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Reception: RSH (Rainbow Star), RNF (Rainbow Moon), RAL (Rainbow Sun)

                               Welcome tReception 



Thursday 27th

Wolf moon, ‘Blue’ Monday, what we need is a good amount of frost to explore, trample on, make skid marks through…And we did! What the adults want to know is how children just don’t seem to feel the cold! Our classrooms continue to be well-ventilated with 2 windows open and the regular outside door flush of air coming through when we are doing an activity other than sitting down statically, but they still often want to take off their jumpers!  Most of us adults have at least 4 layers on and another 2 needed after 3pm as those hours before we go home get really chilly! Feel free to send your child in with a (named) vest until the spring comes.


We are still outside a lot of our day focusing on our physical, social and emotional development; how to share, understand ‘no’,  ‘stop’ and to respect equipment so it doesn’t break, continues to dominate our learning as we try to make up some of the lost learning due to the reduced pre-school experiences. So please make sure your child has (named) wellies in school so we can really get to grips with mud, water and that frost! And yes, they (and we!!) may come home a bit grubby! 


As you will know we are steaming ahead with our vowel digraphs (2 letters, 1 sound). I found ‘oo’ tricky this week. Obviously ‘lOOk’ is very different pronunciation to ‘mOOn’ but how is it that much different to ‘lUck’?  Maybe I have to embrace my northern roots for that one because it doesn’t sound much different to me!  (Below is the link to the Little Wandle web page which helps with accurate pronunciation/see the Videos section.) So we focus on using the ‘oo’ as in Zoom To The Moon whenever we meet these graphemes and if it doesn’t sound right, try the other one. The children are loving the Little Wandle pictures and rhymes that highlight the phoneme and we are very happy with its success. Our focus is ‘keep up’ rather than ‘catch up’ so please help us. We will be sending home an assessment of which phonemes your child can immediately recognise (without using any picture aids). If any are not highlighted, maybe you could play snap or stick them around the kitchen until they can recognise and say the sound on sight?


Another thing you will soon be able to access is Doodle Maths! Every week in assembly the children get excited by the Doodle maths trophy going to the class with the most stars. We are now at a stage where the children can access it. Look out for information coming home next week with their password and log on details.


Maybe you could send us a picture of them doing Doodle or their all-important reading via Tapestry. We are loving the Moon diaries. Tapestry is less of an assessment tool or learning journal this year as the EYFS curriculum has changed but we continue to try to show you something of interest for you every other week or so. We tend to use it more as a Show n Tell vehicle seeing as we are still not allowed to bring toys etc in from home.


Talking of home…the Star of the  Day diaries should now be all about the star writing a sentence or 2 (you can still add a sentence or 2 as well of course) and a hand drawn picture if they want to as they talk about their page to the class. Photos of them with the bear can be added to Tapestry rather than printed out. #SaveThePlanet!


Thank you for all that you do to help us make school enjoyable and productive. 



What phonemes will my child learn and when?

The Solar System Song

It's a song about the Sun and the planets for children of all ages.This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123Copyright 2011 A.J....

Friday 7th January

Space here we come! In just 3 days of 'settling back', we have learnt a new song (calm, educational, fab! See above link.), started to recall the names of the planets and some of their features as well as play in our new space role plays.

We have also learnt about Chinese New Year and found out what the animal of our birth year was. Not to mention subitise 3 several times, write planet names in our books, revise some tricky words from last half term (see Reading Record for specifics), create our own PE dance and that was just in 3 mornings!

We hope you noticed the date of the parent craft on the end of the year newsletter or on our Dates for your diary or on this week's parentmail and book bag letter so we can welcome you in the classroom on Wednesday afternoon (with masks please). We have put 2 videos on the Videos section so you can get some ideas of the rockets you could produce and the materials you need. Please let us know if you can't make it so we can make arrangements for your child to make one with a TA.

2022 here we go!

Find out what your child will be learning next half term and watch out for news of a (hopeful) parent craft session to build a bottle rocket. laugh

Thursday 16th December

What a term! What busy-ness! What wonderful children! What brill adults!

