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Reception: RSH (Rainbow Star), RAL (Rainbow Moon), RFH (Rainbow Sun)

                               Welcome tReception 



Monday 12th

So this is what the Rainbow teachers and their children have been doing today:  creating a cave in Rainbow Moon, washing the carpets and getting everything ready for our new term. We are pleased to see that you have been much more mathematically productive and have made Rainbow Star the school Doodle Champions this week. Whoop!  Keep going!

Easter home learning

Still image for this video
Let Mrs Doidge (and her cat!) show you how to make a dragon egg for display in our corridor.

Thursday 1st April

So we all made it to the end of the spring term- and beautifully if we say so ourselves! Thank you for being brilliant parents and carers; we appreciate it so much.

This week we have been learning about Easter and what Christians believe. We have done painting, building, forward rolls, counting in 10s to 100, reading, reading, reading and we've started to write 'key' words that don't fit our sounds' pattern eg we, be, she, he, me, said, they, made, I, like. Now that we have most of our sounds and we can blend independently, to make us sound and feel fluent we need to recognise words on sight. Next time your Rainbow comes across one of the above words, encourage them to use their memory. But to be honest, if you can just keep them reading to you most days over the next 2 weeks, they'll be ready to zoom when we return! 

You can still use Oxford Owl of course.

yearrsh   YearRSH

yearrjc     YearRJC

yearral     yearral

If you fancy getting into groove for next half term our topic is: Castles & Caves. We will share our plan with you on the Topic Overview page. As. you can see we were working hard on Thursday afternoon to create: Harrison's Garrison,  Flynn Fort and Lumsden's Lair. I managed to get photos of 2 but the Lair was involved in a bit of a landslide so will ready for a photograph next this space!  In the meantime, have a go at making a dragon's egg for our corridor display. Video above gives you an idea of what to do.

Enjoy the break and hopefully some warmth and we'll see you on Monday 19th 8.30.

The Rainbow Gang.


Castles and Caves...

Parent consultations - check out Wednesday's newsletter


Have you done your Doodle Maths at least 4 times in the last 7 days? All these Rainbow children have:


RAL                                RSH                         RFH

Alex                                Amani                      Brooke

Amelie                            Haydara                   Evie A

Archie                             Lola-Rose                Evie D

Jasmine                          Nina                         Georgia

Livia                                Tayma                      Olivia

Lucas                              Tilly                          Thea

Norah                                                               Zakariya


A year 5 class won the Doodle trophy this week for having the most stars and most in the green zone. Come on Rainbows!  Remember you are champions!

Friday 26th March

Easter mufti already! We have only been back to school for 3 weeks but it definitely feels like the end of the term!  

We met 2 lovely surgical nurses this week over Zoom and asked them lots of questions. We now know about 'scrubs', 'anaesthesia' and how they often don't get their lunch until 4pm from an 8am shift start. ("When we said that's after you go home children!" there were many gasps!!) We learned that some days they have up to 50 'procedures' and some days only 5 because they are long, complicated surgeries. We also liked how one nurse was male and one female so we could remember that girls and boys can be nurses. On the whole, not many children seemed very enamoured with nursing though! So whilst learning about the 'or' sound we found out a bit about the law. Children seemed to think that police officers sent 'bad guys' to prison rather than the judge so we sorted that out and then we talked about the very varied job of a police officer. Anyone out there who fancies Zooming us to give us more information about police work, please let us know! 

Talking of rules and regulations (sort of!), please be reminded that our gate is locked from 8.45. If you are running late, you are not allowed via the office (Covid-rules) but must wait at the gate to be spotted. This week it has been quite difficult to continue all our learning because a member of staff has been needed to open the gate after 8.45 for late-comers. We know how much you generally prefer us teaching your child how to read, write etc (wink) so we'd really appreciate it if we can all start at 8.45 at the latest. Thank you to everyone who runs as they see the gate being closed. We'll just be getting it all right and it will be time to break up!

New library book will be coming home today. To be returned Monday.

1 new home reading book will be coming home on Monday. To be returned Wednesday/ Thursday.

No new sound next week as we are focusing on key word recognition as we prepare to send home word bags next term. There will be a video on Teams to explain how to use them.

And finally we have a creative Easter  holiday job for you! Again we will do a video to explain what to do. More on this in next week's blog.

Take care and stay safe.


Friday 19th

This week has all been about subjects and verbs and strengthening the core muscles - physically with rolls and exercise and emotionally with lots of supportive circle times about right/wrong choices. Our routine has been firmly re-established  and now we're trying to build up the stamina to pre-Christmas levels. 

