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Reception: RSH (Rainbow Star), RAL (Rainbow Moon), RFH (Rainbow Sun)

                               Welcome tReception 



Have you checked out the Meet Your New teacher videos yet? Mrs Vann and Mrs Richards have got theirs on already and Mrs Lee and Mrs Thorne will soon follow. Enjoy!


Doodle Maths Shout Out to all those Rainbows who have done their Doodles at least 4x in the last 7 days. 


R Moon                         R Star                                 R Sun

Aarya                           Aadvik                                 Archie

Alex.                             Amani                                 Brooke

Amelie                         Henry                                   Elissia

Archie                          Lola-Rose                            Evie

Livia                            Nana                                     Evie

Lydia                           Nina                                      Georgia

Scarlett                       Tayma                                   Idhant

                                   Tilly                                       Kiana




Tuesday 13th July

Can it really be almost the last blog of the year? Was it really this time last year that we were starting to learn about your wonderful children joining us? Thank you for being such supportive parents, particularly during some really trying times (dare I say I miss seeing some of your fab home learning work and watching those reading videos??).

This week has been quite wet, but only in precipitation and definitely not in attitude! We have marched through puddles and run over mud slides, tried not to trample on the snails or get scared by learning about spiders. We are resilient and accomplished learners!

Next week we have reports coming home, a video from the Y1 team to introduce themselves and even more trips to the Y1 toilets, cloakrooms, gate, classroom... 




30th June

Today is the day! The excitement about going down the hallowed halls of Y1 is mounting! Here is a little rundown of some of the things happening today and over the next 4 weeks to aid the transition process - for you and them.


11am- every child in school will meet their new teacher. Usually we all go to our new classroom to meet them but that would break bubbles (and given how many are popping in BCP these days, we are choosing Safe), so today we will get them into their Y1 class sets and the teachers will come to us. They will have prepared a short activity to get them talking and feeling relaxed. I imagine there may be some VIPs being given out as well!

This afternoon Y1 have PE so we have arranged for each class to have a 5min quick look around their specific classroom while it is empty. It will be a whistle stop tour but it will ease any nerves and allow them to feel the excitement.



​​​​​​​We will have the first of many circle times about how we're feeling about Y1- things that may be worrying them, questions they have, things that they will love about being in Y1. We keep all these answers and will continue to refer and add to them over the next few weeks as we will do circle times as a whole class and in small groups. 


Over next few weeks:

more trips to the classrooms

try out the toilets!

find the lockers

teachers will pop down again and again

practise going from the Shillingstone Gate to specific classroom doors (again and again)

practise walking from our new classroom to the hall (for lunch/PE)

find the VIP tubes

learn all the grown-ups names!

keep 'practising' in our new classes to establish firm friendship possibilities.


Please remember that the BIG transition was the one you did last year and the next one is going into y7. The more you/they do of these moves through Muscliff, the less nerve-racking it is, especially for them. They know how to behave in school. They understand how to be Ready, Respectful and Safe. With your continued support their reading, writing and maths will keep progressing brilliantly and, most importantly, they will continue to be happy in school.

​​​​​​​Come and chat with us at the end of the day if you are still worried about anything.


25th June

We have been so very grumpy this week! Thanks to the Bad-tempered Ladybird of course, who has to learn how to control his feelings if he wants to get what he wants (aphids naturally). We have loved entering into the spirit of the book and been dramatic divas remembering the structure and flow of the story and learning new vocabulary. Next week is Superworm so expect more rhyming couplets from your Rainbow!


Gymnastics is still going really well with our brilliant Miss House leading the way with handstands and cartwheels and vaulting galore. Next week we hope to do a bit more athletics on the field if the weather is kind.


We have started using the words "Year 1" and will be doing a lot of transition work with all the children next week before and after their hour with their new teacher on Wednesday. We have had to change quite a lot of our transition plans because of the continuing restrictions and Covid infection rate so the park visit will sadly not be able to happen. Last year's Rainbow cohort didn't have it either and had even fewer transition opportunities but we teachers take all that into account and have a lot of discussions about where each and every child is, academically, socially and emotionally, so rest assured, it will all be ok. 


Have a lovely weekend - hope it involves a minibeast hunt or 2!

Reading to your child is as important as them reading to you...

Stephen Fry talks about turning on the subtitles

We know that you have worked hard at making sure your child has read to you most days and watched all our videos so they won't have 'gone back' at all! But he makes a good point and is worth the one minute watch...

Dear Parents/ Carers, 

With a week to go before we break up, I wanted to write to remind you about the key messages from last week’s newsletter and the importance of understanding the rules around COVID for our school community. 

I am sure many of us are making plans to celebrate Christmas with extended family, in line with the latest government guidance. None of us would want to cancel our Christmas plans and at school we will be doing everything we can to minimise the risk.  


Should, however, someone in a bubble test positive for COVID-19 in the final few days of school, it would be necessary for others who came in to close contact to isolate over the Christmas holidays.  


If your child or someone in the household becomes ill over this coming weekend/ during next weekPLEASE seek advice from the office staff before sending them in.  We really want to reduce any possibility of having to ask staff and families to isolate during Christmas.   

