Lily May


Year 5 and 6 – Mixed

Abi, Ella, Mia, Samuel and Lauren

Year 6 Football Team


Another successful performance from our brilliant Year 6 Football Team beating St Walburgas Primary school 3 -0!  All the players are extremely proud of their clean sheet record and as a result a special mention goes to our brilliant goal keeper Harry, who has consistently put his body on the line no matter the opposition :)


Well done – bring on next week!

AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust


We would like to say a big thank you to AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust who have been delivering brilliant workshops to both Year 5 and Year 6 as part of their premier leagues projects. All the teachers were very impressed with how well both year groups carefully listened to information about healthy lifestyles and respect and citizenship. The children also took part in a respect poster challenge and learnt about different food groups in order to find out which ones are best for their bodies.

Year 6 Football Team


Congratulations to the Year 6 football team who won their first game 6-0 against Malmesbry Park!


Well done to all the boys invilved who showed great team work and skill to beat a good side.  Mr Jackson Taylor and I are looking forward to our next game against St Walburgas Primary School next week J

Year 5 Cross Country


8 Year 5 children have braved the winter weather to take part in 2 cross country competitions against other Bournemouth Year 5 /6 teams.  They all showed great determination and resilience to finish their races as well as brilliant team work encouraging all runners around the course!


Well done to:

Emily, Ella, Esmay, Grace, Sam, Alfie, Kyran and Olly


Year 5 Bournemouth Football Tournament


It was a pleasure to take 10 of our Year 5 children to the Bournemouth Schools Football Competition on Thursday.  All the children were determined to show their excellent footballing skills and worked as a team to show true Muscliff resilience.

Well done to:

Josh, Christian, Sam, Rafe, Rees, Oliver, Olly, Rhys and Max


The Year 5 team cam third overall in their pool, here are a few pictures of them in action!

Muscliff Primary School Awarded

Bronze School Games Mark!


We are honoured to have been awarded the Bronze School Games Award for our PE and Sport this year.  The Sainsbury's School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.  We have worked really hard this year to increase the opportunities for children to compete in both Level 1 and Level 2 sports competitions, increase our extra-curricular activities and provide more events for children to take part in Leadership activities.  We are now looking forward to the challenge of the silver award and providing more sporting opportunities for all the children at Muscliff next year!

PE 2014 - 2015

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers

Thank you for all your support in collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers.

We have collected just under 30,000 vouchers and we are looking forward to using all of the exciting new sports equipment arriving in September!

Town Sports


On Thursday 11th June, a group of amazing Year 5 and 6 children (and 2 excited adults) attended Bournemouth Town Sports at Kings Park.  They not only all competed brilliantly, but represented the school beautifully!

  • All 4 of our rapid relay teams qualified for their finals (within the top 8 out of all the schools), which was a fantastic achievement in itself.  Not only this, but the Year 6 boys team came 2nd overall, only to be beaten by St Katherine's! Wow!
  • Our speedy sprinters Bailey and Keon came runner up and 1st place respectively in their 75m finals!  We couldn't contain our excitement (or tears)!
  • Zak and Honey managed to jump higher than all the others in their high jump competitions and even jumped their way to the Dorset finals!   Samuel and Sophie also did a super job in their high jump.
  • Oscar, Leo, Jasmine and Layla leapt their way over the hurdles in record time, with Jasmine bringing home the gold, and Oscar and Leo achieving runner up status!  Super!
  • Our long jumpers (Ethan, Katie, William and Eloise) did a brilliant job in their jumps, all achieving personal bests and beating a huge number of the other schools - amazing considering we haven't even practised in a real sand pit!
  • Molly, Craig, Hallie, Bethan, Leon, Teyah and Charlotte ran really well in their races, also running times that many of the other schools found hard to beat - great job all of you!
  • Harvey, Samuel and Megan put their throwing skills to the test in the cricket/rounders ball throws and we are very proud of them. (They also showed great patience, with lots of waiting around!)