We are tackling gender stereotypes beautifully in our topic. Most children are starting to believe that there are no girl or boy colours or jobs. We have seen a couple of episodes of Let's Play (Cbeebies) which helps with the discussion about which person should be the chef/racing driver/nurse/baker - Rebecca or Sid? (Obviously the answer we're aiming for is- either!). We hope to Zoom with a male nurse and a female firefighter - when our schedules will allow. 

Next week we are working out when to put a full stop in our writing so building up to: subject, verb, finish the idea full stop. The parent video is still available for your info- you probably weren't taught this way at school! 

We also have a mufti day next Friday. Children can wear own clothes (sensible please)- named, non-laced (unless they can lace them themselves), still need a coat and please bring in some chocolate for the Easter raffle (fundraising for the MPA). We benefit from those funds so much. During the Easter annual leave Mrs H and Mr Scoble will be tackling the left-over roots that are starting to regrow in the Secret Garden and Mud Zone. The MPA will help fund the mini digger we need to get those roots. (Whose job will it be to drive the digger- Mr Scoble or Mrs H- a discussion for another time!!). Also if anyone knows of any suitable wood clippings/bark, we need a load of it to scatter around. And can I say, I love the name, I dislike the plant holly!!

Happy weekend Rainbows!

Reading to your child is as important as them reading to you...

Reading Records in Monday 15th please.

The more they read, the better at reading they will be.

1 read of you reading to them can count.

Friday 12th March

We said it would be as if we had never left and here we are being all normal in school again! Obviously being normal means our hands are chapped red raw from the weather and the washing and lunch can't come soon enough but hey, we'll take it because this week has been glorious!  Your children are glorious! We spent a lot of time last week considering how best to manage the time, their stamina and fatigue and their missing you so we are pleased with the positive outcomes of this 5 days: the children are back in the swing of things, learning lots, playing lots, exploring new outdoor elements and being very chatty!


Our new topic is What do I want to be? so we have a job centre role play and we found out about being an ambulance mechanic and a contemporary dancer courtesy of BBC Bitesize. 

We have started talking about subjects and verbs (see video on Teams or on here in the Videos to help home learning) and reading has been the order of the day.


We are really pleased actually with the progress the children have made during lockdown. We can tell all of the children who have read to you regularly. Thank you! It really is now about practise, practise, practise! Make sure you continue to use the home reading books/Oxford Owl every night (get them to read the same book at least twice) and make a note in the Reading Record. And they need to be reading to you. You read a 'normal' book to them rather than their decodable school books.


And we suppose they are now ready to write a bit more in the star of the day book rather than you doing it all! Oh have you missed the star of the day as much as they seem to!laugh


So time to relax and Feel Good this Friday- we appreciate your efforts getting them back in to routine quickly, dropping off before 8.45 and picking up before 3.05; Thank you. See you smiling on Monday morning with library book and Reading Record!

The Rainbow Team

Stephen Fry talks about turning on the subtitles

We know that you have worked hard at making sure your child has read to you most days and watched all our videos so they won't have 'gone back' at all! But he makes a good point and is worth the one minute watch...

Friday 12th February

Thank you for your unending support this half-term. You have been amazing.


Tuesday 5th January

I have sent you all a message update via Tapestry but rest assured we are working our socks off to find ways to support your home-learning process over the next 6 weeks.

Mrs Fenby will communicate via email again today and throughout this lockdown.

​​​​​​​More will come from the Rainbows' team later today.

Mrs H


Monday 4th January 2021

We all hope that you have had a happy and healthy break and that you are as hopeful as we are about keeping this new half term as 'normal' as possible. Until we hear differently from the DfE, we are expecting all children back tomorrow at 8.40 am.

We are looking forward  to our new topic of Dinosaurs! Unfortunately we cannot invite you in to our parent craft to make a dinosaur egg but we will try to do them in school and show you how you can do one at home with papier mache magic!

Our plan is to maintain our routine tomorrow to allow the children to settle back in as quickly as possible. We will continue to do a lot of learning play outdoors and keeping our high standards of hand washing and cleaning. 

​​​​​​​Over the course of the week we will be adapting our timetable slightly to incorporate a little more learning time and trying to extend focus group learning sessions. Our topic sheet will give you a lot more information of the learning expectations throughout this half term that you can help us with.

​​​​​​​In the meantime, enjoy today and see you tomorrow.


in the last 7 days, these fab mathematicians have been doodling at least twice...


R Star                                       R Moon                                R Sun

Aadvik                                      Aarya                                    Archie                                  

Amani                                       Alex                                      Bradley

Haydara                                   Amelia                                   Brooke

Henry                                       Archie                                    Evie

Lola-Rose                                Arian                                      Georgia

Nana                                        Livia                                       Idhant

Nina                                         Oliver                                     Joseph

Raihana                                   Nathan                                   Kiana

Tayma                                      Oscar                                    Nathan

Tilly                                          Scarlett                                  Olivia

Violet                                                                                      Thea

Friday 18th

We made it! The end of a fabulous first term. Doesn't it seem ages ago since we were talking about your new Rainbow starting full time?! Or even since half-term! We are pretty pleased with how all the children are now fully-immersed in school life and learning, following school rules of being Ready, Respectful and Safe and how to be kind to everyone and everything. We've packed A LOT in when we seem to spend a lot of time washing our hands, talking about right choices and tidying up...etc.


