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Why not challenge yourself over the Easter break with this Easter Maths Challenge? It uses lots of skills that you learnt in year 6 and if you need to refresh your memory, you could use your maths CGP book to help you. We would love to hear how you get on! 

Choose your favourite book and recreate a scene inside a shoebox.


You could use:

  • Decorative, recycled and found materials
  • Old photographs
  • Drawing materials
  • Small figures made from mixed media or recycled items such as toys, dolls or ornaments


Remember to send us pictures of your finished project!

Imagine a new habitat...


Your new habitat could be extreme or temperate, harsh or forgiving, hot and humid or cold and dry - it could even change from one extreme to another from day to night.


Now imagine an animal that is perfectly adapted to survive in this habitat - what special adaptations help it to thrive?



1. Design a new habitat

2. For this habitat, design a predator with special adaptations

3. For this habitat, design a prey animal with special adaptations

4. Design a plant for the prey animal to eat with special adaptations