Miss Bayford, Mrs Cake and all the Muscliff staff are so proud of you all.  Bring on the Dorset finals for a record number of Muscliff athletes! (details of this to follow)

Key Stage One Sports Day!


Thank you to all who came to support the children in Y1 and Y2 on their Sports Day yesterday.  It was a very successful morning; the children had lots of fun practising lots of physical skills and competed well in activities and races. 


Winners of the Activity carousel were Cedar team, Y1 sprint winners were Birch team, and Maple team won the Y2 relay races.  The overall winners on the day were…

Cedar team!


Top groups in the Activity Carousel were:
1. Group 3 (Maple)
2. Group 11 (Cedar)
3. Group 12 (Maple)
4. Group 8 (Maple)
5. Group 1 (Cedar)
6. Group 15 (Oak)


Overall Results were:
1 - Cedar, 2 - Maple, 3 - Birch


Activity total

Y1 sprints

Y2 relay





























  Well done to ALL of the children for their efforts and a big thank you to all of the staff who made the morning such an enjoyable occasion.  Special thanks go to Year 5 who became scorers, photographers, team and activity leaders as well as reporters for

the morning! 


‘Reporter on the day‘: Maisie, Y5

Everyone had a great time at the KS1 Sports Day!  The teachers were very proud of their amazing groups.  Mrs Cooper said she was very proud of her group and were showing true Muscliff style.  Wyatt scored two goals in a row with ease and he thought it was fun.  Years 1 and 2 were delighted to run in the sprint races.  Everyone did a hoptastic job at the standing long jump.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a spectacular time!


We look forward to the Reception Sports morning on Friday (9.30-11am), and the KS2 Sports on the 8th July. 



Quadkids Athletics!

A huge well done to the athletes from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 who attended the Quadkids competition on Wednesday 29th April after school.  The effort they put in to their 4 different events (sprint, run, throw, jump) was amazing and, as always, they showed super sportsmanship!  We are really looking forward to the next competition on 20th May smiley

How does exercise effect our bodies?


In Year 2 we have been giving the children lots of opportunities to become scientists.  We have been focusing on the benefits of healthy eating and exercise as well as the effect it has on the body.  We challenged children to come up with their own investigations to test what happens to our bodies. 


Here are some pictures of our scientists in action!

High Flyers Basketball Club


It has been great to hear the rapid bouncing of basketballs and see so many children up and active bright and early on a Thursday morning!  Our breakfast basketball club provides children with the opportunity to develop excellent ball skills, fitness and specific basketball tactics with their friends! Have a look at our fantastic basketballer’s in action! 


If you would like to come and joint the fun, come and ask Miss Wright

(Elderflower, Year 2) for more information.

Year 6 Tag Rugby Festival @ Oakmeadians Rugby Club


Our Year 6 Tag Rugby team took to the pitches of Meyrick Park on Tuesday of this week (3rd March) to compete in the annual Bournemouth Tag Rugby Festival.  A record number of schools took part this year and, in spite of a slow start coming to terms with the playing conditions and competitive nature of some of the opposing sides, Muscliff rattled off four straight victories within their set of fixtures and finished the day within the top ten schools in Bournemouth.


Some evidence of their incisive play and muddy antics are shown below...

Girls Dorset County Cricket


Last week I had the pleasure of taking a year 6 Girls Cricket squad to the first round of the Dorset County.  They have been practising hard early every Monday morning with the help of Rob Newton, the Dorset Cricket Development Officer, which really helped to develop all the girls bowling, fielding and batting skills.  In a tough pool round the girls showed tremendous Muscliff team spirit narrowly losing to Christchurch Junior School in their first game but then working tremendously hard to beat St Catherines Primary School with 97 runs – the highest score of the tournament! The girls then went on to beat Hillview Primary School with another big score of 76 runs giving them 2nd place overall! Well done to all the girls!


Sophie B, Chloe C, Lacey, Megan, Rana, Olivia, Holly and Sophia.