Next term is all about reading (sentences independently), writing (lots of copy writing from the T to show where to start a sentence, finger spaces, cursive), phonics (vowel digraphs, here we come), maths (learning number bonds off by heart eg 3+2, 1+4, 5+0, 2+2, 1+4), being a responsible Rainbow who understands their right to learn and have a friend but also their responsibilities and so much more. Check out the new half term programme of work in our Topic Overview folder, coming soon!


We hope you enjoyed our Nativity (despite the frustrating delays!). Feel free to download and keep watching until it is time to show a few clips on their 18th!  As staff, we enjoyed putting it together and seeing confidence soar and, as much as we missed our live audience and the thrill of the performance, we think the children did a great job and are happy that we were able to complete the venture in these Covid times.


And so to our much-needed break!  From all the team, we hope you have a marvellous time with your Rainbow, that they give you a break now and again, that they keep reading and Doodling (if you want to get to that magical 500-day streak you will need 5mins even on Christmas Day!) and that it gives you a chance to work on their independence or creativity or 'self-regulation' or just their cuddles!

See you in 2021.

The Rainbow Team

Dear Parents/ Carers, 

With a week to go before we break up, I wanted to write to remind you about the key messages from last week’s newsletter and the importance of understanding the rules around COVID for our school community. 

I am sure many of us are making plans to celebrate Christmas with extended family, in line with the latest government guidance. None of us would want to cancel our Christmas plans and at school we will be doing everything we can to minimise the risk.  


Should, however, someone in a bubble test positive for COVID-19 in the final few days of school, it would be necessary for others who came in to close contact to isolate over the Christmas holidays.  


If your child or someone in the household becomes ill over this coming weekend/ during next weekPLEASE seek advice from the office staff before sending them in.  We really want to reduce any possibility of having to ask staff and families to isolate during Christmas.   

If your child becomes ill AFTER the end of this term and receives a positive test, please let us know by contacting with ‘Positive Covid Result’ in the subject line giving:  

  • Your child’s name and class 
  • Date that symptoms started 
  • Date of Covid test 
  • Date of the positive result 

    Any symptoms that develop before 1.30pm on Sunday 20th December, and result in a positive Covid result, may mean that children and staff from the relevant class/es are required to self-isolate. If this does occur, we will contact you immediately via Parentmail.  Due to the delay in getting tested/ awaiting results it may be that we have no option but to contact you up until 24th December.  Obviously, this is the last thing we want to be doing but it is an expectation of the government on schools.  We understand this will cause some anxiety in the school community as we move into the time leading to Christmas.  Please take extra precautions next week and contact the school if you need advice/ support before sending your child in.    


You might have seen in the news today that the government has reduced the self-isolation period from 14 days to 10 days with effect from Monday.  This includes anyone currently self-isolating.  The expectation will be that someone self-isolates in the home for a full 10 days before returning to work/ school.   


Thank you for your support.  I really hope we have an enjoyable, safe and healthy final week in school. 


Have a good weekend, 


With kind regards 


Sarah Fenby 


Head teacher 

Friday 11th

Mufti madness for £1! Have any of you thought about joining our wonderful MPA? They desperately need some volunteers. It is not a huge commitment - promise!  Sometimes it is just having people to call on to do a morning's job once in a while, such as put the hampers together for the raffle. As a school, we hugely appreciate their fund-raising and each and every child benefits from the money they raise. Give it a thought anyway.


We have enjoyed finalising the filming of the nativity this week. The Rainbows team were seen multiple times a day hauling 'stables', mauling with a 100kg backdrop (maybe I exaggerate its weight a little) and picking tinsel off the floor from the angel dancer costumes! This weekend, Mrs H, Mrs Lumsden, Miss House and Mrs Flynn will now be cutting, zooming in and transitioning all the bits to try to make a coherent video for you all. Despite the rolling credits we are not trained in film production and are giggling too much to finesse it  fully but we really hope you enjoy it. We think we will- there are many adorably funny moments from the dancer who showed us incredible leg moves - while sitting on a bench, the king who wouldn't give over the gift and Mary who loves a close-up!  


Talking of videos, there will be a brand new #TeamMuscliff Christmas video (is there no end to Miss House's enthusiasm for festive featurettes?). From April to July Muscliff staff did 4 videos that they shared with our community to raise a smile that you may not have seen if you are new to the school but they are fab!  This next one will not disappoint and all the Rainbow team is on it. It will be 'dropped' (!) at the end of next week so keep an eye on the Muscliff Facebook page. I will put it on our Teams (files) as well.