Could you imagine, back in August, that your child would now be fully accessing the EYFS curriculum with all its expectations of learning to read, write and understand maths and science concepts and be so independent and aware of behaviour expectations? 

We are proud of their growing awareness of how to be Ready, Respectful, Safe. We are excited by their independent blending so that they can access books so well. We know that they can recognise all our phonemes taught so far and are beginning to read the tricky words on sight and, just as importantly, understand why they are tricky. We like how they know where to put their stuff and that they do not need any help getting themselves ready for sometime/PE etc (except for a few tricky buttons or zips). They are Rainbows indeed!


Over the holidays please could you check the uniform (inc PE kit) is fully named. We are starting to lose jumpers etc because the name has come out/washed out. PE kits back on Wednesday 5th please.


Don't forget to keep accessing the e-books that you now have in your library. The more you practice, the quicker the reading will become fluent and we can move your child on. The ebooks provide great practice (rather than requiring you to teach reading) and are all phonically decodable so no guessing from the pictures! Instead use the pictures for comprehension and vocabulary.


Finally a big thank you. Thank you for your cooperation and support in making this first term successful. Thank you for your gifts and cards and well wishes for the break. From all of the Rainbow Team we wish you a happy, safe and restful couple of weeks and will look forward to seeing you back 8.30am Wednesday 5th January 2022!

Friday 12th December

Weren't they brilliant! Yes there were a few 'mishaps' along the way in every performance but what do they say about working with children and animals on stage?!laugh

Thank you for your support in being a respectful and safe audience member and we very much appreciate your financial contributions. Material is being sourced as I write for new costumes! Anyone good at sewing?


Our beautiful text this week was Nick Sharratt's Shark in the Park. We love its receptive verses and wonderful illustrations. There are 2 other Shark In the ... books as well if you're interested in stocking fillers or fancy taking a break from reading to your Rainbow and instead want to watch a you Tube story with them.


Next week is all about keeping going. Continuing the learning routine as this helps 'ground' them whilst trying to incorporate some 'down' time as they are seriously flagging with tiredness. We don't tend to watch films (too long) or spend our last week partying (too exhausting and discombobulating) but we do have a few lovely things planned. On Monday afternoon we are meeting our Y5 buddies for the first time. They will come down to our classrooms, find out who they have as their personal buddy and then will make a snowflake together. We teachers love seeing these interactions as it always brings out the best in the older children and our Rainbows often bond with them quickly. We will aim to meet up (probably for an outside playtime) next half term as well.


​​​​​​​Keep reading the e-books and noting it down in the Reading Record. We will send home a 'real' book on Monday to be returned Thursday/Friday. PE kits can stay at home until January.


​​​​​​​Have a great weekend!


p.s. Miss House was inundated with budding gymnasts. She is currently trying to work out how to fit as many as possible in. She'll be in touch as soon as she has.

Friday 3rd December

Thank you, thank you for your support of our very tiny MPA this week. From entering the jumper competition, which Mrs Fenby and Mrs Huns found almost impossible to choose a winner, to bringing bottles and buying tickets for the tombolas. We appreciate you! All the money gets ploughed straight back into your child's school experiences,  so thank you.


What about the nativities we hear you shout! Well, we are still very, very hopeful that nothing in the DfE /Public Health England guidance forces us to stop going ahead next week. We have practised most days this week and lines are being learnt without a teacher prompt, actors are getting on and off stage carefully ('I know Bethlehem is busy Joseph but we can still be safe as we get off'), songs are now word perfect ('wise men not wide men, please') and costumes fit ('It's a sheep, shepherds, not a ball to fling'). The children seem keen and happy to perform so fingers crossed having an audience doesn't incur stage fright- or more likely a tendency to find their inner Annie/Billy Elliott!  We'll see you masked up queuing outside the office at 2.05 for entry. Please don't be late, we have a very tight time schedule to adhere to. You can take photos (no flash please, there's a new born baby on stage, remember) and film but nothing that includes any child except your own must be shared on social media. We really hope you enjoy it!