Muscliff Athletics Team!


We have some amazing news!  We have come 1st in all our league Indoor Athletics competitions and are now on our way to the Bournemouth finals on 11th March!  Well done to all the children, who have all worked so hard... I am really proud of you!  And thank you to all the parent supporters and members of staff who have come along to competitions and to help with training. 


Miss Bayford smiley

Muscliff are ‘Head Over Heels’ about gymnastics!


Have you noticed your child talking about balancing, posture or even teddy bear rolls? Well Year 5, 2 and currently Year 1 have all been lucky enough to have the opportunity to be coached by specialist gymnastics coach Gemma Coles with PE lessons.  As well as giving our teachers valuable CPD within gymnastics, our children are also benefiting from expert coaching in their PE lessons.


Here are some of our Year 2 children in action!

Arsenal Soccer Schools!


Year 2 have had an amazing opportunity to have football coaching from Arsenal Soccer Schools!  To the children’s surprise it was not the normal football training they might have expected… Elderflower class enjoyed being pirates and playing with ‘cannon balls’, Orchid played magic football and Tea Rose will get their opportunity next Friday! All the children enjoyed learning new skills and being active and we are hoping to continue working with Arsenal Soccer Schools within a new after school club – watch this space!

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers

Thank you for all your support in collecting Sainsbury’s vouchers last year; they have helped
us to provide a range of exciting sports and cooking equipment for all our children!  We are
hoping to collect even more vouchers this year to support our children to eat well, move well
 and live well.  There is already a collection box in reception and vouchers will be available
in stores from 28th January until the 5th May. 


The race is on to start collecting for 2015!

Tremendous Tumblers - 3rd in Dorset!


On Sunday 23rd November a group of brilliant gymnasts took part in the Dorset gymnastics schools tumbling competition! After months of practising their routines with the amazing Gemma Cole the children confidently took to the floor to perform their routines.  The Year 3 and 4 mixed team preformed their routines brilliantly with a mixture of chases and cartwheels against 12 other schools.  The Year 5 and 6 mixed team also showed their immense gymnastics skills and proceeded into the finals.  The children showed great determination through tough competition and finished 3rd in Dorset!

Well done to all the children who took part and all the grown ups who cam along to support!

Year 3 and 4 Mixed Team

Izzy, Abi, Owen, Maise and Dasiy


Year 5 and 6 Mixed Team

Lauren, Maya, Sophie, Samuel and Lilly

Fantastic Footballers!

Year 3

The amazing Year 3 football team took part in two friendly games against Ferndown Infants School over the past few weeks.  All the children showed brilliant skill, determination and amazing Muscliff team spirit and support for each other through out both games!

Our first game was at home where all the children worked extremely hard to pass the ball to space and work together as a team resulting in an impressive 9 – 2 victory!

Our second game was away to Ferndown where all the children again showed great determination and resilience particularly in defence resulting in another brilliant 2 – 1 win.


Well done to all the children who took part, particularly the two Year 2’s Luka and Jack as well as all the grown ups who cam along to support the games!


Year 3 Team

Louis, Owen, Spencer, Téo, Ben, Charlie, Connor, Josh, Reuben, Liam, Luka and Jack



Year 6

Year 6 Football Team - The team have played two games, losing their first game against the Epiphany 3-2 and drawing their second game against St Walburga's 2-2. Both games were very exciting and very close.
Either game could have easily been victories for Muscliff but unfortunately luck was not on our side in either games. A great effort was made in both matches by all the players. Man of the match against Epiphany was Ethan Spittles and against St Walburga's it was Oscar Harvey. Our next game is on the 4th December against Hillview. A big thank you to all the parents for all your support.

Athletics Team


Muscliff Athletics Team attended their second indoor athletics competition on Tuesday 12th November and won again!  That's twice in a row now! Well done to all the athletes and thank you to all the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters who came along to support us and transported the children there and back.  Yet again, we are very proud off their effort, enthusiasm, commitment and sportsmanship.  Keep up the hard work!