In the meantime, keeeeeeeeep reading!


Top Doodlers this week: RAINBOW SUN!

Shout out to children who have doodled last week:


RSH.                                  RAL                                  RJC

Abu                                    Aarya                                Arabella

Ava                                    Alex                                   Archie

Charlie                               Amelia                              Astijus

Felicity                               Amelie                              Bradley

Gabriel                               Archie                              Brooke

Harrison                             Arian                                Elissia

Haydara                             Erin                                  Evie

Henry                                 Jasmine                           Evie

Hollie                                 Livia                                 Georgia

Isabelle                              Lucas                               Henry

Lola-Rose                          Lydia                                Idhant

Mia                                     Nathan                             Iris

Nina                                   Norah                               Joe

Raihana                             Oliver                                Kiana

Tayma                                Oscar                                Nathan

Tilly                                    Rudi                                  Olivia

Toby                                  Scarlett                              Thea

Zayden                              William                              Zehra

1230                                 1183                                  1531

Friday 4th

Another week of our bubble in school not out- great! We are working hard to maintain hygiene standards and government guidelines and appreciate your support by wearing your mask, dropping off and picking up on time, bringing books back on time to quarantine, being vigilant about coughs, temperature and the general Covid symptoms. Thank you, we all want to be with our loved ones this holiday and preferably not 24-7 isolating!


We've attempted to film our Nativity this week. Some of them went a bit camera shy and forgot their words, when to come on, how to sing and how not to pick off the tinsel from their costume! Filming it has presented far more staff stress than we had imagined when we enthusiastically decided to do it way back when! Will try again next week. Take two, Rainbows! Break a leg!  (Please, please don't.)


The school nurses were back for our vision screening checks (not broken legs). They will contact you directly with results and if there is any remedial action needed. 


Talking of checks we are also checking the children's sound knowledge and blending confidence at the moment as we will be focusing on writing words that turn into short phrases and sentences in January. You will see from the books they are bringing home to read every Monday-Thursday/Friday that there are more words and more sounds. 1 book to come home until the end of term so keep focusing them on pointing to the word as they read it (even though memory is kicking in!).


Mrs Fenby's newsletter today has given you lots of information about the end of term, please take a look at it when you have a moment. 


I received an email from a delightful book company (#supportsmallbusinesses) that are offering a gift package and a subscription deal which looks a brilliant way to foster a long term reading culture. A fancy and thoughtful gift if you can afford it and want something excitingly different for the price of a few 'Happy meals'.


Over and out for this week. 




Friday 18th: pick up 1.15 (gates locked at 1.20)

Look at Dates for your diary to see slight change to pick up times next term.

Top Doodlers this week:   RAINBOW SUN - whoop!

Friday 20th

Fatigue is hitting hard!  It is a long term, an exciting term from start to finish and a lot of other, non-school stuff going on term. (Thank goodness we did have those part time weeks; can you imagine how hard it would be now and the next month if we hadn't!) Let's hope Covid doesn't hit us over the next 4 weeks- hand washing, hand washing, hand washing!


We are really enjoying practising for our nativity play. We have done most of the songs (although government guidelines have meant that we have had to cut out a couple) and now know our roles. We aim to film the drama and songs separately and edit into a reasonably presentable video- but Spielbergs we are not! 


The other excitement this week has been our new library.  The children have spent some time in it, had a story read to them, browsed the shelves and enjoyed going to the 'librarian' to get their book pretend-scanned and the title written on their personal library card. Research says that children who are read to every night with a quality text become fluent readers more quickly than those who don't. Books to be returned on Mondays please.


Next week we move on from Diwali to more information about astronauts- Tim Peake, Armstrong etc here we come!

​​​​​​​Have a lovely weekend. Look out for the gibbous moons.


Last week Rainbow Sun were the top Doodlers and this week it is Rainbow Star!  It is based on how many stars each class earns and the proportion of streaks.  Keep going Rainbows your maths will show a difference!

Friday 13th

Have you been moon-spotting? Did you know that next week is National Astronomy Week (of course it is!) and there is a fab resource that you could access at home if interested:

I like the look of visiting mars! Check it out at:


We have been checking all the children's rapid recall of all the sounds we've taught so far so we can see which ones are not sticking as well as others. We will send home a list to keep you informed and so you can help support with those trickier ones at home.


Our first assembly was exciting!  We watched Mrs Fenby on our screen and could see some of the other classes as we heard who was the Value Champion for each YR, Y1 and Y2 class this week. We clapped when it was the Rainbows' turn (it was funny to hear the applause from the other 2 classrooms as well!). I wonder who will shine as the child who goes Over and Above in terms of being Ready, Respectful and Safe next?