Handa's Surprise has been our beautiful text this week and we have enjoyed talking about the importance of fruit in our diet; we have examined, smelt and eaten a bit of pineapple, mango and passion fruit (sadly guava was difficult to source!) and learnt a little about Africa; did you know there are 54 countries that make up the continent of Africa? And at least 1500 languages compared to Europe's 300! We're still working on exactly what 5 means so we're not sure their gasps really meant anything!


Next week we will be reading Shark In the Park so get those telescopes ready!


Friday 19th November

One kind word. What is yours today? We've had quite a few today and all week as we try to focus on being kind to each other and ourselves. 


This week has been starting our Nativity in earnest. Parts have been given out, songs are being sung daily and costumes are been checked, sorted, made even! We are looking forward to showing it to you. We are not able to post the music on here for you to practise at home because of copy write reasons but we're sure you will be able to have a great input!


Our beautiful text this week was Dear Zoo. We have learnt some new adjectives to describe mood and are enjoying reading the book alongside our adult, mainly from memory but also with a sense of fluency and prosody (see the reading video!). We are readers!


​​​​​​​Have a wonderful, kind weekend.

Rainbows' Nativity 2021

The good news is that we can have one this year that is not 'virtual'! We have already started the dance finale and we know some of the tunes from our nursery rhymes that we did last half term (*spoiler alert!). 

Here are some details about the proposed Nativity arrangements:


Each child has a part. Some will choose not to have a speaking part but we try to get all on the stage for at least a few moments. All sing. Some will be actors, some will be narrators.


We provide costumes except for the narrator parts who we ask to bring in some smart clothes in a named bag.


We will let you know your child's part in a few weeks, possibly with their words so you can help practise them to learn it off by heart with a very loud voice!


The dates are:

Tuesday 7th Dec, 2.15 Rainbow Star

Wednesday 8th Dec, 2.15 Rainbow Moon

Thursday 9th Dec 2.15 Rainbow Sun


We will open the doors about 2.05 so you can be fully settled in seats before 2.15 when we will aim to walk in and start as soon as possible. The performance will last about 25 mins. We will have a 5min photo opportunity and then one family member can come with us to the classroom to help us get their performer out of their costume and back into uniform and then go straight home. (if the remaining family member could help stack the hall chairs we'd be most grateful!).


2 tickets per family per performance. If you only require 1 ticket, we try to offer an 'extra' allowance for those who would like 3 tickets- but this will be quite rare given our hall capacity. We do not charge for tickets but we gratefully ask for cash donations on the door as you exit. This money goes towards the upkeep / renewal of the costumes.


You are allowed to take a video of the performance as long as you do not share it on any social media platform.


Please talk to your class teacher if you have any questions. Let's start decking those halls with holly!




(Hopefully!) helpful video to help practise reading with your child just been uploaded onto the 'Videos to help Learning at Home' page.

Wednesday 20th October

Half term gone! It feels as if we have known these children for longer than 7 weeks because they have come such a long way since that first session. We hope you saw that during parentcraft yesterday; they certainly did you proud. Thank you for all your support every day- it makes a huge difference.


What kind of difference? Well are you ready to see the Early Learning Goals (ELGs)? These are the assessment criteria that we must use to see if your child is at the 'Expected' level of learning at the end of our Reception year. As you can see (thanks Twinkl), there is a lot to cover and there is an expectation that independence, choice and play are clear to see within our assessments. That is why we love seeing your contributions on Tapestry- we can use them to form our decisions.  Feel free to take a look at the ELGs and see how your time is helping your Rainbow reach for those educational stars!


Next term we go full blast on reading. We have a number of beautiful texts that we will be using to creatively work towards those ELGs. You may hear that your child has been assigned to a book group; this is our way of mixing up the house team groups for reading and writing purposes. We do not 'set' in reception but we do maximise learning by making sure nothing is left to chance, be that positive relationships or our enabling environments. 