Muscliff Athletics Team


On Wednesday 15th October, the Year 5 and 6 Athletics Team attended their first indoor athletics competition.  They competed against four other Bournemouth schools and came first!  The children showed amazing talent as well as super sportsmanship.  Year 6 team members supported new team members really well and Miss Bayford and Mrs Harrison were so proud of all of them. 


Some highlights of the evening:

  • Megan P, Katie, Mia and Charlotte winning the first event of the competition - The Obstacle Relay.
  • Keon and Jayden zooming to first place in the 2 + 2 relay race.
  • Zak and Craig showing super stamina in the 6 lap relay... and winning!
  • The speed bouncers all jumping over 64 times in 30 seconds! Wow!
  • Zac and Ethan running a really exciting 1 + 1 lap relay, proving themselves to be the most improved athletes since they have been members of the team.
  • Both 4 x 1 relay teams winning for the grand finale of the evening!

It was a very close competition and we are looking forward to lots more training to make sure we stay at the top!


Septenary Athletics Tournament

On Friday 11th July 14 children (7 boys and 7girls) from Year 6 took part in our first Septenary Athletics tournament!  After a quick warm up of Wake and Shake all the children where split into 7 teams and took part in 7 different sporting challenges around Kings Park stadium, all the children showed excellent collaboration and team work with children from different schools.  We finished with a school races in which every child took part in either a sprint, relay or long distance race.  Well done to every child who came, they all showed excellent determination and support throughout the whole day!

A special mention to George who came 2nd in the 150m and Zak who came 3rd in the 300m. What an excellent way to finish their sporting memories at Muscliff!

Spectacular Sports Days!




A lovely day where all children worked together to gain points for their house across a range of activities that challenged their fundamental movement skills.  Well done to all the Rainbows!


Key Stage 1


Lots of fun was had by all the children in their carousel of activities. At the end of those it was fairly clise between the five houses.  Year 1 sprints and Year 2 relay races added the final points on to their scores.  The final results were:

Birch - 1850

Oak - 1813

Maple – 1556

Beech – 1532

Cedar - 1402


Key Stage 2


Another excellent sports day, where every child in Key Stage 2 was challenged to compete a range of sporting activities as well as track races!

Year group top scorers :

Year 3: Joshua Li and Amira Muller

Year 4: Craig Smith, Lola Parkhurst-Mole, Daisy Aldam and Mia Attreed

Year 5. Olivia Harris, Katie Lenthall and Finlay Miller

Year 6: Mitchell O'Connor and Jessica Walker



Dorset Athletics Finals 2014


On Saturday 5th July, 5 children attended the Dorset athletics finals at Kings Park Stadium, after qualifying from Bournemouth Town Sports. Lewis Briscoe came 2nd in Dorset in the cricket ball throw. Thomas Farwell came 3rd in Dorset in the 600m.  Jasmine Stocker came 2nd in Dorset in the 60m hurdles. Zak El-Basir came 2nd in Dorset in the high jump. Bailey Fischer-Hughes came 1st (wow!) in the 75m sprint. Well done to all of them!

Kwik Cricket Dorset Finals 2014


Our successful Year 6 Kwik Cricket team represented Bournemouth at the County Finals on Wednesday 18th June, playing several matches against the best Dorset has to offer.  Although the boys found it very competitive on the day, their attitude, skill and enthusiasm were brilliant throughout a long day in the sun.  We all hope that they go on to score many, many more runs for their respective secondary schools next year!

Septenary Benchball Tournament WINNERS!


Miss Wright and Mr Davies had the pleasure of taking a team of children from Year 2 and Year 3 for the very first Sepenatry Benchball tournament!  All the children showed great team work and support to all the children taking part.  There was a nail biting final match against Moordown St Johns which we won 11 – 7 becoming the first Benchball winners!  Well done to all the children that took part! J