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Reception: RSH (Rainbow Star), RNF (Rainbow Moon), RAL (Rainbow Sun)

                               Welcome tReception 



Another successful week done! I hope you are hearing a bit about school life from them but if not, here is a summary of our sessions this week: 

     Come in and put away our own book bag, water bottle and snack pot- independently. 

     Play with anything on the table tops (Let’s Explore). 

     Register in our carpet spaces practicing our Super 6. 

     Phonics. We have learnt s a t p this week using our new phonics scheme Little Wandle.

    We have  a mneumonic to help us remember the sound and we are using mirrors to

    check we are pronouncing it the sound correctly. We have a box of ‘stuff’ which we use

    to practise the sound eg ppp pizza, sss star. And now we are writing the letter as well

    with our little phrase . Can you work out which letter this is for?  Down the penguin’s

    back, up and around its head. 

    After phonics we go outside to play. Some days we are learning in one of our zones in

   our playground and some days we go to the new astroturf on the field or the tyres or 

   playtrail. We just wait until we have it completely to ourselves. 

   Snack time comes next.  

   Then back to our carpet spaces for another brief phonics session to practise our blending

   skills (= c-a-t= cat). 

   Let’s Choose and then story  and home time.  


Next week will be more of the same and we will slowly add more explicit learning to our days. Talking of next week… 

Gate opens  8.30. It must close at 8.45. (If you are late, please go via the school office) 

Gate opens 2.55 for a 3pm pick up. 

Please bring the same (small, named) fruit snack and water bottle (no juice/squash). 

You will have already ordered your Chef Kev school lunch but if your child is having a lunchbox, remember no nut products. They have about 20mins to eat lunch (we have to cater for lots of sittings) and then about 20mins playtime. Your snack will be used in the afternoons so that if they don’t eat that much at lunch, their fruit will sustain them until 3pm.


It was lovely to be able to let you wander around the classroom on Thursday so that you could have a grand tour and visualise their learning environment. We would like to invite you to another visit on Tuesday 19th October 2.30 for a parentcraft session. We will be making our very own Muscliff Mice to display in our corridor area. Get yourself a (white) paper plate and some decorating bits and come and make a mouse with us. 



Have a lovely weekend and prepare for a tired little one this time next week! 


Continue to keep all problems small ones and talk to us before they become big ones.

You may have noticed Sarah Fenby (Headteacher), Emma Huns (Deputy Headteacher)and Lucian Andrews (Assistant Head)  all on the gates over the last 2 weeks.  Becca Lewis (Assistant Headteacher, SENCo) has also been wandering around our classrooms, desperate to get on her hands and knees and play! And of course Samantha Harrison (Assistant Headteacher) leads the fab Rainbows Team. We are all here to make your child’s educational journey as pleasant and productive as possible. 


Starting from 13th September, teachers will be spending some 1:1 time outside the classroom with your child. The government require us to do a 'Baseline assessment'. One of the most important things to remember is that your child will not realise they are doing an 'assessment'; they will just be 'doing a job' smiley

 More information about this can be found in the informative link below.

What a great first week! We have so enjoyed getting to know all our precious Rainbows. So far we have been learning: the coming in routine (where to put our book bag, snack pot and water bottle, wash our hands), how to do register, where to sit on the carpet and how to sit on the carpet (legs crossed, lips closed, hands still), how to flush the toilets and get the soap and water working as well as remembering to put the paper towel in the bin… and that’s before we even think about all the playing we’ve done in all the different areas and with all the toys!


Next week’s focus will be adding to the established routine a little here and there. We will start learning to read with our new sounds  and  how to blend them together to make a word (more on this for parents and carers here next week). We will be working with each child to see what they already know in maths, language and English (more on this here next week!) and we will keep on with the all-important relationship-building, making friends and just having our usual wonderful Rainbow fun together.


Please remember:

  • Only fruit or vegetables for our fruit time (and we only need the pot, not the lunchbox)
  • Name everything and keep checking! We have had a few lost jumpers already because the name had dropped out.
  • If you are late and the gate is closed, you must go via the school office and one of our wonderful admin staff will walk your child to our base.
  • Go back to the Q&A on our class page if you need answers and please talk to us if you are worried about anything at all.
  • Have you returned all your forms? We have started to put observations on Tapestry and are ready to commit to the journal so you can see them.  And I had some photos to put on here but we don’t have permission slips from everyone…maybe next week you can see them lining up so you can burst with pride as much as we did!


Thank you so much for your commitment to us ensuring the very best for your child.

Thank you for greeting us with a smile and a name at pick up time as we endeavour to remember which child goes with which adult. It may take us a few weeks!

Thank you for being strong and helpful at the gate –leaving your child is not easy especially this first week.

Thank you for not being late for drop off and pick up.

Thank you!


Here’s to another fabulous week next week.

The Rainbow Team

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Flynn, Mrs Lumsden, Miss House

Mrs Beales, Mrs Doidge, Mrs Eaton, Ms Elliot, Mrs Gowman, Mrs Searson, Mrs Wyatt

One more sleep!!

All the Rainbows' team have been working so hard to get everything ready for our wonderful new Rainbows and now we just want you in!