I hope our new system with the home reading books is more effective for you (and us!) using the zippy wallets not only to protect the expensive books but also to encourage daily reading. We are currently trying to find the hours to create our own Rainbows Library in our corridor area thanks to Miss House's inspired idea. We aim to allow each child to choose to borrow one book each Friday to be returned on Monday. They will have their own library card for us to write down their book (ultimately they​​​​​​​ will be doing the writing!). Hopefully your child will enjoy the process and sharing the book with you and will become a lifelong reading fan. Look out for this library book maybe as soon as next Friday.


Here are some questions to ask your Rainbow about our learning this week:

  • Who lives in Ten Town?
  • What moon was it last night?
  • How do you know it is autumn?
  • 'l' at the beginning of a word can sometimes sound different to when it is at the end of the word - can you spot the difference?
  • Can you sing our 'j' and 'l' songs?
  • Can you remember the start of our All I Want For Christmas dance?
  • Can you do a forward roll?​​​​​​​

Friday 6th November

Remember, remember!

The first week of a new half term is brill! Not too tired, eager to be with friends, loving a new topic, books, numbers, sounds...


I wonder if the gibbous moon will give way to a half moon tonight? The excitement when we went outside to play yesterday and there was the moon still visible and we could identify it as a gibbous moon! Next will be Venus and the Plough!!!


As you may have heard, we have started learning our nativity songs. Our big dance number is the first one up. We are hoping to film the children doing the nativity and cut and paste the singing bits in (we have guidelines about how/how much/where/when/how close etc etc we can do singing in our YR classrooms). We will then - hopefully- add some photos in and around of practices to make an entertaining watch for you!  We are still working out the details (there are so many!) but we will ask a small amount and then give you the download link. We may be able to produce the odd cd although this is very time-consuming for staff when we want to spend all our time focusing on your child and their learning. We'll see what we can do. You won't need to provide costumes (although if you prefer to send one in, that would be most welcome); some children are narrators and can bring their own smart clothes. We will let you know all the character/costume details in a week or 2.


Raffle tickets went home today to sell/buy. We are already existing on a skeleton MPA (Muscliff Parent Association) and to not have any fund-raising is a blow to the school. Last year we used some money from the MPA to buy the new choosing books you are currently reading as well as a new mud kitchen that gets played with at least 3x a day. 


Until next week then, take care and stay safe (and spot the moon phases!)


Monday 26th Oct

WELL DONE RAINBOW SUN- you are the Doodlers of the week across the school! That means that you have earned more stars and have more consistent streaks than any other class- in the whole school!  



23rd October


There are some (short) videos on our Teams (Files) that demonstrate how you can make the most of the book(s) we are sending home. I cannot upload them to this page unfortunately (at the moment). Note how long I spend on the basics, how much I focus on  the importance of where to place the child's finger and how I model how to read (My Turn, Your Turn). 

Thank you for returning the books on a Friday and keeping them as pristine as possible.


Space is our new topic and we love it!  We will talk about different stages of the moon, all the different planets, gravity... We have a lovely space song that we sing which is incredibly calming we find (we'll post the link) and we read lots of space-related books. But first is showing off our home-made rockets! We will decorate our corridor space with them and appreciate your support and efforts- thank you.

This half term

So much has happened in 7 weeks! Remembering back to when we first met you, as well as those all-important part time weeks seems so long ago! The children are now gaining a lot of confidence with each other and the routine; so much learning is going on every single day. And boy they are tired! They don't want to rest but it comes out in behaviour, (over) sensitivity and general clumsiness, but we know how tiring it is growing our brains every day - just wait until December!

We thank you for your support in getting them to school on time and picking them up before 3pm, reading to and with them (and getting into the habit of ticking that reading record), remembering to provide water bottle and snack pots, coat etc every day- you have also 'started school' and we appreciate your full co-operation, really we do.

Next half term

A big focus on them learning to write their name independently and fully cursive; more sounds and lots of reading; maths - Part, part, whole; we have a document to share with you to show you our this space.

And a decision on nativity!


Have a lovely half term break and we'll see you on Monday 2nd 8.40-8.55 / 2.50-3pm.

Trying to speed dry one star of the day teddy!

Coming this week - how to be a Doodler!  

Doodle maths passwords and username + how to get yourself started with Doodle Maths app will be sent as a paper copy home in book bags this week. The idea is, like reading, to do 10mins every night rather than an hour once a week. smiley

Friday 9th

We're pretty tired, some shattered; our hands are red raw sore with washing them so much and our wellies pretty muddy after this week. Oh! You wanted to hear about the children not the Rainbow adults! 