We will also be getting ready to practise our Nativity! We have prepped the script, chosen a few new songs, sorted the dance finale and put the dates in the diary already!  We have even had a KS2 teacher ask if we are welcoming other classes in for dress rehearsals! 

We will be able to offer 2 tickets per child, younger children may attend but we ask that you keep them entertained and quiet during this special time. We have most of the costumes and will let you know your child's part within a couple of weeks next half term- hopefully. The performances will be in the main school hall. You are allowed to record the Nativity as long as you do not share it on any social media platforms. We will let you get seated then we will come in do our 25-30min performance and then one of you will be able to come back to the classroom to help your child get changed, collect their things and go home. What a perfect day!


But we race on, now is almost half term and we all need a little rest and recuperation for the very busy 7 week term coming up. Be prepared for a lot of fatigue but also lots of fabulousness.


Thank you again for supporting us to support your child. We hope you have a lovely few days and we'll see you bright and breezy on Monday 1st November 8.30.


The Rainbow Team

Friday 15th October

Say cheese! What with our photos and Muscliff Mouse this week, we are feeling very cheesy!

And talking of cheesy, our Rainbows have been learning about lots of different nursery rhyme. We have a great website if you would like to share their joy...See below link. 

​​​​​​​We have learnt so many words that were new. Can you guess which nursery rhyme they come from?  well, trot, grandfather clock, master, dame, mulberry bush and loads more. Did you know that Hickory, hickory, dock is 8,9, 10 in an ancient Celtic language? Now you do!

We are looking forward to seeing you at 2.30 (gate opens 2.25) in the classroom to make a Muscliff Mouse. Please bring some paper/card/paper plate; we have some wool and a template for the rest although feel free to go your own way with your creation!  We will be dangling them in our corridor for a few weeks and then will send them home.


Friday 8th October

It feels as if the end of the half term is approaching - tired, sore throats and colds are all signs, and that's from the adults! The children are doing so well; Fridays are becoming less about fatigue-control and more about learning. PE is a highlight of the week. Today we had some soft play to climb over and slide down but we had the big wall apparatus out alongside some balancing and climbing equipment. Developing gross motor skills is an important Early Learning Goal:


  • Negotiate space and obstacles safely, with consideration for themselves and others.

  • Demonstrate strength, balance and coordination when playing.

  • Move energetically, such as running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing.

With Miss House as a trained gymnastics coach (how does she have the time?!), you will notice the children's confidence and skills grow and this translates into other areas of our curriculum beautifully eg: fine motor control, social and emotional kindness are much easier when you have advanced control of your limbs when playing and using equipment. 


We have all spent time with Bertie and Barney now. They really are quite daft! But we love them and they make us laugh, ask questions and wonder at our world. We have another visitor to the year group next week- Mr Andrews is coming to tell us the story of the Muscliff Mouse. We await with anticipation! Then we will be able to tell you about it so when you come to Parentcraft (Tues 19th 2.30) you will understand why we are making a mouse.


Have a wonderful sunny (?) weekend. Speak to you at next week's parents' evenings.

Parent Consultations

As you know, parent consultations are next week (11th) and the app is open for you to book  your slot. We have 10minutes to answer your questions and give you some information about how your Rainbow has settled in and what the targets are for them.

We are doing them virtually again so make sure your device is ready in advance; there is a countdown clock before and during the appointment and we will get cut off after 10minutes! It is up to you whether your child listens in or not but we will say that if it were face-to-face, we would not usually have them in the room, but at home that may be more difficult to arrange.

We are looking forward to giving you something to smile about - we have lovely things to say about your child even this early on in the term so book your slot as soon as you can.

If you have difficulties with the technology, a phone call can be arranged instead. Please let us know beforehand.

See you next week.

