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Parent Questionnaire Spring 2018

In March 2018 our parents shard their views of the school with us, through an anonymous questionnaire. 

For the first time we trialled an online 'google docs' questionnaire, encouraging more parents to complete one.

We were delighted to receive 234 responses (39% of the school population).


We analysed the findings and shared them with staff and governors.  We looked at the comments, and areas we could develop and discussed them as a group.


The responses were overwhelmingly positive.  We were particularly pleased to see that in most areas the results were the same or better than in our 2015 survey.

Please have a look at the outcomes below.


There were two main areas for us to review:

- I am kept informed about how my child is getting on (90% agree)

- My child receives appropriate homework (86%)


Our responses:

- We have reviewed the report format and added 'book looks' after school once a term, as well as continuing with our termly parents evenings.  We will ensure parents are aware of what to look at when they look at the children's work, signposting points of progress with them.  We will continue to remind parents about our open door policy, encouraging them to pop in to see their child's class teacher.

- We reviewed the home learning across the whole school, ensuring progression in tasks, regularity and expectation.  We will provide this for parents in a policy in the new year.



We were delighted with the comments highlighting the 'school's successes' - please read those too. 

Thank you for your on-going support.