The timetable is becoming well embedded now and stamina- at least for the morning - is improving as they are used to the routine but their brains are growing and this takes energy and focus so tiredness is expected. 

This week we have learnt 3 new sounds: m d g- how they look, how they sound (most of the time although we have also considered other ways they sound eg George is a /j/ not a /g/), how they are written in cursive vs print and capitals and words that contain them. We continue to teach blending as the starting point to reading and your homework over the weekend should help a lot with that. Mrs H is just about to prepare a video to help you support us with their blending and that homework so watch this space!

Thank you for sending in the Muscliff Mice. Doesn't our corridor look nice!

Muscliff Mice

We also thank you for your Birthday Books that you have bought for your classes. We are really loving them and the birthday person seems so proud when we read them. They will be special classroom additions and much more long lasting and beneficial than birthday sweets! So special that Mrs H received a book specifically to donate when it was her birthday this week!

Thank you. Have a great weekend.

Birthday book donations

Friday 2nd October


Do you remember us saying that we will be going out even if there is a bit of rain? Well today is one of those days that we make good on that promise! Thank you for helping us out by bringing wellies; they offer some protection towards socks and trousers. Such fun splish-splosh-splashing-going on a Bear Hunt style!


We are pleased with how their first full-time week has gone and this is very much due to having those part-time weeks to establish routines and expectations. We have started daily Guided/Quiet reading: our focus is two-fold: a). 3 groups to stay at a given table (not of their choice) and do the fine-motor control job, sharing resources and not letting voice go beyond a whisper. b) T and TA to have a group revising their recognition of taught sounds/ learning what a finger space is.  That is going really well. Next week's step forward is to change the groups so that we still use their house team groups but we also have a reading/writing group using the names of our books this half term. These groups are predominately mixed ability with the focus on maximising learning behaviours and progress.


Here is what the afternoons look like as they are different to the am/pm timetable of the part time weeks:

  • 12.45 in from outside lunchtime play. Toilet/Wash hands.
  • Relax kids 
  • Afternoon fruit/veg snack and water break- going to the shopkeeper (* of the day) to ask for some snack and paying at the till.  Story. Toilet/wash hands
  • Quick input - could be counting, taking turns, how to be ready for learning, how to ask a question so that the answer is yes etc etc
  • Let's Explore - inside and outside.
  • Tidy up. Toilet/wash hands.
  • Story and star of the day.
  • Hometime routine

Basically we do not stop! And they're brilliant! 


​​​​​​​You are also amazing and have adapted beautifully to our expectations - thank you. We are socially distancing beautifully and getting great at not hanging around at drop off or pick up. Thank you. Please help us out a bit more by not getting to our gate before 8.40am so that our queue is not hindering the Y4,5,6 children/parents and carers as they need the space until 8.45. 


Teachers are using this weekend to get prepared for forthcoming Parent Consultations. You will receive an email on Monday telling you how to book an appointment. This year we will be offering the 10minute appointment on Teams. The meeting consists of us giving you a little insight on how your Rainbow is adapting to school life, what you can do to help and answer any questions you have. All in 10mins!!! So have any questions and your tech ready! 


Right, time to go and check Elmer resources for next week's learning. And maybe dry out my trousers and hair a bit!


You can bring your own lunch for your child or you can order one of Chef Kev's


Own lunchbox

No nuts, eggs, chocolate bars. Named lunchbox.


Chef Kev's lunch

Each day the teacher will give them up to 3 options of sandwich/crackers. Menus are available to view near the classroom door.

There is no need to bring an empty lunchbox.


You will need to provide:

  • water bottle and (small) snack pot as usual for morning snack time. The water bottle will be used at lunch as well. 


The children will have their own lunchtime supervisor (usually the same one in each Rainbow class) who will help them open things, encourage them to eat and generally be wonderful. They have about 20-25 mins to eat their lunch. Please be realistic about how much they can eat in this time! They will then wash their hands/go to the toilet again and have about 20mins playtime (outside).

As much as possible in that first week your child's teacher will be around at lunchtime and will be able to 'mop up' the stragglers until they get more into the routine. We also have one of our TAs who will be outside with them so they can help with First Aid and The Toilet Trips!

Bon appetit!

"It's only Reception. They just play."

"What do they even learn this term?!"

"It won't hurt to miss a day or two."