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Flynn and Mrs Lumsden

Friday 24th September

School tiredness is different to other tiredness. This kind of tiredness presents itself- usually- in the form of finding it hard to regulate their feelings and sometimes their body. That is why we tend to get a lot more bumps and bruises towards the end of the week when our little people don't have complete control over their limbs. Do not be overly alarmed by first aid notes and the teacher coming to you to say they tripped over someone's leg/the tyre/ the grass/ the air - this is normal Reception life as they negotiate the space vs fatigue. Once the cold compress/TLC has been administered we focus on the need to say 'Sorry, are you Ok?' when they accidentally bump into someone so that they learn to take responsibility for their actions - because that is what friends do at Muscliff.


Managing our feelings is a lot harder, especially when we're tired - when you 4 or 40! But that doesn't mean that we don't try. As time goes on, we will teach them some 'tricks' from Trick Box ( that will help them 'colour breathe' and learn to negotiate. By Thursday this week, someone having the plastic cat for the doll's house when you want it, seemed like the end of the world! That is when a little problem can turn into a big one when the only way to solve it seems to be to snatch or shout or hit the child with the cat. We spend a lot of time helping children understand and learn to find other ways of dealing with their feelings and such situations. "Just give it back', 'don't do that', 'never mind', 'it's not important' - these phrases you won't hear from the Rainbows' Team because that cat is everything to a tired 4-year-old on a Thursday afternoon! 


Who said that Reception is only about playing??!


Our reading skills are coming along nicely. We have learnt 8 phonemes (satpinmd) with another 4 coming next week. Approximately 50% of the children can say on sight all the phonemes taught so far. Next week we will send home a list of those that your child is not so you can practise spotting them out and about. It is crucial that your child keeps up. We are also aiming for 100% to be blending in their head by the end of November. That means that they can see a word, sound it out in their head and blend it in their head. Not as easy as it sounds!!


Who said that Reception is only about playing?!!


Have a wonderful, playful weekend everyone! See you on Monday 8.30. 


​​​​​​​Library books back on Mondays.

​​​​​​​Home reading books back on Fridays.



Another successful week done! I hope you are hearing a bit about school life from them but if not, here is a summary of our sessions this week: 

     Come in and put away our own book bag, water bottle and snack pot- independently. 

     Play with anything on the table tops (Let’s Explore). 

     Register in our carpet spaces practicing our Super 6. 

     Phonics. We have learnt s a t p this week using our new phonics scheme Little Wandle.

    We have  a mneumonic to help us remember the sound and we are using mirrors to

    check we are pronouncing it the sound correctly. We have a box of ‘stuff’ which we use

    to practise the sound eg ppp pizza, sss star. And now we are writing the letter as well

    with our little phrase . Can you work out which letter this is for?  Down the penguin’s

    back, up and around its head. 

    After phonics we go outside to play. Some days we are learning in one of our zones in

   our playground and some days we go to the new astroturf on the field or the tyres or 

   playtrail. We just wait until we have it completely to ourselves. 

   Snack time comes next.  

   Then back to our carpet spaces for another brief phonics session to practise our blending

   skills (= c-a-t= cat). 

   Let’s Choose and then story  and home time.  


Next week will be more of the same and we will slowly add more explicit learning to our days. Talking of next week… 

Gate opens  8.30. It must close at 8.45. (If you are late, please go via the school office) 

Gate opens 2.55 for a 3pm pick up. 

Please bring the same (small, named) fruit snack and water bottle (no juice/squash). 

You will have already ordered your Chef Kev school lunch but if your child is having a lunchbox, remember no nut products. They have about 20mins to eat lunch (we have to cater for lots of sittings) and then about 20mins playtime. Your snack will be used in the afternoons so that if they don’t eat that much at lunch, their fruit will sustain them until 3pm.


It was lovely to be able to let you wander around the classroom on Thursday so that you could have a grand tour and visualise their learning environment. We would like to invite you to another visit on Tuesday 19th October 2.30 for a parentcraft session. We will be making our very own Muscliff Mice to display in our corridor area. Get yourself a (white) paper plate and some decorating bits and come and make a mouse with us. 



Have a lovely weekend and prepare for a tired little one this time next week! 


Continue to keep all problems small ones and talk to us before they become big ones.

