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Entrepreneur activities - week 5 and 6

Wing it

Still image for this video
Watch the video and then complete the activities below!

Lesson 1

Look at the word classes below. Make a table with each word class as a heading and then record the words you think would match the story told by the video. For example, when Sherman is flying you could record the modal verb ‘might’ and the verb ‘crash’


Proper noun

Modal verb

Abstract noun








Lesson 2

 'Invent' your own flying machine and label your diagram. Use this diagram to write instructions on how it works.

Lesson 3

‘Muscliffify’ the sentence: Sherman had wings.



Lesson 4

Record the dialogue between the aliens – what do you think they could be saying to each other? Use a mix of direct and reported speech and remember your punctuation!

Lesson 5

Write a description of his machine, his workshop and one of the aliens. Draw a picture of each to illustrate your description.

Lesson 6

Choose a famous inventor/entrepreneur and write a non-chronological report about famous inventions or their biography.


Lesson 7-8

Rewrite the story as a recount from either Sherman's point of view or from the alien's point of view.

Lesson 9-10

Write a newspaper story about the great 'flying machine' and Sherman, inspired by the image at the end of the animation. Use the headline GIVE UP SHERMAN.



Extra things to investigate!


Explain how the story shows perseverance in a positive manner – can you use Sherman as your subject?


Pick another inventor / entrepreneur – explain how they have had to persevere.

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