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Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will be aware, the school received a ‘School Watch’ alert last Monday regarding incidents involving white vans around Bournemouth and this information was communicated to parents. We understand that many of the children are anxious at this time and so we are keen to dispel any rumours.


We are writing to clarify the information the school has received to date.


Towards the end of last week, a group of children reported that they saw a white van stop for a short time outside the school fence during lunchtime. Two of the children thought there was a possibility that one of the two men they saw inside the van took a photo, directed at the playground. There was no effort at communication with the children from the men inside.  The children were able to identify a distinct logo on the van and this was immediately communicated to the police. The police investigated this and we have heard nothing further regarding this incident. They did not issue a School Watch alert.


The next day, a different group of children reported that a white van containing two men drove past the school a few times. The van was spotted by one of these children, after school, parked nearby. A number plate was taken and all details passed on to the police who investigated this.

We trust that, following their investigations, if the police felt these suspected sightings around Muscliff were of concern they would inform us and issue a School Watch alert. However, because of these suspected sightings, a further Safeguarding message was sent out by the school on Friday to ensure extra vigilance at this time. We will continue to work with the police as necessary.


Although the School Watch alert released from police was not directly in relation to Muscliff, we are sure it will have raised awareness of parents across Bournemouth (including Muscliff), particularly as vehicles are involved.


Please be reassured that there have been no armed police visiting the school and no police escorting children on a walk around the area, as has been rumoured.


However, please do remain extra vigilant.

Yours sincerely,


Maggie Wyatt, Sarah Fenby and Emma Huns

Headteacher & Deputy Headteachers.

Muscliff Primary School.