You may have noticed Sarah Fenby (Headteacher), Emma Huns (Deputy Headteacher)and Lucian Andrews (Assistant Head)  all on the gates over the last 2 weeks.  Becca Lewis (Assistant Headteacher, SENCo) has also been wandering around our classrooms, desperate to get on her hands and knees and play! And of course Samantha Harrison (Assistant Headteacher) leads the fab Rainbows Team. We are all here to make your child’s educational journey as pleasant and productive as possible. 


Starting from 13th September, teachers will be spending some 1:1 time outside the classroom with your child. The government require us to do a 'Baseline assessment'. One of the most important things to remember is that your child will not realise they are doing an 'assessment'; they will just be 'doing a job' smiley

 More information about this can be found in the informative link below.

What a great first week! We have so enjoyed getting to know all our precious Rainbows. So far we have been learning: the coming in routine (where to put our book bag, snack pot and water bottle, wash our hands), how to do register, where to sit on the carpet and how to sit on the carpet (legs crossed, lips closed, hands still), how to flush the toilets and get the soap and water working as well as remembering to put the paper towel in the bin… and that’s before we even think about all the playing we’ve done in all the different areas and with all the toys!


Next week’s focus will be adding to the established routine a little here and there. We will start learning to read with our new sounds  and  how to blend them together to make a word (more on this for parents and carers here next week). We will be working with each child to see what they already know in maths, language and English (more on this here next week!) and we will keep on with the all-important relationship-building, making friends and just having our usual wonderful Rainbow fun together.


Please remember:

  • Only fruit or vegetables for our fruit time (and we only need the pot, not the lunchbox)
  • Name everything and keep checking! We have had a few lost jumpers already because the name had dropped out.
  • If you are late and the gate is closed, you must go via the school office and one of our wonderful admin staff will walk your child to our base.
  • Go back to the Q&A on our class page if you need answers and please talk to us if you are worried about anything at all.
  • Have you returned all your forms? We have started to put observations on Tapestry and are ready to commit to the journal so you can see them.  And I had some photos to put on here but we don’t have permission slips from everyone…maybe next week you can see them lining up so you can burst with pride as much as we did!


Thank you so much for your commitment to us ensuring the very best for your child.

Thank you for greeting us with a smile and a name at pick up time as we endeavour to remember which child goes with which adult. It may take us a few weeks!

Thank you for being strong and helpful at the gate –leaving your child is not easy especially this first week.

Thank you for not being late for drop off and pick up.

Thank you!


Here’s to another fabulous week next week.

The Rainbow Team

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Flynn, Mrs Lumsden, Miss House

Mrs Beales, Mrs Doidge, Mrs Eaton, Ms Elliot, Mrs Gowman, Mrs Searson, Mrs Wyatt

One more sleep!!

All the Rainbows' team have been working so hard to get everything ready for our wonderful new Rainbows and now we just want you in!

Here are a few reminders:

  • 9-11.30.       12.45-3
  • little snack pot (named) + water bottle (named and only water please, no squash etc)
  • uniform and waterproof jacket towards end of the week when rain is forecast (?)


Book bag with a pencil case with a few colouring pencils would be great but don't worry if you haven't got this yet; we don't really need it until Wednesday/Thursday.

PE kit- bring in Wednesday/Thursday (we want them to be thinking only of playing and being happy so extra 'stuff' can be done later in the week as we won't be doing PE week 1).


Our focus from the beginning will be strong, positive relationships and routines. We have planned lots of playing opportunities when the children can choose what they do (to a certain extent!) so that we can play with them and help support that getting to know you bond.  

We will be forming a routine from day 1 so that they feel secure and happy in this new setting. Expect to hear about 'Super 6', 'Hands up for silence', the tyres, the Secret Garden, the bears...and if they don't tell you about it, then check out next week's blog on this page.  


Keep checking out the Q & A page to reassure yourselves and to feel informed. 

