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Reception: RSH (Rainbow Star), RAL (Rainbow Moon), RJC (Rainbow Sun)

                               Welcome tReception 



Friday 18th Sept

So that's their first week in school done! To us, it feels as if they've always been here. Our endpoint for the week was to establish the basic routines, learn preliminary behaviour strategies (ask them about Hand Up For Silence & Super 6) and to feel comfortable in the environment. Sorted!

We have had a go in our 3 outdoor zones: water and construction area, mud kitchen and gardening zone and our secret garden. There are still plenty of bits we have not shown them yet eg hoops and balls, trikes, painting, obstacle course etc but we have lots of time! The children are also really enjoying the big playground - the tyres and wooden equipment seem to be firm favourites already although who knew that picking acorns could be so much fun! We are now using them for counting, peeling (fine motor control), PSE (personal, social education) - Mrs Graham has drawn different faces on them to show emotions and speaking (how are these acorns different from each other?).

There will be ups and downs along the way - at some point over every school year (that's life, right?!) and building stamina and resilience will take patience and perseverance from all of us but what a positive start we've had this week!

​​​​​​​Thank you to so many of you already having activated your Tapestry account. We hope you have liked the photos and observations we have managed to upload so far. Teachers tend to do this job at a weekend so a weekly check might be advisable. 

So now it's time to swap the timetable and see how much we can achieve in week 2. Remember we still need:

  • daily snack pot and water bottle
  • book bag (no rucksacks or lunch boxes please)
  • social distancing and prompt exiting

​​​​​​​Have a lovely weekend. 



Tuesday 15th September

We hope you have had a good start to school life and your child enjoyed their first day in Reception yesterday. We had such a wonderful time with them and were really impressed with their mature attitude to leaving grown ups at the gate (and how well the grown ups coped too!) and their eagerness to explore their new environment!


There is always so much information to remember so we wanted to just highlight some key points for you:
  • Due to the current situation with Covid we request that only one parent is present at drop off and pick up times to help minimise the risk and ensure the safety of everyone in the school community.
  • Timings for the day - AM sessions are 8.45am - 11.30am. PM sessions are 12.45pm - 2.45pm. Please can we ensure punctuality at drop off and pick up times as our reception gate needs to be locked promptly for other year groups. 
  • We will start PE after 28th September but you are welcome to send their PE kit in now to stay on their peg. Just t shirt and shorts in a PE bag - no shoes required.
  • The car park will close between 2.30-3.30 pm each afternoon so if you are picking up your child in the afternoon please be aware not to park in the car park.
  • Snack - please send your child in with a fruit or vegetable snack in a named snack pot every day (part time and full time). We request only fruit or vegetables NO cheese, sausages, yoghurts, chocolate bars, biscuits, breadsticks, cake bars etc.
  • Water bottles - please send you child in with a named water bottle everyday. Only waterNO squash, flavoured water or juice.


Many thanks for your time and understanding. Here's to another fabulous day!
Kind Regards,
Th Rainbow Team


Sunday 13th

Weather forecast looks great for this week!  Suncream on before school and leave wellies for later in the week please (less 'stuff' to deal with tomorrow!).

Friday 11th September

What a lovely week we have all had meeting you! You must feel proud of your Rainbow for being courageous enough to do a job with the TA while we talked! Those suns, stars, moons will be up somewhere in the classroom on Monday for them to spot their own - the space is theirs already! 

Thank you for being lovely yourselves; it can be an emotional time giving us your very precious baby but I hope having some time with us in the environment has reassured you and perhaps excited you about the next chapter of learning.

Here are a few housekeeping bits:

  • We can only permit one person to drop off/pick up (sorry! We've looked at ways around the Government's guidance and we just can't.) 
  • Drop off at the large green gates that you came in this week. Please maintain 2m social distancing at all times.
  • ​​​​​​​A TA will be on the gates and others will be in the playground escorting to the right classroom. Teachers will be at the doors welcoming and helping inside.
  • Collect from the classroom outside door. The TA/T will bring your child to you. Bear with us while we learn to memorise so many adults and attach them to a child! Please maintain 2m social distancing at all times.
  • Exit the playground from the other green gate close to the bike shed. Please maintain 2m social distancing at all times.
  • Your child will need every day: book bag, snack pot, water bottle, pencil case, waterproof jacket.
  • If your child has a toilet accident, please wash and return the school property uniform (particularly the pants. Teachers spend a small fortune of their own money on these!) within a week or so.

Watch this space for some photos of the star of the day bears coming soon!  Each class has 3 this year so that each bear and book/bag can be washed/stored for at least 48 hours before being touched again. (Feel free to wash the bear yourself at home.) We just had to find a way to have our stars! We will give the bears out at the end of each morning session, you have them for one night  and you will need to return them the next morning 8.45-9.  There are instructions inside each bear's book. 

Here's to a fantastic year of awe, wonder, reading, writing, maths, problem-solving, personal growth and maturity and lots and lots of enjoyment. 

See you on Monday 8.45-9 or 12.45.

The Rainbow Gang


Rainbow Sun's star teddies- Tizzy, Buttons and Hoots

Rainbow Star's Star of the Day teddies- Tortuga, Rocky and Spencer Bear

Rainbow Moon's Star of the Day teddies- Eugene, Lumi and Luna

Monday 7th September

A few things from today's meetings so far:

  • Lunches: we are still not allowed to do hot lunches. You can choose Chef Kev's packed lunch or bring your own (no egg, nuts, Nutella, chocolate bars).
  • Times:


Week 21st September: part time (swap shift)

mornings 8.45-9am staggered entry-11.30

afternoons 12.45-2.45-3pm (staggered exit)


Week 28th September : full time

8.45-9.00 - 2.45-3pm staggered drop off and pick up


  • Entry: big green gate- drop off here.
  • Exit: enter playground, go to your Rainbow door and wait for your child to be handed to you; exit via the far green gate.


Friday 4th Sept

Well we're ready for you! We've been working hard to get as much as possible in place for these coming few weeks. We hope you like the new video!

The office has said that there have been quite a few enquiries from you about the part time starts so below is the list of morning/afternoon children for you to check. We will give you more information during your 20minute meeting next week of course.



Ashley Banjo's bedtime reading of 'Lily and the Wipe Monster' for Pura

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