Here are a few reminders:

  • 9-11.30.       12.45-3
  • little snack pot (named) + water bottle (named and only water please, no squash etc)
  • uniform and waterproof jacket towards end of the week when rain is forecast (?)


Book bag with a pencil case with a few colouring pencils would be great but don't worry if you haven't got this yet; we don't really need it until Wednesday/Thursday.

PE kit- bring in Wednesday/Thursday (we want them to be thinking only of playing and being happy so extra 'stuff' can be done later in the week as we won't be doing PE week 1).


Our focus from the beginning will be strong, positive relationships and routines. We have planned lots of playing opportunities when the children can choose what they do (to a certain extent!) so that we can play with them and help support that getting to know you bond.  

We will be forming a routine from day 1 so that they feel secure and happy in this new setting. Expect to hear about 'Super 6', 'Hands up for silence', the tyres, the Secret Garden, the bears...and if they don't tell you about it, then check out next week's blog on this page.  


Keep checking out the Q & A page to reassure yourselves and to feel informed. 

Until tomorrow...smiley

The Rainbow Team

(Mrs Harrison, Mrs Flynn, Mrs Lumsden, Miss House, Mrs Doidge, Mrs Gowman, Mrs Beales, Mrs Searson, Mrs Wyatt, Ms Elliot, Mrs Eaton)

Are you wondering what we will do on that very first morning/afternoon session on the 6th September?  We have written a summary for you on the Questions & Answers page. Enjoy! 



Calling all new rainbows!  How is your August going? 

We are busy getting the classrooms ready for you and planning amazing learning adventures. Today we looked at some more information about the new EYFS curriculum to make sure we are making the most of learning opportunities. We wonder what you are doing?

Have you bought your uniform yet (remember blue not black) and practised getting it on and off by yourself? Socks can be tricky, right? Keep practising!  Have you got your book bag labelled? Some people put a key ring on it to help them recognise it quickly. Make sure you bring a book bag not a ruck sack please. Have you got your PE shorts and coloured house team t-shirt? Are you ready to do some soft play PE? We can be like Humpty Dumpty and fall off the wall (but we will have a soft crash mat to land on!). Have you got your wipe-clean pencil case with some coloured pencils? Make sure your name is on everything. You wouldn't believe the lost property we have left over from last term that we can't find owners because there is no name on it.

We hope you have watched the videos and walked past a few times. Won't be long now!

Reading to your child is as important as them reading to you...

Stephen Fry talks about turning on the subtitles

We know that you have worked hard at making sure your child has read to you most days and watched all our videos so they won't have 'gone back' at all! But he makes a good point and is worth the one minute watch...

"It's only Reception. They just play."

"What do they even learn this term?!"

"It won't hurt to miss a day or two."

In just a couple of hours each day this week we have been teaching:

  • how to show respect by giving eye contact and 'Good morning ...' as they come in and in the register.
  • how to organise their belongings so they can independently access them when they need to
  • how to put their coat/jumper on without adult support
  • how to read and write 3 sounds
  • the difference between cursive, print and capital of those 3 sounds
  • how to spot those 3 sounds in words
  • ​​​​​​​how to hear those sounds in words
  • how to say those sounds accurately
  • how to hold a pencil ready for full pinch n prop
  • how to use a clipboard safely and respectfully
  • 5 stories off by heart which will lead to being one of their groups soon
  • how to sit at a table for 10 mins and do an activity of our choice not theirs
  • how to 'wonderful walk' around school
  • ​​​​​​​how to wash their hands thoroughly
  • ​​​​​​​how to use at least 10 different outside areas for their physical development- what they can do there, how they can access it safely, how to share the area, what to say and do when they slip or fall over, how to wait for someone else to move off...
  • how to use at least 20 different kinds of toys
  • how to ask to go to the toilet and when to ask
  • follow at least 2 instructions at one time
  • how to get used to more than 1 teacher/TA 
  • what everyone's name is
  • how to tidy up- where to put stuff
  • how to wait until everyone is ready before we start our snack
  • how to wait generally!

And there's the really big stuff that can take a lot longer:

  • to not shout out or interrupt the teacher or someone else who is talking
  • how to cope with not being star of the day in an appropriate way (hiding your own disappointment )
  • how to resolve conflicts
  • how to stand up for yourself but still be kind and respectful 
  • what 'Ready, Respectful, Safe' is at school
  • how to be aspiring, kind, curious, resilient, responsible


So these part time weeks have been incredibly valuable - your child is now ready for full time school and having to share the adults with double the children. Fatigue will hit them - they have to do a lot in 2 hours so imagine how much they are thinking about when they are in all day! Tummy aches and tears may happen in your house over the next 4 weeks - growing your brain as much as they have to every single day is exhausting! But, hey, that's Reception smiley

Rainbow Sun's star teddies- Tizzy, Buttons and Hoots

Rainbow Star's Star of the Day teddies- Tortuga, Rocky and Spencer Bear

Rainbow Moon's Star of the Day teddies- Eugene, Lumi and Luna

Ashley Banjo's bedtime reading of 'Lily and the Wipe Monster' for Pura

All tucked in? Now listen up and listen well, for Ashley Banjo has a story to tell...

Today's fab story to heal our world...

Why teaching your child to read is so important...

Worth considering...

Getting to those froggy legs