If your child becomes ill AFTER the end of this term and receives a positive test, please let us know by contacting with ‘Positive Covid Result’ in the subject line giving:  

  • Your child’s name and class 
  • Date that symptoms started 
  • Date of Covid test 
  • Date of the positive result 

    Any symptoms that develop before 1.30pm on Sunday 20th December, and result in a positive Covid result, may mean that children and staff from the relevant class/es are required to self-isolate. If this does occur, we will contact you immediately via Parentmail.  Due to the delay in getting tested/ awaiting results it may be that we have no option but to contact you up until 24th December.  Obviously, this is the last thing we want to be doing but it is an expectation of the government on schools.  We understand this will cause some anxiety in the school community as we move into the time leading to Christmas.  Please take extra precautions next week and contact the school if you need advice/ support before sending your child in.    


You might have seen in the news today that the government has reduced the self-isolation period from 14 days to 10 days with effect from Monday.  This includes anyone currently self-isolating.  The expectation will be that someone self-isolates in the home for a full 10 days before returning to work/ school.   


Thank you for your support.  I really hope we have an enjoyable, safe and healthy final week in school. 


Have a good weekend, 


With kind regards 


Sarah Fenby 


Head teacher 

We also thank you for your Birthday Books that you have bought for your classes. We are really loving them and the birthday person seems so proud when we read them. They will be special classroom additions and much more long lasting and beneficial than birthday sweets! So special that Mrs H received a book specifically to donate when it was her birthday this week!

Thank you. Have a great weekend.

"It's only Reception. They just play."

"What do they even learn this term?!"

"It won't hurt to miss a day or two."

In just a couple of hours each day this week we have been teaching:

  • how to show respect by giving eye contact and 'Good morning ...' as they come in and in the register.
  • how to organise their belongings so they can independently access them when they need to
  • how to put their coat/jumper on without adult support
  • how to read and write 3 sounds
  • the difference between cursive, print and capital of those 3 sounds
  • how to spot those 3 sounds in words
  • ​​​​​​​how to hear those sounds in words
  • how to say those sounds accurately
  • how to hold a pencil ready for full pinch n prop
  • how to use a clipboard safely and respectfully
  • 5 stories off by heart which will lead to being one of their groups soon
  • how to sit at a table for 10 mins and do an activity of our choice not theirs
  • how to 'wonderful walk' around school
  • ​​​​​​​how to wash their hands thoroughly
  • ​​​​​​​how to use at least 10 different outside areas for their physical development- what they can do there, how they can access it safely, how to share the area, what to say and do when they slip or fall over, how to wait for someone else to move off...
  • how to use at least 20 different kinds of toys
  • how to ask to go to the toilet and when to ask
  • follow at least 2 instructions at one time
  • how to get used to more than 1 teacher/TA 
  • what everyone's name is
  • how to tidy up- where to put stuff
  • how to wait until everyone is ready before we start our snack
  • how to wait generally!

And there's the really big stuff that can take a lot longer:

  • to not shout out or interrupt the teacher or someone else who is talking
  • how to cope with not being star of the day in an appropriate way (hiding your own disappointment )
  • how to resolve conflicts
  • how to stand up for yourself but still be kind and respectful 
  • what 'Ready, Respectful, Safe' is at school
  • how to be aspiring, kind, curious, resilient, responsible


So these part time weeks have been incredibly valuable - your child is now ready for full time school and having to share the adults with double the children. Fatigue will hit them - they have to do a lot in 2 hours so imagine how much they are thinking about when they are in all day! Tummy aches and tears may happen in your house over the next 4 weeks - growing your brain as much as they have to every single day is exhausting! But, hey, that's Reception smiley

Tuesday 15th September

We hope you have had a good start to school life and your child enjoyed their first day in Reception yesterday. We had such a wonderful time with them and were really impressed with their mature attitude to leaving grown ups at the gate (and how well the grown ups coped too!) and their eagerness to explore their new environment!


There is always so much information to remember so we wanted to just highlight some key points for you:
  • Due to the current situation with Covid we request that only one parent is present at drop off and pick up times to help minimise the risk and ensure the safety of everyone in the school community.
  • Timings for the day - AM sessions are 8.45am - 11.30am. PM sessions are 12.45pm - 2.45pm. Please can we ensure punctuality at drop off and pick up times as our reception gate needs to be locked promptly for other year groups. 
  • We will start PE after 28th September but you are welcome to send their PE kit in now to stay on their peg. Just t shirt and shorts in a PE bag - no shoes required.
  • The car park will close between 2.30-3.30 pm each afternoon so if you are picking up your child in the afternoon please be aware not to park in the car park.
  • Snack - please send your child in with a fruit or vegetable snack in a named snack pot every day (part time and full time). We request only fruit or vegetables NO cheese, sausages, yoghurts, chocolate bars, biscuits, breadsticks, cake bars etc.
  • Water bottles - please send you child in with a named water bottle everyday. Only waterNO squash, flavoured water or juice.


Many thanks for your time and understanding. Here's to another fabulous day!
Kind Regards,
Th Rainbow Team


Rainbow Sun's star teddies- Tizzy, Buttons and Hoots

Rainbow Star's Star of the Day teddies- Tortuga, Rocky and Spencer Bear

Rainbow Moon's Star of the Day teddies- Eugene, Lumi and Luna

Ashley Banjo's bedtime reading of 'Lily and the Wipe Monster' for Pura

All tucked in? Now listen up and listen well, for Ashley Banjo has a story to tell...

Today's fab story to heal our world...

Why teaching your child to read is so important...

Worth considering...

Getting to those froggy legs