In just a couple of hours each day this week we have been teaching:

  • how to show respect by giving eye contact and 'Good morning ...' as they come in and in the register.
  • how to organise their belongings so they can independently access them when they need to
  • how to put their coat/jumper on without adult support
  • how to read and write 3 sounds
  • the difference between cursive, print and capital of those 3 sounds
  • how to spot those 3 sounds in words
  • ​​​​​​​how to hear those sounds in words
  • how to say those sounds accurately
  • how to hold a pencil ready for full pinch n prop
  • how to use a clipboard safely and respectfully
  • 5 stories off by heart which will lead to being one of their groups soon
  • how to sit at a table for 10 mins and do an activity of our choice not theirs
  • how to 'wonderful walk' around school
  • ​​​​​​​how to wash their hands thoroughly
  • ​​​​​​​how to use at least 10 different outside areas for their physical development- what they can do there, how they can access it safely, how to share the area, what to say and do when they slip or fall over, how to wait for someone else to move off...
  • how to use at least 20 different kinds of toys
  • how to ask to go to the toilet and when to ask
  • follow at least 2 instructions at one time
  • how to get used to more than 1 teacher/TA 
  • what everyone's name is
  • how to tidy up- where to put stuff
  • how to wait until everyone is ready before we start our snack
  • how to wait generally!

And there's the really big stuff that can take a lot longer:

  • to not shout out or interrupt the teacher or someone else who is talking
  • how to cope with not being star of the day in an appropriate way (hiding your own disappointment )
  • how to resolve conflicts
  • how to stand up for yourself but still be kind and respectful 
  • what 'Ready, Respectful, Safe' is at school
  • how to be aspiring, kind, curious, resilient, responsible


So these part time weeks have been incredibly valuable - your child is now ready for full time school and having to share the adults with double the children. Fatigue will hit them - they have to do a lot in 2 hours so imagine how much they are thinking about when they are in all day! Tummy aches and tears may happen in your house over the next 4 weeks - growing your brain as much as they have to every single day is exhausting! But, hey, that's Reception smiley

Friday 25th Sept

Part-time weeks - done!  Rock on full time! We are as ready as we can be; we have upped the ante and over this week we have been adding to our timetable. We are now doing phonics every day and we have started our Quiet Reading sessions. These consist of the children in 5 groups. 1 group reads with the teacher, 1 practises phonics with the TA and the other 3 sit at tables and play a fine motor skills game (eg threading, putting small pompoms on pictures using large tweezers (children variety of course!), using pegs, manipulating pasta etc). These groups rotate over the week. 

So little by little the timetable will change over the year until they are ready for Year 1, but I'm getting ahead of myself, back to the Rainbows...

We will be giving you a Reading Log next week (Tuesday/Wednesday) to complete to get into the habit of sharing a book with your child every night. We will also send home one or two books every week. More information about what you can do with 2 books every night is coming soon in the video folder!

Our Curriculum Meeting will also give you more information about life at school so please re-read the email that we sent out a couple of weeks ago which tells you how to go about accessing the Teams link. 

One request please: from now on the car park is closed to parents. The only exception is for pick up from the office due to appointments or illness. The Broadway Lane gate is partially left open to aid the safety of our pedestrians and our staggered collection times. Also the one-person drop off/pick up also still applies. 

Thank you for your mask-wearing and just as appreciated is your patience as we endeavour to match so many adults to children. We thought we were getting it with one adult picking up and then other adults got involved and then the subtle disguise (thanks Covid) has really got us stumped! Monday - 30 children - will add another dimension of challenge so thanks for helping us out and just telling us not testing us. You're fab!

Have a lovely weekend and let's have fine weather next week please.

​​​​​​​The Rainbow Gang


Friday 18th Sept

So that's their first week in school done! To us, it feels as if they've always been here. Our endpoint for the week was to establish the basic routines, learn preliminary behaviour strategies (ask them about Hand Up For Silence & Super 6) and to feel comfortable in the environment. Sorted!

We have had a go in our 3 outdoor zones: water and construction area, mud kitchen and gardening zone and our secret garden. There are still plenty of bits we have not shown them yet eg hoops and balls, trikes, painting, obstacle course etc but we have lots of time! The children are also really enjoying the big playground - the tyres and wooden equipment seem to be firm favourites already although who knew that picking acorns could be so much fun! We are now using them for counting, peeling (fine motor control), PSE (personal, social education) - Mrs Graham has drawn different faces on them to show emotions and speaking (how are these acorns different from each other?).

There will be ups and downs along the way - at some point over every school year (that's life, right?!) and building stamina and resilience will take patience and perseverance from all of us but what a positive start we've had this week!

​​​​​​​Thank you to so many of you already having activated your Tapestry account. We hope you have liked the photos and observations we have managed to upload so far. Teachers tend to do this job at a weekend so a weekly check might be advisable. 

So now it's time to swap the timetable and see how much we can achieve in week 2. Remember we still need:

  • daily snack pot and water bottle
  • book bag (no rucksacks or lunch boxes please)
  • social distancing and prompt exiting

​​​​​​​Have a lovely weekend. 



Tuesday 15th September

We hope you have had a good start to school life and your child enjoyed their first day in Reception yesterday. We had such a wonderful time with them and were really impressed with their mature attitude to leaving grown ups at the gate (and how well the grown ups coped too!) and their eagerness to explore their new environment!


