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We will keep adding to this (until August) so keep checking and scrolling down.


  • Where do I drop off my child each day at?

    For the first few weeks, at the classroom door; after that at the large gate in our own reception playground. 


  • Where do I pick up my child ?

     At their specific classroom door in their playground.


  • What time does school start and finish when they are full time?

     The gate will be opened at 8.30 am closed at 8.45 am.

     School finishes at 3.15pm.


  • What does my child need to bring to school every day?

      Named snack pot (containing raw veg/fruit only)

      Named book bag and Reading Record (we will give you the RR when you come for our initial 1:1 meetings)

     Named coat, jumper or cardigan

     (are you starting to see a pattern?!)  see pictures on powerpoint below


  • What forms do I need to send in before September?   (By July 7th actually!)

     lunch menu choices


     admission form 


  • Will you toilet train and/or wipe my child's bottom?


    We would need the 2 members of classroom staff and with 30 lovely little ones, you can imagine the scenes in and out of the toilet area! 


  • What happens if they have a toilet accident?

Wet ones will be dealt with as soon as we know about it and we will discreetly hand you the wet clothes at the end of the day. 

Dirty ones may need you to come and clean your child up (again, for safeguarding and staffing reasons).

We then ask you to wash and return the spare clothes as soon as possible as we have a limited supply of spare pants/trousers/socks etc.


  • What PE kit will my child need?

 Just navy blue shorts and a plain white t-shirt (without collar). We have PE kit available to order, go to the office for information.

In the summer term, trainers will be needed for outside PE.


  • Wellies?

Yes please. We will use them regularly so that the children can make the most of our outdoor area whatever the weather. That means that they will ALWAYS need a waterproof coat bringing in as well. Named!


  • How will I tell you who is picking up my child?

1. There will always be a member of Rainbow staff on our gate in the morning, please tell them.

2. Write a note and train your child to hand it to their teacher/ta as they come in. (Maybe they could practise by handing notes to an adult when visiting family/friends.)


  • What do I do if I am not going to be able to pick my child up at exactly 3.15 each day?

You will need to find an alternative person or arrange After School Club provision.

If it is a one-off (i.e. stuck in unexpected traffic), you must phone the office so that we know who else is picking up or to ask us to keep your child for 10minutes. Obviously this cannot be a regular occurrence (don't believe all you may hear about 8.30-3.45 teacher working hours!)


  • Should I be teaching my child to write their name or read?

No thanks. Recognising their (full) name would be a great start and they should have had quite a lot of hearing sounds at pre-school which is vital to picking up reading more quickly but we will be teaching them to write their name in cursive writing not print so sometimes this can feel like 'unlearning' what they know and be a barrier. Just read to them LOTS and engage them in the book. Do lots of counting. But basically, talk, talk, talk (and practise dressing and undressing and wiping that bottom!)


  • What do I (and you) do if my child is crying when I drop them off?

We're used to it! Most children will cry at dropping off time at some point in the year as tiredness gets to them or they realise they have to keep coming to this school thing every day!  

We will ask you to try to release yourself from them asap and we will help you with this by trying to distract your child with stickers etc in the classroom so you can get out of the Reception playground area as soon as possible. We promise you they will be ok within minutes. You are welcome to hang around the office so we can get a message to you as soon as we can (please be patient, there are not that many adults around for us to be able to get out of the base.) that your child is calm and playing. If going to work/home is better for you, then we will call as soon as we can to let you know.

Day 1 (25th September) our glorious MPA are providing tea/coffee/tissues/chat for you all so you can feel ok and start to make friends. 


  • Is the uniform blue/black/grey?

Definitely not black or grey

Navy shorts, skirt, pinafore, trousers, joggers.

White polo shirt (preferably not blouses)

Muscliff jumper, cardi.

More info on the general parents' page and below powerpoint


  • How important is the 1:1 meeting in September?

​​​​​​​It will be a crucial 20minutes of us getting to know each other and for you to understand what school expects and needs from you and your child. It is a time to ask us questions so we can fully support your child in the coming weeks. It is an opportunity for your child to interact with their classroom, find the toilets, their peg etc and form a relationship with the class TA.

Please come!


  • What is your punishment procedure?

​​​​​​​See  our behaviour policy in About Us.

In Reception, we adopt the whole school approach of positive reinforcement of our school rules and Living Values. Each classroom will have a sun, a sad cloud and a grumpy cloud. Each child's name will begin each day on the sun (fresh start). If a child breaks one of the school rules (these will be explained to you during the 20-minute meeting in September), they will get a warning but if they continue to break rules they will first have their peg removed to the sad cloud and then the grumpy cloud. Each cloud represents time taken away from earned Golden Time. In the first few weeks, we will try to do Golden Time almost daily so children quickly realise how wonderful it is and try even harder to keep rather than break the rules. If a child deliberately hurts someone, they will have instant time out and their peg will be on the grumpy cloud. 

Children will hopefully come out of school laden with stickers as we will seek out and praise good behaviour rather than looking for bad behaviour.


  • My child usually uses a short name. Will they learn to write that or their long name?

​​​​​​​That depends on you! We have already starting labelling cloakroom pegs etc so please let us know if you prefer them to be called something else. Some parents like their child to be called something else but learn to write the long name. Again, that's fine by us as long as we know.


  • Do I need to send slippers in?​​​​​​​

Not this year thanks.


  • How many jumpers should I buy?

That's a hard one! 2?

Pop by and see the ridiculous lost property we have to know that if you don't keep on top of the naming of uniform bits, you may not get it back. Every time you wash something, check the name is still clearly visible. 

There will, inevitably, be times when another child goes home with the wrong jumper/trousers/shoes ... you name it! But as soon as we/the parent knows because it is named, we generally get everything back.

There were 14 bags of unclaimed lots property in school on the last day of term (and that was after only one school term).


  • Where do I come for my 1:1 meeting?

At the moment,  we will either have the Rainbows' gate open so we can collect you from outside the classroom and you will be able to have a look round outside while you are waiting (we will have a limited amount of 'stuff'  there as we can't accommodate many of you!) OR we will meet you at the office at the reception and walk you down to the base.


  • Do I need to do anything before the 1:1 meeting?

Not really. Have a list of questions/concerns if you have any. Be ready for lots of information coming you way!  We just want to get to know your child as quickly as possible so we can work together to make this first year at school truly happy.


  • Will my child come home really dirty after a day at school?

​​​​​​​Definitely can't promise they won't! We will use paints, chalk, water, have a mud kitchen, be using the gardening area and the outside areas can be muddy/dusty so be prepared.  Fortunately we don't expect a pristine uniform after that first morning so don't put that pressure on yourself! Just know that they are having fun whilst learning.


Powerpoint from the June meeting