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Pencil and paper

Week Begining 29/03/20


Write a thank you letter-


Think about someone you would like to thank. It could be one of your grown ups at home, a grandparent, your teacher or even the postperson! Think about what you are thanking them for and why you are thankful. Remember capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and cursive letters. Try jazzing up your writing by adding adjectives and using exclamation and question marks.


We would love to see your writing... Please send pictures to 


Make up some silly sentences-

Write a list of subjects and cut each one out, then do the same with verbs. Put your subjects and verbs into two piles and pick two randomly. Make a silly sentence using the two cards you have by finishing the idea. Write your silly sentence up... who in your family can make the silliest sentence?!


Here are some ideas;

subjects... frog, princess, trumpet, unicorn, sausage

verbs... danced, sang, ate, flew


The frog danced to the disco music. 



Handwriting practice

Cutting skills

Draw a story map of a story you've read

Make a comic strip

Pick a number - how many part-part-wholes can you make?