There is always so much information to remember so we wanted to just highlight some key points for you:
  • Due to the current situation with Covid we request that only one parent is present at drop off and pick up times to help minimise the risk and ensure the safety of everyone in the school community.
  • Timings for the day - AM sessions are 8.45am - 11.30am. PM sessions are 12.45pm - 2.45pm. Please can we ensure punctuality at drop off and pick up times as our reception gate needs to be locked promptly for other year groups. 
  • We will start PE after 28th September but you are welcome to send their PE kit in now to stay on their peg. Just t shirt and shorts in a PE bag - no shoes required.
  • The car park will close between 2.30-3.30 pm each afternoon so if you are picking up your child in the afternoon please be aware not to park in the car park.
  • Snack - please send your child in with a fruit or vegetable snack in a named snack pot every day (part time and full time). We request only fruit or vegetables NO cheese, sausages, yoghurts, chocolate bars, biscuits, breadsticks, cake bars etc.
  • Water bottles - please send you child in with a named water bottle everyday. Only waterNO squash, flavoured water or juice.


Many thanks for your time and understanding. Here's to another fabulous day!
Kind Regards,
Th Rainbow Team


Sunday 13th

Weather forecast looks great for this week!  Suncream on before school and leave wellies for later in the week please (less 'stuff' to deal with tomorrow!).

Friday 11th September

What a lovely week we have all had meeting you! You must feel proud of your Rainbow for being courageous enough to do a job with the TA while we talked! Those suns, stars, moons will be up somewhere in the classroom on Monday for them to spot their own - the space is theirs already! 

Thank you for being lovely yourselves; it can be an emotional time giving us your very precious baby but I hope having some time with us in the environment has reassured you and perhaps excited you about the next chapter of learning.

Here are a few housekeeping bits:

  • We can only permit one person to drop off/pick up (sorry! We've looked at ways around the Government's guidance and we just can't.) 
  • Drop off at the large green gates that you came in this week. Please maintain 2m social distancing at all times.
  • ​​​​​​​A TA will be on the gates and others will be in the playground escorting to the right classroom. Teachers will be at the doors welcoming and helping inside.
  • Collect from the classroom outside door. The TA/T will bring your child to you. Bear with us while we learn to memorise so many adults and attach them to a child! Please maintain 2m social distancing at all times.
  • Exit the playground from the other green gate close to the bike shed. Please maintain 2m social distancing at all times.
  • Your child will need every day: book bag, snack pot, water bottle, pencil case, waterproof jacket.
  • If your child has a toilet accident, please wash and return the school property uniform (particularly the pants. Teachers spend a small fortune of their own money on these!) within a week or so.

Watch this space for some photos of the star of the day bears coming soon!  Each class has 3 this year so that each bear and book/bag can be washed/stored for at least 48 hours before being touched again. (Feel free to wash the bear yourself at home.) We just had to find a way to have our stars! We will give the bears out at the end of each morning session, you have them for one night  and you will need to return them the next morning 8.45-9.  There are instructions inside each bear's book. 

Here's to a fantastic year of awe, wonder, reading, writing, maths, problem-solving, personal growth and maturity and lots and lots of enjoyment. 

See you on Monday 8.45-9 or 12.45.

The Rainbow Gang


Rainbow Sun's star teddies- Tizzy, Buttons and Hoots

Rainbow Star's Star of the Day teddies- Tortuga, Rocky and Spencer Bear

Rainbow Moon's Star of the Day teddies- Eugene, Lumi and Luna

Monday 7th September

A few things from today's meetings so far:

  • Lunches: we are still not allowed to do hot lunches. You can choose Chef Kev's packed lunch or bring your own (no egg, nuts, Nutella, chocolate bars).
  • Times:


Week 21st September: part time (swap shift)

mornings 8.45-9am staggered entry-11.30

afternoons 12.45-2.45-3pm (staggered exit)


Week 28th September : full time

8.45-9.00 - 2.45-3pm staggered drop off and pick up


  • Entry: big green gate- drop off here.
  • Exit: enter playground, go to your Rainbow door and wait for your child to be handed to you; exit via the far green gate.


Friday 4th Sept

Well we're ready for you! We've been working hard to get as much as possible in place for these coming few weeks. We hope you like the new video!

The office has said that there have been quite a few enquiries from you about the part time starts so below is the list of morning/afternoon children for you to check. We will give you more information during your 20minute meeting next week of course.



Ashley Banjo's bedtime reading of 'Lily and the Wipe Monster' for Pura

All tucked in? Now listen up and listen well, for Ashley Banjo has a story to tell...

Today's fab story to heal our world...

Why teaching your child to read is so important...

Worth considering...

Getting to those froggy legs