Until tomorrow...smiley

The Rainbow Team

(Mrs Harrison, Mrs Flynn, Mrs Lumsden, Miss House, Mrs Doidge, Mrs Gowman, Mrs Beales, Mrs Searson, Mrs Wyatt, Ms Elliot, Mrs Eaton)

Are you wondering what we will do on that very first morning/afternoon session on the 6th September?  We have written a summary for you on the Questions & Answers page. Enjoy! 



Calling all new rainbows!  How is your August going? 

We are busy getting the classrooms ready for you and planning amazing learning adventures. Today we looked at some more information about the new EYFS curriculum to make sure we are making the most of learning opportunities. We wonder what you are doing?

Have you bought your uniform yet (remember blue not black) and practised getting it on and off by yourself? Socks can be tricky, right? Keep practising!  Have you got your book bag labelled? Some people put a key ring on it to help them recognise it quickly. Make sure you bring a book bag not a ruck sack please. Have you got your PE shorts and coloured house team t-shirt? Are you ready to do some soft play PE? We can be like Humpty Dumpty and fall off the wall (but we will have a soft crash mat to land on!). Have you got your wipe-clean pencil case with some coloured pencils? Make sure your name is on everything. You wouldn't believe the lost property we have left over from last term that we can't find owners because there is no name on it.

We hope you have watched the videos and walked past a few times. Won't be long now!

Reading to your child is as important as them reading to you...

Stephen Fry talks about turning on the subtitles

We know that you have worked hard at making sure your child has read to you most days and watched all our videos so they won't have 'gone back' at all! But he makes a good point and is worth the one minute watch...

"It's only Reception. They just play."

"What do they even learn this term?!"

"It won't hurt to miss a day or two."

In just a couple of hours each day this week we have been teaching:

  • how to show respect by giving eye contact and 'Good morning ...' as they come in and in the register.
  • how to organise their belongings so they can independently access them when they need to
  • how to put their coat/jumper on without adult support
  • how to read and write 3 sounds
  • the difference between cursive, print and capital of those 3 sounds
  • how to spot those 3 sounds in words
  • ​​​​​​​how to hear those sounds in words
  • how to say those sounds accurately
  • how to hold a pencil ready for full pinch n prop
  • how to use a clipboard safely and respectfully
  • 5 stories off by heart which will lead to being one of their groups soon
  • how to sit at a table for 10 mins and do an activity of our choice not theirs
  • how to 'wonderful walk' around school
  • ​​​​​​​how to wash their hands thoroughly
  • ​​​​​​​how to use at least 10 different outside areas for their physical development- what they can do there, how they can access it safely, how to share the area, what to say and do when they slip or fall over, how to wait for someone else to move off...
  • how to use at least 20 different kinds of toys
  • how to ask to go to the toilet and when to ask
  • follow at least 2 instructions at one time
  • how to get used to more than 1 teacher/TA 
  • what everyone's name is
  • how to tidy up- where to put stuff
  • how to wait until everyone is ready before we start our snack
  • how to wait generally!

And there's the really big stuff that can take a lot longer:

  • to not shout out or interrupt the teacher or someone else who is talking
  • how to cope with not being star of the day in an appropriate way (hiding your own disappointment )
  • how to resolve conflicts
  • how to stand up for yourself but still be kind and respectful 
  • what 'Ready, Respectful, Safe' is at school
  • how to be aspiring, kind, curious, resilient, responsible


So these part time weeks have been incredibly valuable - your child is now ready for full time school and having to share the adults with double the children. Fatigue will hit them - they have to do a lot in 2 hours so imagine how much they are thinking about when they are in all day! Tummy aches and tears may happen in your house over the next 4 weeks - growing your brain as much as they have to every single day is exhausting! But, hey, that's Reception smiley

Rainbow Sun's star teddies- Tizzy, Buttons and Hoots

Rainbow Star's Star of the Day teddies- Tortuga, Rocky and Spencer Bear

Rainbow Moon's Star of the Day teddies- Eugene, Lumi and Luna

Ashley Banjo's bedtime reading of 'Lily and the Wipe Monster' for Pura

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